How To Call Venezuela From USA?

When calling overseas, most people think it’s expensive. But they are wrong because there are so many options available that you can follow for free. 

If you live in the US and asking the same question, how to call Venezuela from USA, this detailed post can help you because we’re going to share some of the free and cheapest ways of making a call to Venezuela from the US. 

You can either use your cell phone or some internet-powered application for this call. Calling via your cell phone will charge a wise amount of money while using some applications will ensure everything is free. 

Don’t worry, and we will tell you both ways. You need to stay connected with the page and fishing reading the complete guide.

How To Call Venezuela From USA? 

How To Call Venezuela From the USA
How To Call Venezuela From the USA

You can call Venezuela from the US by dialing the US exit code first + the country code of Venezuela + the area code of the person living in Venezuela + and finally, the mobile location number of the person.

Does it seem the considered method is a little bit complex? This is not the only way to Venezuela, and you’re always open to going with some other easiest ways instead of using the traditional method of calling internationally. 

But before we tell you the easiest and cheapest ways, let’s show you a practical way of calling that country from the US via your cell phone:

Point: It’s always a high suggestion that you ask your mobile service provider to know the international calling rate for Venezuela before making a call.

The critical information that you’ll need to call Venezuela: 

  • (011) The US Exit Code. 
  • (58) the country code for Venezuela. 
  • Area code (Ask your Zenezuela-living recipient to tell the area code based on their city via email)
  • Local mobile number (7-digit).

Well, now go to your phone’s dial pad and follow the steps:

  • Dial the US exit code first. 
  • After 011, dial the country code of Venezuela. 
  • Dial the area code that you got from your recipient.
  • Finally, dial the 7-digit phone number without “0.”

The Free and Cheap Ways To Call Venezuela From USA:

We have shared some of the most popular free and accessible apps to use in our recent few posts. You can use them not only for making calls to Venezuela from the US, but they are the best options for making international calls from anywhere in the world.

But you have to make sure that you and your recipient use a good internet connection for a better result. 

Since there are many apps you can use, we’re not going to confuse you by suggesting many of them. We’ll only share one app, which is Pinngle. 

The Pinngle is a much popular app in Venezuela but not in the US. This doesn’t mean that as a US person, you can’t use the app. You can use the app like other apps.

Pinngle is an entirely free calling and messaging app that allows people to send messages, voice, make audio and video calls with high-quality video resolution. 

The app is available for multiple platforms, so you can download it and easily use it without issues. 

Point: remember that Pinngle to Pinngle call is entirely free, meaning you and your recipient also need to use the same app to call for free. If only you use the app and want to call another person in Venezuela, it’s not possible for free. 

Here you have to use their premium plan to call any location number from the app. 

Free International Calling To Venezuela from the US via Pinngle App. 

  • Download the Pinngle app based on your system. The process is the same. 
  • Open an account by simply putting your mobile number and verifying it by SMS or voice call from Pinngle. 
  • Open the app and invite your recipient to join you in the app and start making free and high-quality video and audio calls. 

Point: tell your recipient to follow the avoid guide and accept the request when sending the invitation. 

You can also buy their premium plan, where they offer a custom international calling feature at a low cost. 

The main benefit of using that feature is that your recipient will not need to install the Pinngle app to receive the call. 

Because you can directly dial the location number from the app, your recipient will usually pick the call. 

Want to see the process: 

Note: sometimes, you can play games on this app and earn credits to call internationally.

Final Words: 

We don’t know which method will be best for you, but we have tried to show the most common and accessible options to solve your question of how to call Venezuela from USA. 

If you don’t have an internet connection in your area, you may try out the call-via-cell-phone method, which is a costly way. On the other hand, the Pinngle app is entirely free and easy to use!

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