How to Call Germany From US?

The internet is in your hand and a smartphone too, so making a call to Germany from the US is not a hard job. 

But if you’re a beginner and don’t know how to call Germany from us with the help of your cell phone or want to use some alternative ways, this post can massively help you!

Because in this post, we have shared a post on how you can use your cell phone to call Germany from the United States and show some alternative ways!

Please stay connected with us and follow the procedures carefully!

How to call Germany From US? 

Some basic things are required to make a simple call to Germany from the US, such as the German exit code, the US exit code, and the local number of the person you wish to call. 

Calling Format

When you try to make a call internationally, one thing that is always permanent is to follow an international format, and there may be different formats for different countries. 

The following format is for calling Germany from the US: 

011 (US Exit Code) – 49(Germany Exit Code) – Area Code – xxx-xxx

Some people often make mistakes and dial the US exit code without zero, “0” is required to dial it in the first line on your phone for a successful call.

The Right Steps to call Germany from the United States

  • Since you’re from the US, you’ll need to know the US exit code, which is 011. So dial the code on your phone. 
  • Input the country exit code of Germany after the US code. (49 is for Germany)
  • Now, you’ll be asked to dial the area code of Germany after 49. Find out what area or city the person you’re going to call is in and collect or Google the area code from them anyway.
  • If there is no city or area code, input the recipient’s telephone number only after the German country code. 
  • Press the calling button and wait until the call gets connected with your recipient. 

The above section was for you to educate you about how you can call Germany using your cell phone, now you’re going to see some alternative ways with some useful tips. 

What’s The Best Way to Call To Germany From The US? 

How to Call Germany from the US
How to Call Germany from the US

If you have a good internet connection, the best option might be using an internet-based calling app such as Skype or WhatsApp. 

On the other hand, if you’re out of good internet, your cell phone might be the only way to call Germany from the US, and since the US is full of internet, we’ll suggest you use some calling applications that work with the internet. 

Skype: One of the easiest calling apps used by a wide range of people worldwide. Skype allows users to make high-quality and free audio and 1080p video calls as well. 

The biggest benefit of using the app to call Germany is the platform is available on almost every platform, such as android, IOS, Windows, Mac. 

  • First, download the app from the google play store and install it
  • The two of you create an account on your device
  • Once the account is created, you should see each other’s names in the app
  • So click on the name and call for free

If the person you’re going to call doesn’t have a skype account, you can use skype credit to call the person’s cell phone or landline easily. Let’s show you how!

  • Create an account, open the app on your mobile or computer, and click on the dial pad to dial the Germany exit code. 
  • Buy some skype credit from your card
  • Then, dial 49, and dial the number of that person, hit the calling button.
  • Wait until the call gets connected.

Calling Germany Using Google Voice Service: 

Google voice is a premium service from google, which allows you to make international from your mobile using their app and website. Before making a call, you have to add money from your card, 

So load some money and follow the guide below!

Calling from the website: 

  • First, visit the website and log into your account using your Gmail,
  • Load some money
  • And then click on the “Calls” tab and dial the Germany country code (49) with + before the number
  • Now dial the local number of the person you’re going to call, and hit the call button. 

Calling from the app: 

  • Download the app first and install
  • Please open it and log into your account by entering your Gmail Address
  • Load some money and click on the call button
  • Dial +49 and again dial the local number and hit the calling icon
  • The call will be automatically sent to your dialled number, wait for the connection

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an international call to Germany?

You have so many options to follow. Some of the quick ways are: 

  • Using internet-based calling apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, IMO, Skype, Viber, etc. 
  • Using VoIP services
  • Using your cell phone or landline (Will cost a lot)

How can I call Germany from the USA for free?

The only way to call Germany from the USA for free is using some internet-based calling applications such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, and some other free platforms.

Are calls to Germany free?

No, you have to pay the international calling rate when you call Germany using your cell phone or landline, but using apps like Skype or WhatsApp can save your money.


Still, asking the same question, how to call Germany from US? Reading the complete guide carefully will be enough for you to learn about how to call. 

You’ll need to pay an international calling rate per minute if you call with your cell phone, while the social media apps are available for free of cost. So the decision is yours. 

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