How To Call Ivory Coast From USA? Is It Easy?

Some people who live in the US ask how to callI vory Coast From USA? Maybe they’re missing someone if Ivory Coast or want to make new friends there. 

Whatever the reason is, you’re going to learn how to reach a mobile or landline number in Ivory Coast from your country. 

Note: I’ve included all the possible methods to make this guide comprehensive and useful for everyone.

  • Expensive
  • Free
  • Cheap

How To Call Ivory Coast From USA?

As mentioned, there are mainly 3 methods that you can look at when thinking about calling Ivory Coast from USA. 

However, which method would be suitable for you in this case? 

Isn’t it a matter of think? 

Depending on your need, you should pick a method. Below follow the three methods and then go with that particular way. 

01 – Method: Calling Ivory Coast From United State

The first and most common way that people always follow when calling Ivory Coast from US is the traditional method. 

This is the method that cost a lot but is considered the easiest way. Anyone with no internet and a smartphone can follow this format and instantly make a call. 

Here’s the method: 

How To Call A Mobile Number in Ivory Coast From USA? 

The US exit code (011) + The country code for Ivory Coast (225) + 8 Digit Mobile Number. 

Final Look: 011 + 225 + XXXXXXXXX

How To Call A Landline Number in Ivory Coast From USA? 

The US exit code (011) + The country code for Ivory Coast (225) + Area Code + Landline Number.

Final Look: 011 + 225 + XX + XXXXXXXXX

As you can see in the guide, I’ve used 011, and 225 codes for the call. However, do you know what are the codes? 

011 is the country code for the US. the same code is also known as the IDD or Exit code for the USA. 

On the other hand, 225 is considered the country code for Ivory Coast. This code is usually used when receiving and sending calls outside of the country. 

Note: Remember that these calls require a lot of balance, meaning you need to have a minimum balance loaded in your phone. 

Ask your service provider to know the rate before making the call to the country from your area. 

You’ll be benefited from multiple sides such as if the service provider has some ongoing offer on their international calling plans, you’ll know about the offer and grab it to reduce the cost of the call. 

02: Method – Using A Free Method To Call Ivory Coast From US

How To Call Ivory Coast From USA (1)
How To Call Ivory Coast From USA (1)

Have you ever tried to find a method that can allow you to make a free international call not a local one? 

If not yet, it’s time to explore the method. Although many of us already know what I’m talking about, some people still don’t know the way. 


I’m talking about using the free apps. Remember that there is no free option that can allow you to directly dial the recipient’s number and make a conversation. 

So don’t care about these people who are telling you to offer a free international calling facility without using an app.

I will suggest you use either WhatsApp or Telegram. These two apps are quite popular for international calls. 

Additionally, you can also prioritize your personal preference. If you’re already using an app, and want to use that app, simply tell your recipient to download and install the app you’re using. 

Since such an app doesn’t allow dialing your recipient number, both of you have to install the same app and need to be connected with each other. 

03: Method – Using a Cheap Way 

VoIP technology has revolutionized how people communicate. By using the internet to connect phone calls, VoIP offers a more affordable and flexible option to call Ivory Coast from USA.

When selecting a VoIP provider, there are a few things to consider to ensure you are getting the best possible service.

Consider the calling quality, and also check the price. After seeing these things, select the best VoIP service for your needs. 

Some of the most popular VoIP services that can work better in terms of reaching Ivory Coast from US are the following:

  • Vonage
  • MagicJack
  • Skype
  • Google Voice
  • Republic Wireless

Once you’ve selected a provider, sign up for an account and follow the instructions to set up your VoIP service. 

Once your service is set up, you’ll be able to make calls to Ivory Coast from the USA just like you would any other country.

What To Consider Before Calling Ivory Coast From USA?

There are a few things to consider before calling Ivory Coast from the USA. The first is the time difference.

Ivory Coast is four hours ahead of New York, USA, and nine hours ahead of the West Coast.

This means that if you are calling during business hours on the East Coast, it will be early morning on Ivory Coast. 

If you are calling during the evening on the West Coast, it will be late night on Ivory Coast. Keep this in mind when you are scheduling your call.

The next thing to consider is the cost of the call. While Ivory Coast is not a particularly expensive country to call, it is still important to check with your phone service provider to see what the rates are. 

You can also use a service like Skype or Google Voice to make cheaper international calls.

Finally, be aware of the cultural differences between the USA and Ivory Coast. For example, Ivory Coast uses the French language, while the USA uses English.

There may also be differences in customs and etiquette. It is always a good idea to do a bit of research before making an international call so that you can be respectful and avoid any misunderstandings.

Watch the video to know the process practically. 

How Many Digit Is Ivory Coast Phone Number?

According to the viber, the Ivory phone number is 13-digits long including the country code (225). 

How Do I Contact Ivory Coast By Phone?

If you’re from US and want to contact Ivory Coast by phone, you have to first dial the country code for US (011), and then the country code for Ivory Coast, and finally, the phone number in Ivory Coast. 

What Is the Code Number Of Ivory Coast?

According to a report from tripadvisor, 225 is the international code number of Ivory Coast.

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