How To Call Bangladesh From USA in 2022 (Latest Ways)?

Are you in the US and missing someone in Bangladesh? The only way you can follow is to reach that person is by a phone call. 

However, how to call Bangladesh from USA, while multiple options are available to follow? 

To overcome the confusion, we have managed the post and shared three methods that anyone can follow to save money and time. 

Let’s get started!

Available Ways To Make A Call In Bangladesh From US:

Undoubtedly, people are now living in the digital age where the latest technology supports use to ensure an advanced lifestyle. 

For this reason, international calls are now a matter of time, Think and make it happen. We can follow many options to make a successful call-in BD from the US. 

But what are some of the easiest ways? 

As the first method, following the traditional way can help you achieve the goal quickly. However, you’ll be charged a lot as international calls are always a costly subject.

So if you have enough balance on your phone, follow the traditional method below: 

  • Open your phone and dial pad to dial the US exit code (011).
  • Dial the right country code for Bangladesh (880)
  • Now dial the local number of the Bangladeshi person (The number should be 10-digits long). 
  • Hit the calling icon to connect the call.

Second Method: Using A VoIP Service

Voice over internet protocol services plays a great role in reducing the calling rate for international calls. The best way to save a huge amount of money while calling an international number is by using a VoIP service. 

Some of the most popular Voice over internet protocol services are: 

  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Boosrevolution
  • Rebtel
  • And so on. 

How to Use a VoIP Service to Call Bangladesh From US? 

The principle of using a VoIP service is installing an app and buying an international calling plan, dialing the number for the call. jhsfsf fsdfjs jjkfkjdsfkjsdfkjdh

No matter which service you’re going to pick, you can easily find that the process is easy. For this guide, we’re going to provide a guide on how to use the service from Skype. 

How to call Bangladesh From US via Skype
How to call Bangladesh From US via Skype

Step #1: Since Skype is available for multiple systems and devices, Download the Skype mobile app or computer app from the official website or Google Playstore. 

Step #2: After downloading the app, open it to create a valid account on Skype. You might need to provide your phone number and email address. 

Step #3: After successfully creating the account, set up your account with a profile photo and other basic information. 

Step #4: Buy one of the international calling plans offered by Skype to activate the international calling mode. Since Skype offers an affordable price range for all users, you can purchase any plans.  

Step #5: Go to Skype’sSkype’s dial pad and enter the country code for Bangladesh (880). 

Step #6: After dialing 088, type the local phone number of your Bangladeshi recipient. Remember that the number in Bangladesh should be 11-digits, including 880. 

Your receiver will receive the call from a random number generated by Skype. So try to email the recipient to get a call from an unknown number before you use Skype. 

How Do I Call Boss Revolution In Bangladesh?

Boos Revolution is one of the trusted and easy-to-use VoIP services widely used for international and local calls. The app will allow you to make free and paid calls in one place. 

To call Bangladesh from US Via Boss Revolution, follow the below guide. 

  • Install the Boos Revolution app by looking at the device or system you’re using. The app is available for both Android and iPhone.
  • Open an account. 
  • Buy a subscription package from the app. 
  • Access the dial pad and dial 880 + City Code + Local Number. 
  • Finish!

Pro Tips: The cost of using a VoIP service can be a little bit expensive for those who want to call their recipient frequently. We recommend using one of the internet-based apps to save money.

Third Method: Using a Free App

Before telling you the magic, you may already use such services in your daily life. For example, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook are some of these services that allow a completely free international and local call. 

Although such services are free and save a lot of money, some people don’t prefer them as the process is something complex. 

These apps use a peer-to-peer formula to let people connect. That means both users will need to use the same app simultaneously for a successful call.

How Can I Call Bangladesh From USA For Free?

The only available method you can follow to make a free call to Bangladesh from the US is using a free app like WhatsApp or Skype. 

Every internet-based apps follow the same procedure. So if you know how to use one, another one will be easier for you. For example, WhatsApp can play a good role in providing a free calling experience. 

All you need to make a free call to Bangladesh from the US via WhatsApp is installing the app and creating an account. 

Then save your recipient’s number by following the international number storing formula after successfully saving the number, open WhatsApp and find the number from the contact section. 

Click on it and open the profile. Check whether the person is online or not. If you notice the person is online right now, click on the calling icon to start the conversation. 

What to Consider Before Calling A Bangladeshi Number From the US?

Time is one of the noticeable things that need to be considered before calling a Bangladeshi number anywhere in the world. Since BD is 11 hours ahead of the USA, make sure you call the person at the right time. 

How Much Does It Cost To Call Bangladesh From USA?

Multiple methods can be followed to make the call, so the cost will depend on the method you’re using. 

For example, if you follow the traditional method, it will cost a lot, and you can get an idea of how much the call will charge by asking the service provider. 

On the other hand, if you consider the VoIP service, you can save money on your international calls. For example, Skype offers one of the most inexpensive plans. 

How Many Digits Is Bangladesh Number?

The Bangladeshi phone number is 11 digits long, including the country code. The country code is 088, and the rest of the number is provided by the SIM service provider.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money on the call you will make from the USA to Bangladesh as free methods are available. 

In this guide on how to call Bangladesh from USA, hopefully, you learned the entire process of making a successful call with your recipient.

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