How To Call Qatar From US? The Latest Ways

Knowing how to call Qatar from US is an easy task as there is no need to know the area code.

This is the guide where I’ve shown the right process of calling a Qatar-living person from your area.

You don’t need to know a lot of information or code except the country code and the number you want to reach.

You’re going to see four different calling methods for convenience. Pick which one you love the most, and you think it is easy for you.

Four Methods – How to Call Qatar From US?

As I have promised you, I’ll highlight not one but four methods that are being used to call Qatar from US.

The methods are following:

  • Traditional Method (Anyone can follow but it cost a lot)
  • VoIP Service (Require to have internet and smartphone)
  • Calling Card (Anyone can follow but it cost less)
  • Free App (Require to have a smartphone and internet and an app)

01: Calling Qatar From US – Traditional Method

How To Call Qatar From US For Free
How To Call Qatar From US For Free

If you’ve seen some of my previously written articles on this site, you may notice that the traditional method is the easiest way to reach an international number.

While this method is always considered the easiest, the same method is always considered the most expensive calling on the planet. 

The decision is yours. If you prefer using a simple and handy method to reach your Qatar-living recipient, I will suggest the traditional way.

On the other hand, if your phone doesn’t have a smart budget for the call, try to consider other options.

Examples of Traditional Method – To Reach A Mobile Number

  • Dial the US international access code (011)
  • Then dial the country code for Qatar (974)
  • Finally, type the mobile number.

Final Look: 011 + 974 + Mobile number

Examples of Traditional Method – To Reach A Landline Number

  • Dial the US international access code (011)
  • Then dial the country code for Qatar (974)
  • Finally, type your Qatar-living recipient’s landline number.

Final Look: 011 + 974 + Landline Number

Tips on Using The Traditional International Calling Method
  1. Before calling, check everything to ensure the number or other codes are accurate.
  2. Know the international calling rate per minute from your service provider as the rate depends on your SIM service provider mostly.
  3. Check your phone’s balance before starting the conversation.
  4. Make sure your phone has enough charge as international calls consume more battery life than local calls.

02: Using VoIP Services To Call Qatar From US:

When thinking about making a call to Qatar from US, VoIP services are becoming increasingly popular as the service is considered one of the cheapest options for international communication.

The primary reason why more people always prefer using VoIP services is the cost. While can a person can reach their recipient by paying a small amount of money, why does that person pay huge money by using other methods?

Another reason is the crystal clear call quality, thanks to the use of the internet. This means you can enjoy clear conversations with friends and family in Qatar without worrying about static or dropped calls.

VoIP services offer a variety of features that traditional phone services don’t, such as caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, and more. This means you can enjoy a more convenient and feature-rich experience when making calls to Qatar.

I always recommend services like Skype, Google Voice, or Rebtel. These services are currently offering the cheapest international calling plans.

No matter which app are you going to select. Follow the guide below: 

Select a service provider > Download the app > Create an account > purchase a plan > Dial the Qatar-living recipient by following the guidelines offered by your service provider. 

03: Using Calling Cards To Call Qatar From US:

If you use a calling card to call Qatar from the US, you will be able to take benefits of many different facilities.

The benefits include the ability to make calls without having to worry about long-distance charges, the ability to make international calls, and the ability to use a variety of different calling plans.

You can purchase the cards from your local market or online shops. Once you have that card, you can either use your cellphone or smartphone to recharge the card.

After that, simply follow the traditional number dialing format and start your conversation.

04: Using Free Apps:

There are many free apps out there that allow you to make free calls to Qatar from the US. Some of these apps include Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and FaceTime.

I know all of you are already using one of the mentioned apps. These apps are free to use and easy as well.

How Can I Call Qatar From USA For Free?

Simply download a free app and open an account. After that, contact your Qatar-living recipient and start a free conversation.

5 Tips on Using A Free Calling App: 

  • Download a reputable free calling app from a trusted app store.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet line.
  • Check the app’s terms and conditions to avoid any unwanted charges.
  • Choose a contact from your contact list and start calling.
  • Hang up the call when you’re done.

What To Consider Before Calling Qatar From USA? 

When making an international call, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

The first is the time difference. Qatar is 9 hours ahead of the United States, so if you are calling during normal business hours in the US, it will be nighttime in Qatar.

The next matter to keep in knowledge is the cost of the call. International calls can be expensive, so it is important to check with your phone carrier to see how much they will charge you per minute.

You also follow the number 3 or 4 method from this article on how to call Qatar from US to save money and time.


Among the four methods of calling Qatar from US, you can always select the method that you love the most.

There are some people who still love to use the traditional method when knowing how to call Qatar from US, while some people don’t prefer that method.

Just remember your needs and current status. If you don’t have the budget, and only have a smartphone and internet connection, use the free method, and if the budget doesn’t matter to you, use the traditional method.

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