How To Call Bahrain From US – You Must Know It From Here

Are you currently living in the USA and missing someone in Bahrain? Knowing how to call Bahrain from US is required as the most possible way to stay connected with the recipient is by a phone call. 

In this post, I have covered the international calling format to make a successful call to Bahrain from US, and some tips to save money and time. 

Keep reading the entire post. 

How To Call Bahrain From US?

In short, To call Bahrain mobile number from the US: dial 011 (The US exit code) + 973 (Bahrain country code) + Then type the number to call the recipient. 

The final look should like this: 011 + 973 + Mobile number

TO call Bahrain Landline from US: Dial + 011 + 973 + type the area code + and finally, dial the landline number. 

The final look of dialing a landline number in Bahrain from the US should look like this: 011 + 973 + area code + Landline Number. 

Where Can You Find The information? 

How To Call Bahrain From The US
How To Call Bahrain From The US

As far as you have followed the guidelines above, you know that data like country code, area code, mobile number are required for the process. 

Now the question is where can you find them as you don’t know these before? Well, the best way to get all of them is by asking the recipient you’re going to reach in Bahrain. 

If your Bahrain-living friend or family member only gives you the number, you can easily gather the rest of the data by searching online. 

For example, if you want to see the area code of Bahrain, open the Google app, and search by using the mentioned term (Bahrain country code/ what’s the country code of Bahrain).

Country code is not the final data, in addition to gathering that data for both countries, you’ll also need to know the area code in Bahrain if you want to reach a landline number. 

The area code can be found by asking the recipient. I have tried to get some area code for Bahrain online, but the sad thing is that I didn’t find any right info.

That’s why I will suggest you use email service or other social media platforms to find the recipient to know the right code. 

Next, the mobile or landline number. Depending on your recipient, you can call one of the services as both services are available in Bahrain. 

Note: Some people make mistakes while they want to reach a mobile number by dialing a landline number. They think that mobile numbers and landlines are the same. 

Remember, the main difference between a landline number and a mobile number is that the mobile number is portable, while landline number is tied to a particular phone service company. 

However, people from other countries can reach a landline number by following the right format like I have shared the method in this post. 

First, make sure which type of service your recipient is using, mobile or landline service. 

Once you have all the data, follow the guide and contact your recipient. If you want to know some tips on how to start a conversation abroad, see the tips below:

  • Know about their local culture and also know about their interests and local language if possible. 
  • You should avoid topics such as politics, religion, and personal beliefs in the conversation.
  • List some questions in advance.
  • Send the call to the right number and person. 
  • Once the call is picked up from the other side, make sure that this is the person you’re trying to contact by asking a simple question like (Are you “Name”). 
  • If this is that person, start the conversation with a formal contacting message like “How are you” or “How everything is going”. 
  • If the person knows English, then keep talking in English, if not, then you have to know their local language first. 
  • If they know English, keep talking about the purpose of your call. 

How Can I Call Bahrain For Free?

According to my research, I have seen some alluring articles where they said that people can call Bahrain from another country for free. Most of them wouldn’t work properly. 

That’s why I have found some free applications that you can use to call Bahrain not only from the US but also from anywhere in the world. 

These are the apps: 

  • WhatsApp: The most popular application used by countless people worldwide.
  • Skype: Video and audio call-supported free applications for multiple devices like mobile, PC, MAC, etc.
  • WeChat: Primarily a messaging app for both platforms Android and iPhone that lets people connect with each other without paying any single money. 
  • Cafe: Considered one of the most trending social media apps like facebook messenger in Bahrain that allow people to send and receive calls 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. 
  • IMO: A highly suggested mobile-based application for daily activities.
  • Discord: Used by professional and non-pro users to maintain their connectivity with their business partners and family members. 

If you don’t like the way of making a completely free call and want to spend a little bit of money on the call, make sure you have tried a VoIP service. 

If you’re not familiar with such a service, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service is an internet-based calling method that uses the internet to send a call from a device to another device. 

I have already mentioned in my previous posts that these services are good for saving time and money compared to a free-calling app. 

While a free-calling app is only useful if your recipient and you use the same app at the same time, a VoIP service is only usable from one side, meaning your recipient will not need to install any additional apps.

After selecting a service, you can simply open an account and activate your international calling feature by purchasing a package at a low price. 

As soon as you activate it on your account, you’ll get a random number to use in any international calling. Your recipient will get the call from that random number. 

I personally love these VoIP services in the context of the current market. 

  • Skype
  • Rebtel 
  • Ooma
  • Nextiva

You can find all the information from their official website and also know the process of using them in a better way. 

Each of the mentioned services offer a deep guide on how to use a VoIP service in video and text-based content. 

You just need to make your final decision whether you select a free or paid method to call Bahrain from US, the rest of the process will be easier if you follow today’s guide. 


Making sure the number is accurate and you have enough balance before calling to Bahrain from the US is the primary requirement for the call.

No matter which method you follow to know how to call Bahrain from US, my guide on this topic will educate you properly.

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