How To Call Nicaragua From US?

Here’s what we’re going to show is the right and mathematical international calling format for calling Nicaragua from the US.

If you’re someone who is looking for a guide on how to Call Nicaragua, hold on and read the entire post.

We have shared the country code of Nicaragua, the US exit code, some real examples of the calling format, and more.

At the end of the guide, you’ll see some free and cheap ways to make a call to your Nicaragua-living recipient.

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How to Call Nicaragua From US?

Nicaragua calling from the US
Nicaragua calling from the US

If you want to call a Nicaraguan local phone number, the process will be slightly different from calling a Nicaraguan landline number. Don’t worry, and we have shared both paths.

Before you get into the calling process, you’ll need the following information:

  • 011, The US IDD (International Direct Dial) Code.
  • 505, The country code for Nicaragua. 
  • The area code of the place where the recipient is currently living (You can either ask your recipient to tell the code or directly search online to find the code).
  • The local phone number of landline number.
  • The proper international calling for Nicaragua and the USA.

How To Call A Nicaraguan Phone Number From US?

  • Open your phone’s dial pad and dial 011. 
  • After that, dial 505.
  • After the country code of Nicaragua, since you want to call a phone number, dial the 8-digit local number beginning with a “2.”
  • Press the calling button and enjoy. 

The final outlook of your so far dialed number should look like this: 011 + 505 + 2-XXXXXXXX.

How To Call A Nicaraguan Landline Number From US?

  • Open the dial pad and directly dial 011 without a + symbol.
  • Dial the country code of Nicaragua (505).
  • In this step, you have to dial the area code. 
  • Finally, dial the landline number of that person and hit the calling button. 

The Final Outlook Should look like this: 011 + 505 + Area code + Landline Number.

Area Codes in Nicaragua:

No City Names  Area Codes
1 Managua 2
2 Granada 55
3 Chinandega 341
4 Rivas 46
5 Tipitapa 53

How to Save A Nicaraguan Number on A Mobile?

First, open your phone contact and click on Create a contact. 

  • Dial a + plus symbol before dialling the Nicaragua country code (505).
  • Now dial the phone number and save the contact to call later.

What do you need to consider before calling Nicaragua From US?

Time is one of the most important things to consider when calling Nicaragua and any international calling.

Since the USA is one hour ahead of Nicaragua, you can call your recipient at any time as there is no vast time difference between your country and your recipient’s country.

Another big thing is the international calling rate. If you follow the shared calling method, you’ll need to pay the calling rate and tax. So before calling any Nicaraguan Number, make sure you know the rate and have enough balance on your phone. 

Do you want to call Nicaragua from the US free of charge? 

In addition to the paid methods, you can also follow some free and cheap procedures. The free process means a complete charge-free system. But you’ll need to have a strong wifi or mobile data connection while calling the other person. 

Because the internet will manage the whole process, low internet connection or speed will reduce your call quality, ensuring a good internet connection is necessary. 

For this, you can use Facebook messenger or other free calling apps like WhatsApp and Skype. 

On the other hand, some of the top-level apps can attract you, like Rebtel, when it comes to cheap calling methods. Apart from this app, you may also find a lot of alternatives. 

How to Call Free to Nicaragua from US?

We always prefer WhatsApp and Google Duo when people ask for the best free international calling apps because these are the all-time favorite and popular options for most people worldwide. 

Here’s how you can use the Google Duo:

If you’re an Android user, you may already have installed the app on your phone as Google powers the Android world, and almost all of their apps come with the system by default when people buy the phone.

  • Open the app and log into your account with your Gmail Address. 
  • If you have already saved your recipient number on your phone’s contact, you can dial the number to call your recipient directly. 
  • If not yet done, save the number.

Note: Your recipient will also need to use the Google Duo app for a successful call.

In addition to using the phone number, Google will also allow you to input a Gmail address to make a call.

The Google Duo is a lightweight and user-friendly app that you can use for unlimited local and international calling purposes.

Cheap Calling To Nicaragua From The US Via Viber:

Viber plays a key role for free and paid users to let them experience a lag-free and rapid local and international calling. 

If your recipient does not want to install any app, you can call that number from the Viber app. The process is simple, but before you get into the calling process, you’ll need to consider buying a plan for calling. 

Some of their plans:

Credit Packages:

The credit will be added to your account when you buy any amount. When you call someone by using the credits, Your credit will run out. So if you want to call the Nicaraguan number, make sure you have enough Viber out Credits.

Monthly Plan or Subscription: 

The monthly plan can be great if you want to call someone in Nicaragua frequently. This plan will also offer flexibility over your international calls to any landline or mobile number. 


Assume you have purchased any of the plans from the Viber app. Now follow the rest of the guide. 

  • Open the app and, at the same time, open the dial pad to dial the recipient’s number. 
  • Dial 505 and then the phone number. 
  • Hit the calling button. 


Here we are at, continuously writing many articles on how to call an international number, the calling formats, tips, tricks, and more. 

This particular guide answered the question of How To Call Nicaragua From US. We have shared the currently available methods and formats to give you a better knowledge of the topic.

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