How to Call Pakistan From UK?

Wondering how to call Pakistan from UK and not finding the best method and guide to make the call? 

This guide is gonna show you the process of making an international call to Pakistan from the UK.

Note: depending on your needs, you should follow one of the free or paid calling methods to get the best output.

How to Call Pakistan From UK?

To call a landline number in Pakistan from UK: 00 + 92 + Area Code + Landline Number. 

To call a mobile number in Pakistan from the UK: 00 + 92 + 10-digit phone number of the person you’re trying to connect. 

Now the question is, why would you need to dial 00, and then 92, right? 

Well, you have to dial them because you’re not going to make a local call but it’s going to become an international one that needs some additional information. 

(00) is the first required info you would dial for the call, and this code is considered the international direct dial code for the UK. 

Next, 92 is the country code for Pakistan. And as you know, when you make an international call, the country code. So when you try to reach Pakistan from the UK, you have to dial the country code for Pakistan, which is 92. 

After dialing that, you should consider typing the area code if you’re going to call any landline number in Pakistan. 

The area code in Pakistan can be found by searching online or asking to the recipient you’re going to call. 

However, if you’re going to call a mobile number, you don’t need to find the area code. You can directly dial the mobile number after dialing 92. 

And this is how you can know how to call Pakistan from UK with the help of the traditional method. 

Note: the shared method isn’t popular right now because that method will charge a good amount of money from your phone and you shouldn’t go that way at this age. 

You can go with either a cheap or a free international calling method to make the whole calling process easier and cheaper. 

What Is The Cheapest Way To Call Pakistan From Uk?

One method has been already shared above, which was too expensive. The cheapest way will depend on how often you need to make the call and what type of calling plan you have. 

If you only need to make occasional calls, then using a pay-as-you-go service like Skype or Rebtel can be the cheapest option. 

These services allow you to purchase credits that can be used for international calling, and they typically charge much less per minute than traditional phone companies.

If you need to make regular calls to Pakistan, then signing up for an international calling plan with your phone company may be the best option. 

However, you have to check whether your phone service provider offers that kind of opportunity or not.

Many phone companies offer these types of plans for an additional monthly fee, but they include a set number of minutes that can be used for calls to specific countries. 

This can end up being cheaper than paying per minute with a pay-as-you-go service.

If you have friends or family in Pakistan who also have internet access, video chat services like FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, or IMO can also be used for free if everyone is using wifi or mobile data.

Is It +92 Or 0092?

When it comes to calling Pakistan from another country, the correct country code is +92. However, you may also see 0092 used as the country code for Pakistan. Both of these codes are valid, but +92 is the most up-to-date code.

How Can I Ring Pakistan for Free?

The only way to ring in Pakistan for free from another country is by using an internet-based app like WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype. These will allow you to Ring Pakistan for free of cost.

Final Note: 

It’s important to note when knowing how to call Pakistan from the UK that these methods may not be completely free, as you may still be charged for internet usage or other fees. 

Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to understand any potential costs.

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