How To Call Malaysia From USA- What’re the Quick Methods?

Are you trying to find out the best method to make a call to Malaysia from the USA? While calling internationally is not a difficult task, you may be confused about which of the many options to choose from.

In this extensive guide on how to call Malaysia from USA, we’re quite excited to let you know some of the quick and easy methods to do that. 

Since we’re living in a digital age, you can make the call via some internet-based video and audio calling apps, or you can also use your cell phone to do the same thing. 

Don’t worry, we’ll share all the available methods. So let’s jump into the main part!

Calling to Malaysia From The USA

How To Call Malaysia From USA

As mentioned, many options can be used to make the call. Making the call via your cell phone will require your country exit code and Malaysia’s country code as well, but you’ll be charged!

On the other hand, some free and quick call methods are also available such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.!

First, we’ll share an in-depth guide on how to call Malaysia with your cell phone by following the international dialling format, and finally, we’ll see some alternatives to phone calls. 

The 4 Simple Ways To Make A Call to Malaysia From The USA:

Since you’re living in the US and would like to make a call to Malaysia, you have to know the US exit code and Malaysia’s exit code as well, and of course, a cell phone. 

  • USA exit code (011)
  • Malaysia’s exit code (60)
  • And assuming you have a cell phone

Step #1: Open your cell phone and go to your dial-pad. First, dial the US exit code, the code will tell your country’s telephone provider that you’re trying to call another country, so this code is required!

Step #2: In the second step, you’ll be required to dial Malaysia’s country exit code after the US exit code on your dial-pad. So dial 60 after 011. As far as you dialled, the current look should be like this: 011-60

Step #3: This step is quite important, look. If you’re going to call a landline, you’ll need to dial the area code for the area you’re calling.

For example, The person you will call is in Kuala Lumpur, and the area code for calling a landline is 3, so dial three after Malaysia’s country code. 

Remember, you’ll only need to follow step three when you want to call a landline, but if you want to call a cell phone, you have to place “1” after the country code. 

If you do not know the region’s code, you will call in Malaysia, and you can do a Google search.

Step #4: Now, ask the person you’re calling to say their number. The number might be either 6, 7, or 8 digits long, and dial it on your phone and hit the calling icon!

What’s the Other Way to Call Malaysia From The USA? 

Due to the touch of modernity and easy internet availability, international calls from cell phones are almost extinct, and various internet-based applications have taken place here.

The largest benefit of using the internet-based application to make a call is it’s free of cost. You can call not only in Malaysia but all over the world without any cost! You’ll only need to have a smartphone with a strong internet connection. 

In the below section, see some social media apps that you can use as alternative calling apps to your cell phone!

Skype: This is an amazing and lightweight app powered by the world’s best IT company Microsoft. 

You have to have an account to use the app. The app is available for android, windows, and Mac apple devices as well. Create an account and tell the other person who lives in Malaysia to open an account and start making calls for free!

Viber: This app is also widely popular. They have two plans, and you can buy their credit packages if you want to call a Malaysian landline or cell phone. 

And another way is, In Malaysia, you can also talk for free if the person you want to call has a Viber account. 

When you both have a Vivar account, save the other person’s number on your phone, you should then be able to see the other person’s name and phone number on your Viber app, so call and enjoy!

WhatsApp: The job of each Internet-based calling app is often the same, and WhatsApp is not something exceptional. You and other people have to have an account, and you can make calls for free!

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How To Call Malaysia From USA is one of the common questions among the people who live in the US, a lot of options can be found to make the call!

We have shared some of the quick and useful methods in the guide above, and hopefully, you enjoyed the entire post!

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