How To Call Israel From US? Call Format and More!

Finding the best and quick way of making an international call to Israel from US? If so, you’re staying on the right page to get your answer to the question of how to call Israel from the US. 

When it comes to making an international call, you may find a lot of options and some of them are free to use and some will charge the international calling rate from your phone. 

We always suggest our readers avoid calling with their phone directly because why pay for an international call in this digital age while a lot of free options are waiting?

However, we have managed the guide with 2 available methods, free and paid. Let’s get started. 


The Things You Need to Get Started:

Since you’re going to make an international call, you’ll need to follow the right calling format, your country code, the country code for Israel, the area code of the person you’re going to call and the mobile or landline number. 

Follow the short guide in a table view if you don’t have enough time to read the whole article:

US Exit Code 011
Israel Country Code  972
Area Code For Israel Ask your recipient to tell you his/her area code or search Google by his/her city name
Mobile or Landline Number Ask your recipient
International Calling Format To Call A Landline Number: 

011 + 972 + Area Code + Landline Number

To Call A Mobile Number: 

011 + 972 + mobile Number


How to Call Israel From US (To A Mobile Number)

  • Open your phone and the dial pad as well. 
  • First, dial the US exit code which is 011.
  • Then dial the country code for Israel which is 972.
  • After that, dial the mobile number that you got from your recipient.
  • The final look of your dial pad should be like this: 011 + 972 + (Mobile Number).
  • Hit the calling button!

How to Call Israel From The US (To A Landline Number)

  • Dial 011 and after then dial 972.
  • After the country code of Israel, you’ll need to dial the area code of the city where your recipient is currently living.
  • Now dial the landline number and press the calling icon.

Freeway to call Israel from The USA: 

Many options are available on our hands but in this single article, we would like to show you the most useful and fast way. In our several previous posts, we have shared the international call making guide with some popular free apps like WhatsApp, Skype, IMO, Viber. 

But in this post, you’re going to see how you can use Telegram mobile application to call Israel from not only the US but anywhere in the world.

Using Telegram As The Best Free Call Making Platform:

Telegram is a powerful competitor app of WhatsApp, the people who don’t love to use WhatsApp but love using Telegram, so just understand how good this app is and is popular as well. 

The biggest benefit of using the app is the easy installation and account creation process. Within a few seconds and steps, you can create an account on the app and start calling and messaging with your loved ones for free of cost!

Like other popular apps, Telegram is also available on multiple platforms, Android, iOS, Computer, and Mac, so you can download the app on your preferred system, the process is the same.

Note: if you’re not interested in using the app, you can also use their web version, click here to visit the site.

Follow the shared steps: 

Step #1: First install the app on your mobile or computer after downloading it from the official site or Google Play Store.

Step #2: Select your country and then in the phone number box, type your mobile number and press next. A verification code will be sent from Telegram to your mobile number, copy the number and paste it into the box.

Step #3: Type your first and last name and a profile photo to go ahead. You can also type your unique username so that people can search by your username and get you on the app.

Step #4: After that, you have given your Contact, Media, and Lockscreen access to Telegram to start a conversation, meaning allow them all.

Step #5: Tell your Israel-living recipient to do the same thing, or if he/she is already using the Telegram app, then just tell him/her to search for your profile or you can also search your recipient profile by his/her mobile number or username. 

Step #6: You can do one thing, first save your recipient number on your phone and then go to the Telegram app and click on the “Pen” button from the right side on the bottom.

Step #7: there you can see all your saved contact lists, so just click on your recipient number, his/her profile will be open. You can send free messages and can also make video and audio calls like WhatsApp.


  • How To Call Israel Mobile From USA?

Simply Open your mobile’s dial pad and dial 011 (US exit code) + 972 (Israel Country Code) + dial the mobile number.

  • How To Call Israel For Free?

Free calling to Israel is only possible if you use some online-based applications like Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram. Calling with your cell phone is a charge applicable.

What’s The Cheapest Way To Call Israel From The Us?

If you’re going to call using your cell phone, you have to pay the international calling rate and this is not cheap, but the cheapest way is to get help from some internet-based apps.


At the end of the guide on how to call Israel from US, you have to make sure whether you follow the free or paid methods. 

Calling directly to a mobile phone in Israel from anywhere in the world would be a charge applicable and using Telegram as an alternative will save you money and give you high-quality audio and video call making opportunities.

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