How To Call New Zealand From USA? Quick and Cheap Ways!

Are you living in the US and thinking about calling New Zealand for free of charge or at a low cost? If so, keep reading.

Calling New Zealand not only from the US but anywhere from the world is just a matter of time because we have the power of the internet!

However, getting help from the internet is not the only way to answer your question of “How To Call New Zealand From USA” because you can use your cell phone or landline to do the same thing!

For your convenience, we’ll show you both ways, calling via mobile and calling via the internet with the help of some internet-based calling apps!

Let’s get started!

How To Call New Zealand From USA?

As we’re saying, you can follow so many methods, but we will show you the fastest and cheapest ways, although calling via your cell phone will charge the international calling rate. However, this is the standard calling way from the beginning!

Before you call, you’ll need to know some necessary information, below we have managed them for you!

  • A normal phone or smartphone
  • The US exit code (011)
  • New Zealand country code (+64)
  • The area code of the person lives in New Zealand (you can either ask your recipient to get the area code or find the code by searching in Google)
  • The mobile number or landline number of the person you’re going to call.

Calling To A Mobile Number in New Zealand: 

  • Dial the US exit code (011).
  • Dial the New Zealand country code (64).
  • After the country code, directly dial the mobile number of your recipient
  • Hit the calling button and wait until the call gets connected to the person’s phone.


  • Before calling, make sure you have enough balance on your mobile.
  • To ensure the exact calling rate, you can contact your mobile service provider.
  • Check your whole number again before hitting the calling button.

Calling To A Landline Number in New Zealand: 

The process is the same, and you’ll only need to know the area code of the city in New Zealand where your recipient lives as landline works with area code. 

  • Dial 011.
  • Dial the New Zealand country code (64).
  • Now dial the area code (1-digits number).
  • And finally, dial the landline number of the person.
  • Call and enjoy!

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The Cheapest Ways To Calling New Zealand From United States:

When it comes to making cheap calls to New Zealand from the US, the first option you may notice is some internet-powered applications. Although these apps offer both facilities, free and paid, you can pick your preferred plan!

One of the most popular apps for this is Skype, and the app offers a paid plan and free option. 

The benefit of using the paid version is that your recipient doesn’t need to have a Skype account to receive the call, as Skype will send the call directly to his/her mobile number.

In the free version, you and your recipient both need to have an account in the app, and it’s mandatory. 

The paid version doesn’t cost a lot. See the plan here. You can also get a free trial to check the service for one month. 

Here’s how you can call: 

  • Since Skype is available on multiple platforms, download the app based on your system and log in.
  • Buy some credits to move ahead.
  • Select the dial pad, and the app will instantly show the current country with your exit code based on your device location and the international calling rates. 
  • In the search box, search for New Zealand and select the country. 
  • You can also manually dial the New Zealand country code (64).
  • After 64, dial the number of the person you want to call and select the call button!

What’s The Free Method of Calling New Zealand From The USA? 

How To Call New Zealand From US
How To Call New Zealand From US

Almost every internet-based application offers a free plan for making international calls and you may have already used one of these apps. For example, Facebook messenger, Skype, IMO. 

In the above section, we have now shown the paid method of calling New Zealand from the US. Let’s see the free plan of Skype. 

  • Both you and your recipient will need to download the Skype app and create an account.
  • Open the app and from the left side of the app, search the person you want to call. You can use your recipient email address to find him/her quickly. 
  • Once you get him/her, click on the profile, and from the right side, click on the video or audio calling icon to start your conversation!

We’ll suggest you follow this free method because you’ll have the power of making unlimited and high-quality video calling facilities.

People Also Ask

Related questions asked on Google:

How do I make an international call to New Zealand?

To make an international call from your country, you’ll need to dial your country code first, then the New Zealand country code, and finally dial the local mobile number.

How do I make an international call from the US?

Follow the international calling format for calling New Zealand from the US (011 + 64 + Mobile Number ).

Why can’t I call international numbers?

You may not call any international number if you do not follow the international calling format. For example, you can follow the format ( your country code + the exit code of the other country you’re going to call + Mobile number ).


Hopefully, the entire guide properly educated you to answer how to call New Zealand from USA. 

You’re always open to following free and paid options, so pick the perfect method based on your needs. We just tried our best to list some of the best quick ways for this article!

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