Learn How To Call Norway From US With Examples!

You’re searching for a guide on how to call Norway from the US, which means you want to reach a person living in Norway, right? 

Well, the process of making such a call is not a hard job. Anyone can do an international call if a proper guide is followed step by step. 

In this guide, we will cover three methods of reaching Norway-living people. The methods are free, paid, and cheap. You can go with one of them based on your needs. 

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How to Call Norway From USA? 

There are several steps you have to follow when calling an international number. Dialing the wrong format and number can waste your time. So follow the guide below.

Step #1: The first thing you must have to know is the US exit code as you’re from the US. The exit code is for the US is the required code to make a successful call internationally. 

The code is 011. Open your phone and dial the number first. Most people make a mistake while dialing the number when they dial + before the exit code. You should avoid dialing the + symbol. 

Step #2: Find the country for Norway as the second required thing is dialing that code for your receivers’ country. 47 is the country code for Norway. 

The same code is also known as IDD (International Direct Dial) Code. Dial 47 after the US exit code. 

Step #3: Now, you have to dial the mobile code for your receiver. The code can be found by asking the recipient. Norway has three major mobiles codes based on three mobile SIM providers, 4, 59, and 9. 

Step #4: Reach out to your receiver and know the area code where the receiver currently lives in Norway. The area code in Norway should be one or two digits long. 

Step #5: Finish the dialing part by entering the local mobile number of your recipient. Remember, the mobile number should be 8-digits long. 

How Do I Call Norway From Us For Free?

The traditional methods can be a hassle and consume a lot of money while calling an international number. Finding the best methods to make a free call to Norway from the US might be simple to save that money. 

Remember, unless you use an internet-based app, making a free call would not be possible. To make the call, the first thing you’ll need to do is find an app that will allow you to make a charge-free connection with your receiver. 

The Apps That Allow Free International Calls: 

  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • IMO
  • Viber
  • Google Hangout
  • WeChat
  • LINE
  • Facebook Messanger
  • And so on. 
How To Call Norway From The US
How To Call Norway From The US

The mentioned apps are the most popular and widely used free calling and messaging apps. All of them are work perfectly for a local and international call. Since you’re only looking for an option to connect Norway-living people easily, you can select WhatsApp. 

According to the Statista. , over 38 percent of people in Norway use WhatsApp daily, while the same app is considered one of the massively used apps in the USA. 

How to Make a Free Call in Norway From US Via WhatsApp?

You have selected WhatsApp as an international calling app and now would like to know how to make a successful call. 

Well, one thing to remember is that WhatsApp is a Peer-to-peer system-supported application, meaning you and your recipient will need to use the same app simultaneously to receive and send the call. 

So before you get started with the call, the first thing you’ll need to do is make sure that you and your recipient are installed the app and created an account. 

Once you do the first thing, the next thing is to save the number of your recipient on your phone. 

How Do I Add Norway’s Number To Whatsapp?

You have to follow the international number storing process to save the number on your phone. To save the number,

  • Open the dial pad
  • Dial the area code of Norway. You can dial the + symbols in the first section and then dial the country code of Norway. As mentioned, the code is 47. 
  • Ater 47, dial the mobile number of the person you will reach in Norway.
  • Save changes to complete the process.

Steps To Call Norway From The US via WhatsApp:

  • After saving the number by following the international number saving format, go back to WhatsApp. 
  • Click on the message icon to find the saved number. The system will show you the number if it’s saved successfully on your phone. 
  • Click on the number and open the profile to call the person. However, make sure the person is online. 

What To Consider While Making The Call? 

You have to consider two major things while making an international call in Norway from the US, time and calling rates. 

Check the time before you call the person. If you call a person at 10:00 AM, make sure the time in Norway is not too much different from your time. The best way to find the current time in Norway is by searching in a search engine like Google. 

Another noticeable thing is the calling rates. As you might already know, international calls are always a costly service, so if you use the traditional method, there is no way to skip paying the bill. 

But you can save money by following a little trick. Use the mentioned free apps for unlimited calls without any charge. 

However, the free methods will consume your internet bill or mobile data. So they are not completely free services. Creating accounts, saving numbers, and internet bills are the investment for the call. 

Still looking for a cheap option? 

Wait, we have the solution. As an alternative method of using the traditional method, VoIP services can be the best available option. 

Some of the most popular VoIP services are:

  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Rebtel
  • Bossrevolution
  • And so on

Since all of them are the same and the process of using them is also the same and easy, we’re not going to give you a complete guide on using a VoIP service to make an international call. 

You’ll only need to install their app, create an account, buy some credits, and use their apps’ dial pad to call the receiver number in Norway. 

How Do I Call Norway From My iPhone?

Whether you have an iPhone or Android phone, it doesn’t matter, and you can follow the same process of dialing the number from your phone and reach your recipient within a few moments. 

To call Norway from iPhone, 

  • Go to your iPhones’ dial pad and dial your country code. 
  • Then dial the country code for Norway (47). 
  • Enter the mobile and the area code based on your recipients’ area or city in Norway. 
  • Finally, dial the phone number and hit the calling icon to connect the call. 


It is not recommended to learn how to call Norway from US by using the traditional method as it may cost a lot per minute. Rather, you follow the cheap or free methods to save money.

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