How To Call Egypt From USA? Area Code, Format & More

Calling Egypt from the US is quite easy, but since it’s an international call process, you’ll need to follow an international calling format to make a successful call.

In this post, you’re going to answer your question on how to call Egypt from US. The first section will show you the common ways (Charge Applicable), and the last quarter of this post will show you some of the free and cheapest ways.

You’ll not need to have an internet connection for the common method, while the free process will require a smartphone with a good internet connection.

Let’s get started!

In addition to sharing the guide, we have made a table where you’ll see some popular cities in Egypt and their area codes.

How to Call Egypt from US?

How To Call Egypt From The USA
How To Call Egypt From The USA

Your Egypt-living person uses a mobile phone with a local number or a landline. The good news is the calling process for local mobile numbers, and landline numbers are the same. You don’t have to follow any additional guide!

Calling to A Landline Number in Egypt From United States:


  • First, dial the US exit code by opening your phone’s dial pad (011 is the US exit code for calling outside).
  • next, you have to dial the country code (20) for Egypt (You can get the country by searching in any search engine or asking your recipient via email to tell the code)
  • Dial the area code of that city where your recipient is living now. (if that city has an area code, you have to dial it, and if there’s no area code, you can directly dial the landline number of the person you’re going to call).

The summarization of the guide:

US exit code (011) + Egypt Country Code (20) + Area Code + Landline Number

Calling to A Mobile Number in Egypt From United States:

  • Dial 011.
  • Then dial 22 after the US exit code.
  • Dial that person’s ten-digit local phone number, and hit the calling icon.

The summarization of the guide:

011 + 20 + 10 Digit Mobile Number

Area Code in Egypt:

You’ll find 29 area codes in Egypt, so it’s a good idea to know the right area code where your recipient is currently living and using that city’s phone service. Below we have shared some of the most popular cities in Egypt and their area codes.

No City Names Area Codes
1 Assiout 88
2 Aswan 97
3 Cairo 2
4 Alexandria 3
5 Beni Suef 82
6 Ismailia 64
7 Shebin El Kom 48
8 Suez 62
9 Quinoa 96
10 Damanhur 45

How can I call Egypt for free?

In this age, the internet is working as a free method to reach people from one corner to another. So when it comes to calling Egypt for free, you’ll have a lot of options. 

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and free methods to call for free with the help of the internet. We’re sure that you already use the app and know how to use the app. 

If not, you can follow this short guide on how to call Egypt free of charge. Since the app is available for multiple devices, you can use the app on your device. 

For a successful call, you and your recipient will have to use the same app simultaneously to send or receive an audio or video call. 

Before you install the app, it would be good to tell your recipient to save your number on their phone and install the app. 

In the same way, you will need to save their number on your phone, install the app and open an account. Once you are done, contact WhatsApp, find out your recipient number, and click on it. 

Since your recipient is also using the app, you can directly call them from the profile. 

What does the Egyptian number start with?

Every local number in Egypt starts with a specific number which is 20. You have to dial the number if you’re from another country and want to dial Egypt’s number.

How do I add an Egyptian number to WhatsApp?

To add an Egyptian number to your WhatsApp account, go to the contact option on WhatsApp, open the dial pad, and dial +20 + the local number in Egypt.

Final Words:

At the end of the article on how to call Egypt from US, we would like to tell you that you have to know the time difference between US and Egypt because you may not want to call someone in Egypt at midnight to disturb the recipient. 

Our shared guide will educate you to learn the international calling process, and the table of the area code in Egypt will come in handy to know the city or area code in Egypt.

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