How To Call South Korea From US? The Rapid Methods Are Here!

Korean people are great as they are friendly and quick to respond to a phone call. So if you’re from the US and have a Korean-living friend, customer, business partner, knowing how to call South Korea from US is essential. 

You don’t need to search for another online guide instead of reading this guide as we’re committed to providing a deep guide on how to call a South Korean number not only from the US but also anywhere from the world. 

At the end of the article, you’ll get some valuable tips to save time and money on the call as we’ll show some quick and money-saving methods to reach your recipient. 

Let’s get 

Notes: we have already published an article on how to call Korea from US in our previous post on the site. You can also read the previous post by clicking here.

How To Call South Korea From US?

Call A Landline Number in South Korea from US: 011  (The US country code) + 82 (The country code for Korea) + Dial the area code based on your recipient city+ Dial the seven-digits landline number in Korea.

Call a Phone Number in South Korea From America: 011 + 82 + 10 (The mobile code for South Korea) + finally, dial the 8-digits phone number for your recipient.


South Korea is another side of North Korea and the calling process of both areas is not the same as they are divided into two locations in the same country.

To call South Korea, first, you have to make sure which path you’re going to use, do you want to call a Korean Landline number or Phone number?

It is important to know because calling a landline number and phone number is not the same, and if you follow the landline calling process for a mobile number call, you’ll not be able to reach your recipient.

The Required Information When Calling A South Korean Number is:

Country/Exit/IDD/Country Outgoing Code: The first code that you’ll be required to dial on your phone’s dial pad when calling a South Korean landline or mobile number is the country code of Korea. You can also call the same as a country exit or IDD (International Direct Dial) Code.

For Instance, you’re going to call one of your South Korean-living friends from the US, in this case, you’ll need to know the US exit code and the Korean country code.

Take a look and know them:

  • 011 is the international direct dial code.
  • And 82 is the country code for Korea.

Area Code:  Area codes are required if you want to call a landline number from your country to another country.

Since South Korea contains a lot of cities, know where your recipient is currently living and then ask them to share the area code or search online by typing the city name.

We have found some city codes after researching some cities in South Korea. The codes are:

City Name Code City Name Code
Seoul 2 In-Chun 32
Ulsan 52 Kangwon-Do 33
Busan 51 Kwang-Ju 62
Chulla-Buk Do 63 Kyonggi-Do 31
Daegu 53 Kyoung-Sang-Buk Do 54

Landline Number: According to our research, there are two major landline service providers in Korea and these are:

  • Korea Telecom (KT)
  • And SK Broadband


These service providers offer the best and most affordable landline installation and all the related services for Korean citizens and also for Foreigners. However, Foreigners will need to provide their passport to get such a service.

If your recipient is using one of their services, ask the recipient to share the landline number with the area code.

Mobile Number: If we look at the phone number service providers in the country, we can see that there are the top three mobile operators in Korea which are SK Telecom,  LG U, and Olleh.

Remember, a mobile number and landline number are not the same. A landline number in South Korea is 7-digits in length, while a phone number in the same country is 8-digits.

So far, you know the most used and traditional method of how to call South Korea from US. Let’s move forward and let you know some of the cheapest and charge-free methods to make a quick call with your recipient.

How Do I Call South Korea From The US For Free?

How To Call South Korea From The US
How To Call South Korea From The US

If you know the current trend in South Korea, you might already know about one app named KakaoTalk that is the most popular free and popular calling and messaging app.

However, since you’re from the USA and apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype are the most popular options, you can still use KakaoTalk to reach your recipient in Korea as the KakaoTalk app is an international service provider.

KakaoTalk can be the best option to call South Korea from the US for free. All you need to do is install the app on your phone and create an account.

Then tell your recipient to use the same app. Send an invitation and as soon as the recipient accepts the invitation, you’ll be able to call the recipient without any charge.

Watch the shared video to know everything about the KakaoTalk app and start using the app to make a free call.

Cheap Calling Method To Call South Korea From USA:

Are you asking yourself to find the best and most affordable calling method to call South Korea From the US? The solution is unlimited as the internet is flourishing now!

In this case, you can get help from a VoIP service provider like Skype or Rebtel. Skype will do great in such a task and the subscription fees and international call plans are also affordable in Skype.

How to call South Korea From US Via Skype
How to call South Korea From US Via Skype

As you already know, using the KakaoTalk app for free requires installing the same app for both you and your recipient. However, in the case of Skype, your recipient will not need to install Skype to receive the call.

You only need to install and buy one of their international calling plans to get started. Since the process of installing the app and creating an account is super easy, we assume that you have completed the steps and now want to call a South Korean Mobile number.

Follow the guide below:

  • Buy either a one-time plan or monthly plan and load some credits to your account to activate the international calling feature on the app.
  • Open the dial pad on Skype and from the search box, search for Korea.
  • As soon as you search, the Korean Country code will appear on the dial pad and ask you to dial the rest of the phone number.
  • Dial the 8-digits number including the mobile code (10).

The final look of your dialed code should look like this: 82 + 10 xxxx xxxx

What To Consider When Calling A South Korean Number From USA?

Time and Calling Charge is the most important thing when you think about how to make a successful call in South Korea From USA.

If you’re using the calling service based on a cell phone, meaning the traditional method, you’ll be charged a lot compared to the other methods. The price will depend on the service provider you’re using for the call.

This is why we always recommend asking the service provider to know the international calling rate before calling. Remember, An international call and a local call are not the same thing.

A local call always costs less while an international call costs a lot depending on the country you’re going to reach.

In addition to knowing the rate, make sure you have enough balance on your phone and your phone has enough charge as well.

Time is another important thing since you might not want to call someone in South Korea when the recipient is sleeping.

According to, South Korea is almost 14 hours ahead of Washington DC. so pick a perfect time and make the call so that the recipient can pick your call without facing any timing issue.


Knowing how to call South Korea from US is only important for those who have someone living in that country. However, you should also know the process as we’re living in the globalization age.

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