Learn How To Call Taiwan From USA Easily and Freely?

When it comes to knowing how to call Taiwan from USA, you may prefer to use the traditional method of contacting an international number. 

However, did you know it will cost a lot compared to a modern method? Since you’re interested in learning all the available ways of calling Taiwan from US, read this guide and explore the top three methods, including free, paid, and cheap services. 

Let’s get started with the guide with the traditional method:

How To Call Taiwan From USA?

Before you get started, you must know some information for a successful call. The must-knowing information is the country, area codes, and the mobile number of the person you are wise to reach. 

Follow the chart below to know them: 

  • 011 is the US exit code for a direct calling.
  • 866 is the country for Taiwan. 
  • The local mobile number in Taiwan should be eight digits long, including the area code. 

How to Directly Call Taiwan From US?

How To Call Taiwan From The USA
How To Call Taiwan From The USA

You have to ensure that your mobile has enough balance for this call. Check the balance status before calling. Also, check your SIM whether it supports an international or not. 

  • Open your phone and go to the dial pad.
  • First, dial the exit for US 011.
  • Then, dial the country code for Taiwan, which is 866. 
  • After 866, dial the local phone number of the person you’ll call, including the area codes. 

Note: Before calling, you should ask your receiver to know the number with the area code via email or any other methods. 

It was all about the traditional calling process of Taiwan, not only from the US but also anywhere from the world. You can replace your country code with the US country code to reach a person in Taiwan from your country. 

What Chat App Does Taiwan Use?

How To Call Taiwan From The USA Via Free Apps
How To Call Taiwan From The USA Via Free Apps

Apps like WeChat, Line, and Viber are the most popular free and popular apps in Taiwan. If we rate them based on their monthly users, WeChat will come in first as the app has over 846 million monthly active users.

On the other hand, LINE is also a popular app with over 220 million monthly users. Viber is the third app that is massively used in Taiwan. 

How can I call Taiwan for free?

The free-calling opportunity can be achieved by using WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat. 

However, you should not only keep your eyes on the most popular apps in Taiwan since you’re from the US and want to make the call in Taiwan. You have to select such an app that has popularity in both countries. 

In the case of selecting such a type of app, WhatsApp and Viber can come first. So we also recommend using one of the mentioned apps. The apps will save a lot of time and, most importantly, save money on your international calls. 

You can keep your conversation running without worrying about the money. All you need to have is a strong internet connection and a smartphone to install and use the app. 

Does Taiwan use WhatsApp?

Yes. WhatsApp is a widely used mobile app in Taiwan due to its easy and user-friendly user interface.

Assuming you have selected WhatsApp as an international calling app and want to know how to use WhatsApp to send a call to Taiwan from the US. Now follow the rest of the guide below:

First, you need to download the app from the Google Play Store if you’re an Android user. On the other hand, iPhone users can download the app from the Apple Store. 

Once you download the app based on your system, the second step is to open an account to go ahead.

As soon as you open the account, you’ll need to save your receiver number on your phone. 

How Do I Add A Taiwan Number To Whatsapp?

  • Go to the phone’s dial pad. 
  • Dial the +866, the country code for Taiwan.
  • Then dial the local number of the person you’ll reach, including the area codes. 
  • Click on the save changes and go back to WhatsApp to find the number. 

Note: make sure your receiver has an account on WhatsApp; otherwise, your saved number will not work for the call. 

Once you click on the number from the WhatsApp account, the action will open the profile of the person you are wise to call. There, you’ll see options to make an audio or video call. 

How to call Taiwan Using Viber?

In addition to using WhatsApp, Viber can be a great alternative to make a quick call in Taiwan from the US. However, a helpful guide and the correct format for calling a number in Taiwan can help you get an accurate result. 

Viber offers two options for local and international calls, free and cheap. Making a free call-in Viber will take a lot of time while using the Cheap method will cost a little money. However, it will save a lot of time. 

They have some great packages on their international calling plans. See all of them and purchase using their VoIP service. We’re assuming you have purchased one of their monthly or pay-as-you-go plans and are ready to make the call. 

Here’s a short guide: 

  • Install the app and open an account. 
  • Purchase an international calling package based on your needs. 
  • Open the Viber dial pad. 
  • Dial +866 and then the local number in Taiwan, including the area code. 
  • And then, hit the calling icon for a successful connection between you and your recipient. 

How Much Does It Cost To Call Taiwan?

The cost will depend on the method you’re using for the call. The traditional way is always expensive, and most people only use it because they don’t have smartphones. 

You can know about the cost by asking your service provider. Just type the name of the service and google it. Hopefully, you’ll see their pricing for the international calls.

On the other hand, apps like WhatsApp and WeChat are free. They will only charge a little bit of internet. 


Our post only shows the information that we’ve found from our research. The calling methods can be different. One can seem simple to you, while another can waste your time and money.

The answer to how to call Taiwan from USA will depend on the method you’re going to pick from our post.

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