(A Quick Guide) How To Call Nigeria From USA?

Are you from the USA and don’t know how to call Nigeria from USA? Although calling Nigeria from the US might be a little bit costly, however, if you know the right method, you can save money. 

In this comprehensive guide on how to make an international call, we’ll look at the traditional, cheapest, and also free methods to make a successful call in Nigeria from the United States.

Let’s get started!

How to Call Nigeria From USA? 

To call a Nigerian landline number from the United States, Dial 011 (US Exit code) + 234 (Nigeria country code) + an area code based on your recipient city + the landline number. 

How Do I Call a Mobile in Nigeria?

To call a Nigerian mobile number from USA, dial 011 (The US exit code) + 234 (Country Code For Nigeria) + The local phone number in Nigeria. 

Read The Below Section Before Making A Call to Nigeria from The USA: 

Remember you’re going to make an international call not a local one. So it will require some more information to make a successful call. 

You can’t skip information while dialing the number like the country codes for both countries, the area code is for a landline number and landline number or mobile phone number. 

Here are some reasons why the mentioned information is required for an international call. 

Country code: this code is known as outbound code, country exit code, and IDD (International direct dial) code. Such a code is only required to make a call from outside of the country. 

It means when a person from another country wants to send you a call, that person will need to use your country code for the call. 

For example, if you’re from the US and you want to call Nigeria, the first thing you will need to do is dialing your country code and then the country code for Nigeria. 

Since you want to call Nigeria and you’re from the US, you have to know both country codes. 

  • US (011)
  • Nigeria (234)

Country codes are not the only things that you’ll need for the call. Information like Area code, mobile code, and number are also required. 

Area code is only needed if you’re going to call a landline number in a country. However, calling a mobile number will also require a mobile code for the country. 

Since there is no mobile code for Nigeria and a Nigerian mobile begins with the country code, the mobile number will look like this (234 + XXXXXXX).

So you don’t need to know the mobile. However, for a landline call, make sure you know your recipient’s area code according to their city name. 

You can email your recipient to tell the code or search online to know the code or see the below list where we have tried to list down some area codes in Nigeria. 

City Name Codes City Name Codes
Abeokuta 39 Ikeja 1
Ado-Ekiti 30 Ile-Ife 63
Benin 52 Jos 73
Enugu 42 Maiduguri 76
IIkare 50 Ogoja 45
Ibadan 2 Gombe 72
Onitsha 46 Oshogbo 35
Port Harcourt 84 Uyo 85
Zaria 69 Warri 53

Hopefully, the shared area codes will help you to get your recipient’s area code and you don’t need to search online again. 

because if you know the city name where your recipient is currently living, just pick the code and dial after Nigerian country code and before the landline number. 

Now you know how to call Nigeria from USA using the traditional method of international calling. 

However, as you may know, international calling via mobile phone always costs a lot. So the best way to save money during making an international call is by using some alternative ways like mobile apps or third party services. 

How Can I Call Nigeria From USA For Free?

How To Call Nigeria From USA
How To Call Nigeria From USA

Some of the best apps that you can use for free are WhatsApp, Skype, Google Duo and so on. The decision is yours. You can pick one of them and start using the app to call a Nigerian number from your country. 

We think you don’t need a proper guide on using these apps as you may already be using them on a daily basis. 

However, if you don’t know how to use them, see the brief guide below. For example, we’re assuming you’re interested in using WhatsApp for the call. Now follow the guide. 

  • Install and create an account on WhatsApp. 
  • Save your recipient number with a proper international format (first dial the Nigerian country code on your dial pad 234 and then the rest of the number and save with the recipient name.)
  • Now come to WhatsApp and then “Contact” and find the number to call. 

In addition to using WhatsApp, considering using Google Duo might be one of the great ways to reach your recipient. 

To see the practical guide, watch the video:


These were the complete free methods for a local and international call. If you know the proper use of these apps, you’ll be able to enjoy a complete high-quality audio and video calling experience. 

However, if you have some budget to invest in an international call, you can go with a ViOP service. Such a service offers a cheap rate for customers. The process of using such a service is almost the same as using the free calling apps like WhatsApp. 

First, you need to find out the most reliable and affordable ViOP service providers from the market. If you ask for the best company for this case, we’ll suggest you to use Rebtel or Skype. 

Although these are not the only way to go as there are so many options. However, in terms of reliability and affordability, these are the most popular in this ViOP industry. 

The main benefit of using a ViOP service is your receiver will not need to have any internet connection or use the same app you’re using to send the call. You can directly dial the receiver number from the app. 

For example, assuming you would like to use Rebtel, follow the guide below.

How do I call Nigeria using Rebtel?

  • Download the Rebtel app and register for a free account. 
  • Buy one of their international call subscriptions. (before purchasing the plan, see all of their plans and buy).
  • Open the dial pad on the Rebtel app and search for Nigeria or directly dial the country code for Nigeria (234). 
  • After 234, dial your receiver mobile number and hit the calling icon. 

Note: before using the Rebtel app, make sure you have enough internet balance if you’re using mobile data. For a wifi line, make sure the speed is at least greater than 500km/ps. 

How Much Does It Cost to Call Nigeria From USA?

The cost of calling a Nigerian number from the US will depend on the method you will use for the call. If you use the traditional method, the call will consume 0.099 ¢ per minute for a mobile call and 0.099 ¢ per minute for a landline call. 

You can save money by following our shared free calling methods. The free methods are completely cost-free while the ViOP services are cheap and hassle-free. 

What App Can I Use To Call Nigeria?

All the available are offering almost the same features. So it might be a little bit confusing to select an app to call Nigeria. 

Since you’re relying on us, you can close your eyes and select WhatsApp or Skype for the call as they are one of the most popular apps in Nigeria. 


How to call Nigeria from USA is one of the common queries for those who have a business partner, friend, or family member in that country and want to make a reliable call. 

By following our well-researched guide on how to make a free, cheap, and paid call in Nigeria from US, you’ll be able to make a quick call from now!

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