How To Call Haiti From USA? Calling Format and Example

Do you know Haiti’s country code and the number of the person you’re going to reach? If you know, the question of how to call Haiti from USA will be answered quite simply.

Apart from the mentioned information, you’ll also need to know the exit code of the US and the proper international calling format to call any local phone number in Haiti. 

You have a lot of options to follow. Some methods are a little expensive, while some are entirely free and hassle-free. So the decision will rely on your private view. 

Note: we advise you follow Calling Via Cell phone if you have a reasonable internet connection. Although this way is a little expensive, it’s easy and does not need a smartphone or even an internet line.

Don’t have a reasonable budget? Don’t worry because we have also shared some cheap and free methods, but these will require a good internet line and a smartphone.

What You’ll Need to Call A Haiti’s Phone Number From US?

As mentioned, the country code of Haiti, the IDD code of the US, a better understanding of Haiti’s phone number structure, and the local number of that person you’ll call.

  • 509 (The Country code of Haiti).
  • 011 (The international direct dial code in the US).
  • The good news is that you can directly dial your recipient’s local number instead of dialing any area code after the US exit code.
  • Every local phone number in Haiti is 8-digit long.

How to Call Haiti’s Phone Number From US?

  • Dial the IDD code for the US (011) by opening your phone’s dial pad. 
  • After the international direct dial code, dial the country code of Haiti (509). 
  • If you’re calling a phone number, dial 3 or 4 before dialling the number. 
  • Finally, dial the 8-digit local mobile number and hit the calling button.

Note: If your recipient uses a landline service and wants to call the landline number instead of calling a mobile number, you’ll need to dial two after 509 and before the 7-digit landline number.

How To Call Haiti From the USA
How To Call Haiti From the USA

What’s The Cheapest Way of Calling A Haiti Number Form USA?

The cheapest way of international calling means a method that can be used at a low rate. People often want to find such a way to save money. But what’s the solution? 

The solution is simple. You have to use an app that will allow you to call a Haitian number from the US at a low rate. Skype is one of the most popular apps that will enable you to dial a local Haitian number and any international number from the app. 

The person you want to call will not need to use the same app to receive the call because the process will handle Skype itself.

To make a cheap call on Skype, you’ll need to install the app. Since Skype is available on multiple platforms and devices, install and create an account on your preferred device. 

Once you download the application and produce an account, you’ll require to purchase some credits for an global call. Since you have enough balance, you can go to the Skype dial pad to dial the local number of your Haiti-living recipient.

Remember that you have to dial the number by following the international calling format of Haiti from the US. First, dial the country code of Haiti. You don’t need to dial your US exit code as Skype automatically assumes your location.

After 509, dial the local number directly and hit the calling icon. Skype will allow you to search the country you want to call, and once you select that country, the country code of that country will be automatically dialed in the calling box, and next, you need to dial the number only.

Another Cheap Method of Calling Haiti From US:

Rebtel is one popular third-party international calling app available for almost every country and location. Like Skype, you’ll need to download and install an app to make a successful call to your Haitien living person.

If your device is older and doesn’t support the updated version of the Rebtel mobile app, you can also use the shared local number or an access number if you live in a Rebtel-supported country. 

Since you’re from the US, you’re lucky as they support the US. We believe you have the most delinquent version of a device. Now install the Rebtel application from Google Play Store. 

For iPhone users, click here to download the app from the Apple Store

Create an account and buy some credits or purchase a monthly subscription for Haiti. 

Save your recipient number on your phone contact by following the proper international calling format and returning to the app. 

Go to contact from the app and select the number to call. You can keep calling your recipient if your credit is not finished.

Another advantage of operating the exact app is that you can call your recipient free of cost if you have a satisfactory internet connection. But your recipient will need to have the same app. 

Are You A Traveller?

Calling someone while traveling might be challenging as your network changes frequently. This is where Rebtel offers a great deal for free and an easy process. 

While you travel, you can select the travel mode from the Rebtel app to avoid extra fees and roaming charges. You’ll be able to use wifi or mobile data to call internationally for free.


Are you still confused about this topic or didn’t get the most suitable answer to the question of how to call Haiti from USA?

We recommend you read the whole guide again with a careful mind. one of our suggested ways is the last entirely free method. However, you and your recipient will have to ensure a substantial internet connection.

The paid method is also a widely used way to make an international call to Haiti from the US, but you’ll have to pay a good amount of money. 

The second method can save a lot of money compared to the first way. However, you’ll need to buy credits and follow some steps for a successful conversation with your loved one living in Haiti.

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