(3 Methods) How To Call Colombia From US?

Knowing how to call Colombia from US can help you to keep contacting your loved ones who live in Colombia because this is the only way to communicate with each other in a short time. 

However, do you know the accurate methods or procedures to make a call to Colombia? How would you dial a Colombian number from your phone? How much does it cost to call Colombia from the US? 

All these questions will answer in this comprehensive guide on calling Colombia. We’ll tell you the country code of Colombia, the US IDD code, and a step-by-step guide for a successful call. 

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How To Call Colombia From US? (Method One)

Call Colombia From the US
Call Colombia From the US

The first method of calling Colombia from the US would be contacting your cell phone. You don’t need to have an internet connection for this. 

However, before starting the call, you’ll need to manage some essential and required information.

What you’ll need to know to Call Colombia From US? 

The first information is needed to call Colombia is the international direct dial code of the US and the country code of Colombia. 

  • 011 (The US exit code). 
  • 57 (The Colombian country code)

For a successful call, the mentioned information is not enough. You’ll also need to know the correct phone number of your Colombian-living recipient, the area code if you call a landline number. 

Ask the recipient to tell the number via email and if you know in which city the person is currently living, search the internet to find the area code. 

You just need to dial the cell phone’s starting 3-digits number to dial a phone. You can find the code by telling your recipient. If the recipient doesn’t know the code for any reason, you can search online by the service provider. 

Finally, manage the number you want to reach in Colombia. Assuming you have all the information and are ready to get into the calling movement.

Calling a Colombian Mobile Number from US:

  • Dial the IDD code for the US (011).
  • After that, dial the country code Colombia (57). 
  • After 57, dial the three-digit cell phone code and then dial the 7-digits number. 
  • Press the calling icon and wait till the response from the other person. 

The final look of your dialled number should be like this: 011 + 57 + 000XXXXXXX.

Calling a Colombian Landline Number From US:

  • Dial the US exit code and then the country code for Colombia (011+57).
  • Dial the area code in which city your recipient is living now. 
  • Finally, dial the landline number.

How to Call Colombia From US For Free (Method Two)

The second method of calling Colombia from the US will be a completely free solution for everyone who wants to keep connected with their loved ones.

Free apps like Skype or IMO come first when you search for the best free application for making an international call. You’ll be only required to have a strong internet connection while making the call. 

However, one of the main weaknesses of using these methods is you and your recipient will both require to use the same app to send or receive a call.

However, since you’ll get unlimited calling for free, there is no problem with a bit of effort. Assumed you like Skype a lot compared to other apps, then install the app and create an account to get started. 

  • Ask your recipient to install Skype and create an account. 
  • Once the account creation part is completed, you send an invitation from your account to your recipient’s number. 
  • When the invitation is accepted, you’ll be able to start a conversation. 

The Cheapest Way To Call Colombia From United States (Method Three)

We have shared two ways so far. However, if you have a tiny budget for international calling, you may want to look for a cheap way with high-quality audio and video calling features. 

We suggest people use a third-party app or service like Rebtel. The Rebtel app will help you make a cheap call to Colombia from US, and you don’t need to worry about overcharge as the app is already used by many users worldwide.

Your recipient will not need to install the Rebtel app and create an account. They can directly receive the call and stay connected with you. However, you need to download the app open an account. 

Once you have downloaded the app, follow their account creation process and open an account. Top up some credits using your credit card or buy their international calling plan for Colombia. 

All of their monthly or daily plans are affordable so that you can select any of them. However, the monthly plan is the most popular to call Colombia (Only $6/m)

If everything goes well, from the dial pad of the Rebtel app, search for Colombia. After selecting that country, the country code of Colombia will be automatically placed on the dial pad. 

After 57, dial the area code in which area you want to reach. The final step would be dialling the local phone number and pressing the calling button. 

The comparison of these three methods – Which one should you follow?

As the first method, we have shared the traditional way of calling any international number from other countries. This method is a costly option for most people as people need to pay the calling rate and tax. 

The following method is all about a free option. You don’t have to pay any money. However, since the process works by following a peer-to-peer procedure, you’ll need to use the internet connection. 

You and the other person you want to reach will also need to use the internet and the same app you use for the call. It’s a little bit complicated, but since the method is free, you can go with it!

The final way is much affordable, and your recipient will not need to have an internet connection and don’t need to use the same app.

We hope you have got the answer to your question about how to call Colombia from US. Pick one of the ways and try to reach your Colombia-living loved ones as soon as you can!

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