How To Call Hong Kong From UK? All Methods are Here

If you want to dial the 8-digit mobile number in Hong Kong from UK, reading this article on how to call Hong Kong from UK can help you to understand the right format and example. 

Although a few different ways can be used to make the call, people prefer different methods depending on their current requirements. 

However, most people still prefer this method to call a mobile number in Hong Kong from UK: 00 + 852 + XXXXXXXX. 

You may ask what this method is called or why people still use this method, right? 

Well, this method is called the Traditional or Classic method that can be used to call any international number. This is the first method created on April 11, 192 from Key West Florida, and Havana Cuba. 

The benefits of this method are the following: 

  • Anyone with only a cellphone can use this method to send an international call. 
  • No need to know anything special to make the call.
  • No need to be connected to an internet line like wifi or mobile data. 
  • Allow for clear communication.

In addition to having these benefits, this method also has some disadvantages, these are the following: 

  • Highly expensive
  • Consume more battery power
  • Requires to have a minimum mobile balance

As you can see that the method has some benefits as well as disadvantages. So if you’re finding a reliable but expensive method to call the recipient in Hong Kong from UK, congratulation, and go ahead!

But, that’s not the end, you have more alternatives to follow, and even you’re free to pick some cheap and free method for the same task. 

Can you imagine that you can make the whole process cheaper and even free? 

Two methods are available for this:

  • Using a VoIP service
  • And using a free app

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Using a VoIP Service

VoIP services like Skype or Viber, offer very cheap international rates. However, when selecting the best service, be careful and check their profile before purchasing the service. 

Once you found a reliable provider, you’ll be asked to download their app and create an account. 

After that, you’ll be asked to subscribe to one of their ongoing international calling plans. 

Don’t worry because most of them will be affordable. As soon as you buy the plan, you’ll get a new phone number as an identity when calling Hong Kong from UK. 

You can follow the rest of the guide from the service provider when making the call. However, make sure that you’re connected with an internet connection, and also have an active international calling plan. 

Have you already tried to make a call using a VoIP service and want to follow an additional method? 

Well, we have another option to show. You may already know that international calls can be made by following multiple methods, and using a calling card might be a great alternative to a VoIP service. 

How to Use a Calling Card to Call Hong Kong From UK?

  • Purchase a calling card from a local retailer or online
  • Dial the access number provided on the card
  • Enter the PIN number on the card when prompted
  • Dial 00852, followed by the area code and phone number you wish to call in Hong Kong

How Can I Call Hong Kong from Uk for Free?

How To Call Hong Kong From UK
How To Call Hong Kong From UK

The only free method to call Hong from UK is by using a free internet-based application. You may see a lot of websites or service providers offering a free calling trial. 

You can test them for the first time, and after finishing the trial, you’ll be asked to buy a premium plan to keep using the account. 

However, since you’re the main target to achieve a free calling experience, you’ll need to consider only free applications. 

Download an app like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, and create an account to get started!

How Do I Dial a Hong Kong Number?

To dial a Hong Kong number from overseas, you need to first dial the international access code for your country. 

For instance, if you’re calling from the United States, you would dial 011. Next, you would dial 852, which is the country code for Hong Kong.

After that, you would dial the local eight-digit phone number. So if you were calling the hypothetical phone number 123-4567 in Hong Kong, your full phone number would be 011-852-12345678.


When learning how to call Hong Kong from UK, consider the format again and keep that in mind always – dial: 00 + 852 + the local phone number. 

Whether you’re using VoIP or an international calling card, be sure to compare rates before making your call in order to get the best deal possible!

However, when using a free app, just make sure they offer a reliable audio can video calling opportunity.

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