How To Call Uk From USA – The Easiest Ways

Are you from the US, and do you have any special people who live in the UK? If yes, you might want to know how to call UK from USA as this is the easiest and fastest way to reach that person. 

No matter in which city you live in the US, you can always follow the guide to make a successful call in the UK. 

We’ll cover the top three widely popular methods for making international calls. The methods include free, paid, and cheap calling rates. You can go with one of the ways according to your needs. 

How To Call Uk From USA?

Before you call, the first step that you’ll need to take is to select the method, meaning are you going to call a landline number or mobile number? 

Although the process of calling a landline and a mobile number is almost the same, there is little difference between calling a landline number and a local mobile number when it comes to making an international call

Since your recipient lives in the UK, they can use either a landline service or a local phone number service. No matter which method they are using, you can follow the guide below. 

The best way to know about your recipient’s calling method is to send an email and ask to tell the service name. .if they said that they are using landline service, then you’ll need to follow the steps below:

How To Call A Landline Number in UK From USA? 

As you might know, Landline services work by location. So knowing some basic information such as your recipient’s area codes, the UK country codes, and the landline numbers are required for the call. 

Step #1: Open your phone’s dial pad and type the US country code 011. (Also known as exit code and international direct dial code). 

Step #2: After dialing the US exit code, dial the UK country code 44. (The US and UK country codes are required).

Step #3: After 44, enter the area code based on your receiver’s city. For example, if the person you’re going to call is currently living in Cardiff, the area code will be 29. 

Note: Apart from the country codes, the area codes are also needed for a successful call in the UK from the USA. 

You can get the area code by searching online or asking your recipient. You can follow our table below to know the codes. 

Step #4: The next step is to enter the rest of the number. You must ensure that the landline number is 10-digits long, including the area codes. 

Your dial pad should look like this so far: 011+44+Area Codes+7-digits phone number. If you notice 0 at the beginning of the area code, dial the rest of the area code instead of dialing the 0 digits. 

If everything goes well, hit the calling icon and wait until the receiver picks up the call. Knowing your mobile balance before starting the call is better, as the international call is always costing a lot. 

Area Codes in UK:

City Name Code City Name Code City Name Code City Name Code
Bristol 117 Dundee 1382 Blackburn 1254 Colchester 1206
Cambridge 1223 Gloucester 1452 Blackpool 1253 Birmingham 121
Coventry 24 Aberdeen 1224 Bolton 1204 Edinburgh 131
Coventry 1332 1224 28 Gloucester 1452

The shared codes will help you to find your recipient’s area code. If you cannot find the city name and the code from the list, you can search online to get the code. 

How To Call A Mobile Number In UK From US?

If you have already followed the steps of calling a landline number in the UK, calling a mobile number will be a matter of time. The only difference is when you dial the code after the UK country code.

Calling a Mobile Number in the UK from the US:

Step #1: dial the USA international direct dial code (011). This code is also required to call a mobile number. 

Step #2: Dial the UK country code, which is 44. 

Step #3: You’ll need to dial the mobile code instead of entering the area code in this step. The mobile code in the UK is 7.

Step #4: After entering the mobile code, finish the process by typing the mobile number of the person you wish to reach in the UK. 

As far as you entered the code on your phone dial pad should look like this: 

011 + 44 + 7 + XXX-XXX-XXX

How Can I Call Uk From USA For Free?

Free calls are now a matter of time. Anyone can enjoy the advantages of the internet to enjoy a free calling experience if they have a good internet connection and a smartphone. 

Using free calling services means you will use free apps or internet-based third-party services. However, most of the options rely on mobile or computer apps that you’ll need to download and install to use them. 

You and your UK-living receiver will be required to install and create an account on the app you will use for the call as the system follows the peer-to-peer mechanism. 

What Are The Best Apps To Call UK From USA?

Due to the widespread use of the internet and its power, you’ll find an endless number of apps and services that will allow you to make a free and unlimited call in the UK from USA. 

However, there is a word in the dictionary named Perfect. With this in mind, using one of the following apps will be a good idea:

  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • FaceApp
  • WeChat
  • And Viber

The mentioned apps will come first when you search for the best and free apps to make an international call in the United Kingdom from the United States.

Using the apps is super easy. Since most of them are used by many people in both countries, US and UK, we’re assuming that you have used one of the apps before. 

If didn’t do it before, follow the basic instructions of using such apps:

  • Select an app from the list. 
  • Install their app based on your device (The mentioned apps are available on multiple platforms for various devices). 
  • Create an account with the help of your phone number. 
  • Verify the account via SMS or phone call. 
  • Set up your account with your profile photo, name, email address, and location. 
  • Save your receiver number on your phone, and at the same time, ask your receiver to follow the same guide to creating an account on the app you’re currently using. 
  • Open the app and go to the calling option to find the saved number. 
  • Click on the number to open the profile and call. 

Final Words:

Most people now go with the free method instead of using the traditional way of calling an international number. In the case of knowing how to call UK from USA, you can also pick the free method. 

However, suppose you don’t have a good internet connection and a smartphone or computer to download and install the free apps. In that case, the traditional method is always open to using for any user.

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