How To Call Japan From USA? How Easy Is It?

Imagine how it would be if we told you the accurate formula of how to call Japan from USA? 

Although the process of making an international and local call is not the same, knowing and following the right format can help you to reach your loved one who is living in Japan. 

Here we’re going to cover an article on this widely discussed topic and share some tips on how to make a free and cheap call in Japan from the US. 

How to Call Japan From USA? 

Before you get into the calling process, some information will be required to complete the call. Information like IDD code, area code, and phone numbers are required to call in Japan from US. 

IDD Code: Each country has a unique country code and the code length can be different from each other. Since you’re from the US, the US IDD code is 011 (you have to dial the code in the first stage of your calling).

As well as knowing the US IDD code, you have to also know the country code of Japan (081). This code is required after the US exit code.

Area Code: An area code in a country is required when a person wants to call a landline number in that country. An area code is not a fixed number. It can be long or short based on the country’s policy. 

Here are some Japanese area codes based on some cities:


Chiba 43 Kyoyo 75 Sapporo 11
Tokyo 3 Asahikawa 166 Kanazawa 76
Kawaguchi 482 Fukuoka 92 Kobe 78
Yokosuka 468 Osaka 6 Gifu 582

Numbers: before making the call in Japan, make sure which number you want to call. If your recipient is using a landline service, collect the landline number or if they use a local phone number service, tell them to give you the number. 

When you call a mobile number in Japan from USA, the calling charge might be higher than a landline call. 

How to Call a Japanese Landline Number From USA? 

  • Dial the US IDD code (011).
  • After that, dial the country code for Japan (081).
  • Then dial your recipient’s area code based on their living city. 
  • Finally, dial the landline number and enjoy the rest.

How to Call a Japanese Mobile Number From USA? 

  • Open your mobile phone and dial 011. 
  • After 011, dial the country code for Japan (081). 
  • Dial the mobile code (ask your recipient to know the mobile code. The number can be 70, 80, 90).
  • The last step is dialing the mobile number (the number should be 6-8 digits long).

What to Consider Before Calling Japan From US?

Japan is one of the busiest countries in the world and the people of that country are quite rigid when it comes to their working culture. It is always recommended to call Japan during their business hours. 

You should not call in Japan during lunchtime or early morning because if your recipient picks your call in a public place, it would be one of the biggest faux pas in Japan. 

As the Japanese people are very reserved. So you should not ask any direct personal information or question during the first moment of your calling if the calling purpose is for any business query. 

List the entire topic that you talk to your recipient because listing the outline of your conversion will save time and also make you more confident about yourself during the call. 

Alternative Ways of Calling Japan From US?

A few years ago, people often preferred the traditional calling method to call any international number. However, with the advent of the internet and its unlimited power, we can easily do almost everything in a short time. 

Now the market is full of internet. More and more companies are now offering free service that lets people make a charge-free international calling opportunity with a few steps. 

Services like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and IMO are the most practical examples of free international calling services. These services are widely used and most popular to save time and money. 

How to Call Japan From US For Free? 

In a free thing, your effort is the value. When it comes to making a free call-in Japan from US, there are so many options you have in your hand. You just need to make sure of two things. A smartphone and a good internet connection. 

Assuming you have two things in your hand. Your recipient also will be required to have good internet and a smartphone to receive your call via a third-party app or service. 

For this guide, we’ll suggest you use WhatsApp as a free calling option or an alternative to the traditional method.

Install the App and create an account (You and your recipient will be required to use WhatsApp at the same time). 

How To Call Japan From USA Via WhatsApp
How To Call Japan From USA Via WhatsApp

Save your recipient number on your phone.

  • Open your phone’s contact and dial 081 (The country code of Japan). 
  • Dial the mobile code of your recipient. 
  • After that, dial the local phone number and save the number with your recipient’s name. 

Open WhatsApp and go to contact.; from there, search for the saved number and click on it to open the profile. As soon as you find the profile, check whether the recipient is online or offline. 

If you notice the recipient is online, start an unlimited video or audio call for free.

Should I Use VoIP Service To Call Japan From USA? 

VoIP services are also popular for international calls as they are cheap and easy to manage. Some of the most popular VoIP services are Skype (Which also offers a free calling option), Rebtel, Bossrevolution. 

Skype is also available in free calling mode. However, if your recipient is not interested in installing and creating an account in Skype, you can simply purchase some credit or a monthly international calling plan and dial your recipient number and start a cheap call. 

How To Call Japan From USA Via Skype
How To Call Japan From USA Via Skype


International calls are now a matter of time. No matter how far away your loved one, business partner or customer is living, following the proper international calling guide can make the whole process hassle-free. 

We hope the guide on how to call Japan from USA was quite helpful for you to understand the calling process and now you’re able to make the call yourself.

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