How To Call Italy From USA – Including The Easiest Way!

Living in the US and missing someone in Italy? Friends or family members? We know the importance of talking to our relatives who live away from us, but if we can use the easiest and cheapest way to talk with them, how would it be?

Surely, it would be a great thing. However, if you’re from the US and looking for an article on how to call Italy from the USA, what would be the best available methods for you? 

Using your cell phone or landline? Or getting help from some internet-based direct calling apps? 

All these ways would be suitable for you, and that’s why we have shared the most popular ways in this guide so that you can select the best option based on your needs!

Let’s get started!

How To Call Italy From The USA? 

The process is simple, but before you call, some information might be required to know, such as the US exit code, the country for Italy, the area code of the person living in Italy, and finally, the mobile or landline number. 

We have managed some information for your convenience:

  • (011) The US Exit Code.
  • (39) the country code for Italy. 
  • You have to ask your Italy-living recipient to get his/her area code.
  • You have to also ask for the landline or mobile number to his/her

How to Dial a Mobile Number in Italy From The USA? 

  • Open your mobile and dial the US exit code (011). 
  • Then dial the country code Italy (39)
  • Since you’re calling a mobile number, directly dial your recipient’s 6-7 digits length mobile number.
  • Press the calling icon on your mobile and enjoy!

How to Dial a Landline Number in Italy From The United States? 

  • You can call a landline number from your mobile phone, so open the phone and go to your dial pad and dial 011.
  • After the US international access code, dial the Italian country code (39).
  • Now you have to dial the area code of the person who lives in Italy, every city has an area code, and the code is only required when you want to call a landline number. The code might be 2-5 digits long.
  • After dialling the area code, dial the landline number and hit the calling button. 

Note: These calling methods are charge applicable. When you call someone from anywhere in the world, the charge will depend on your mobile service provider, so it’s good to know the rate before international calling.

Are There Any Free Methods To Call Italy From The US? 


Free calling methods are widely available due to the availability of the internet in the communication sector. But using one of these methods requires having a smartphone and installing apps. 

A good internet connection is also mandatory because the whole process will work based on the internet. How good performance you will get will depend on how fast and reliable your mobile data or wifi connection is. 

To make you familiar with a free calling and message sending application, we have selected WhatsApp. Although this app is one of the most popular free communication apps used by billions of people worldwide, let’s see how you can use this for free to call Italy from the US. 

Step #1: Open your smartphone and, at the same time, make sure your phone is connected to a good internet connection. 

Step #2: Go to Google Play Store and download the app. You can also download the app from the Apple Store if you’re an iPhone.

Step #3: Open the app once it is installed on your phone.

Step #4: if you’re opening for the first time. The app will ask you to input your number and verify it to be registered. 

Step #5: Input your number and verify by inputting the confirmation number that WhatsApp will send your mobile. 

Step #6: Set some basic information like your first name, last name, email address, profile photo. 

Step #7: go back to your phone’s contact list and save the number of the person you’re going to call with his/her name. 

Step #8: come back to WhatsApp and click on the calling icon. After clicking, you’ll be able to see all your saved numbers from your contact list. Click on your recently saved number.

Step #9: After going to the profile, click on the video button for making a video call or click on the call button for making an audio call. 

Note: Your recipient will need to have a WhatsApp account and the app installed on his/her phone to make a successful call. 

How Do I Dial Italy From The USA?

Follow the international calling format to call Italy from the USA, first dial the 011 (US exit code), then dial 39 (Italy Country code) and finally, dial the number of the Italy-living friend or family member.

How Can I Call Italy From The USA For Free?

There are so many free applications available in the market that you can use to call Italy from the USA, such as WhatsApp, IMO, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. 

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International calling is now a matter of time, and you need to have a smartphone and a good internet connection. 

Some people still prefer using their cell phones or landlines to make international calls in the digital age. However, this way will charge you because your mobile service provider will handle the process. 

That’s why we have shared a free method as well as the paid way. So the decision is yours. Hopefully, you have got your answer to the question of how to call Italy from the USA.

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