How to call Korea from US? Calling North and South Korea From US

When you want to call a Korean number from the US, you’re thinking of making an international call, not a local call. 

So guiding you on calling Korea from the US might be a bit challenging task for us if you’re a complete beginner in making international calls. 

However, if you follow today’s shared post and dial the correct format, the process will be pretty straightforward. We have shared all the information you’ll need to make a successful call to Korea. 

How to call Korea from US

Since Korea is divided into two significant areas, South Korea and North Korea, the calling process will be slightly different from each other. 

However, before starting the call, you’ll need to collect the following information: 

IDD Code: IDD stands for INternational Direct Dial. every country has a unique IDD code used when sending or receiving calls from another country. 

You’re from the US, meaning you’ll need to know your country’s IDD code and use the code when making an international call

  • 011 is the US IDD code.
  • The IDD code of South Korea is 82.
  • 850 is the country code of North Korea. 

In addition to this data, you’ll also need to know the area code of Korea and the local phone number of your Korean friend or family member. And finally, the proper international calling format for Korea. 

How to Call a South Korean Number from US? 

  • Dial the US IDD code, which is 011. 
  • After that, dial the South Korean country code, which is 82. 
  • Now you need to dial the local number of the person you want to reach. 

Note: South Korean numbers start with 0. So when dialing the number after the South Korean country code, remove 0 and then keep the rest of the number and hit the calling button. 

How to Call North Korean Number from US? 

People face confusion when they want to reach people who live in North Korea because the numbers beginning with 381 are only acceptable for an international call in North Korea. 

Well, assuming your recipient has a phone number that starts with 381. Now follow the rest of the guide below. 

  • Dial the US exit code. 
  • Dial 850, the country code for North Korea. 
  • Add additionally two after 850 because every local phone number in North Korea starts with 2. 
  • Finish the last part by dialing your North Korean living recipient’s local number. 

Do I need to Dial Area Code Call South Korea? 

As you can see in the shared guide, you don’t need to dial any area code when calling South Korea because local phone numbers in South Korea start with 010 instead of an area code. 

Which is The Cheap Method of Calling Korea from the US? 

Calling a Korean number at a cheap rate can be a great way to reach your recipient. However, you have to pick a service that would be reliable and easy to use. In the current market, you’ll find a lot of options for a cheap call. 

Not all services are reliable. So when selecting such a service, make sure you have followed the tips below: 

  • See the service provider’s background and read some customer reviews about their previous service and reports. 
  • See how many users have downloaded their app from the app store so far and notice some users’ reviews from the app store. 
  • Before using any service, first, download the app to check the app’s interface and see how user-friendly the app is for long-term use. 
  • You should not use a service before checking their plans and subscriptions. Although they might offer a cheap rate, reviewing the projects would be the work of an ideal person. 

The mentioned points are essential to select a third-party calling service from the market as there are many options to go with. 

We have recommended Rebtel, Skype, and Viber in our previous few posts. These are the currently popular apps that allow people to make a quick international call from the US and from all over the world. 

The highlighted three apps are reliable and safe. In addition to these, you’ll have enough control over your calls, and their plans are also affordable. Anyone can use these apps by downloading and opening a regular account. 

We’re assuming you have one of the mentioned apps installed on your phone. For example, Skype. Now open the app and buy some credits to enable the international calling feature on your account. 

Go to the Skype dial pad, search for Korea, and select North or South Korea. The international country code will appear in the box. You have to dial the local number after the country code and press a call. 

Can I Make a Free Call to Korea From US? 

Yes. One of my friend’s brothers lives in Korea, and I have seen him talk to his brother via Facebook messenger with no charge. Although everyone knows Facebook messenger is an entirely free option for international and local calls. However, for a high-quality call, we’ll suggest you use Google’s product. 

Google Hangout or Google Duo can be a great alternative to Facebook Messenger for a high-quality video and audio call. Since Google powers them both, you don’t have to worry about their security and quality. 

Install Google Duo or Hangout and log into your profile by entering your Gmail address. Good to mention that your receipt will also need to use the same app as you want a completely free method. 

For instance, if you use Google Duo, you’ll need to use your recipient’s email address or number to send an invitation. As soon as your recipient accepts your request, you’ll be able to connect with them.

Here’s a practical guide video on how to use Google Duo


Calling Korea from US will not be a big deal if you know the country codes, area codes, local number of your Korea-living friends or family members, and the Korean international dialing format. 

By reading the complete guide on how to call Korea from US, you’ll be able to take rapid action and make a successful call. You’re always open to going with your preferred way to save time and money from the available methods.

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