How To Call Ukraine From USA? Dial Format, Area Code and More

Are you missing someone who lives in Ukraine and trying to find out the easiest way to make a call to that person? Or thinking about how to call Ukraine from USA?

If yes, you’re in the right place because here, we have managed a post where you’ll see some useful methods that will save your time and money. 

Calling Ukraine from the US is a matter of time. You need to know some basic things such as the US and Ukraine country codes, the right calling format, and a device (cell phone or landline/smartphone). 

At the end of the article, we’ll also share some tips about some issues that you may face when calling. 

Let’s drive into the content! 

How To Call Ukraine From USA?

Two paths are primarily available to call Ukraine from the US, either use your cell phone/landline or use your smartphone. 

Using a cell phone or landline will cost a lot, while the proper use of your smartphone can save money. However, each of these ways contains advantages and disadvantages. 

Cell phones or landlines are suitable for these areas where the internet is too slow. On the other hand, if your area is full of internet, you’ll have a lot of apps to make high-quality video and audio calls for free.

In the first section, we’ll show you how you can call via your cell phone/landline:

Making Call to Ukraine From The USA (To Landline)

  • Open your phone and go to the dial pad.
  • Dial the US exit code (011)
  • Then dial the Ukraine country code (380)
  • Now you have to dial the area code of one of the Ukraine cities (the code will be 2-digits)
  • Once you dial the area code, as far as you have tried, your dial pad should look like this (011 + 380 + XX)
  • Now dial the local landline number of Ukraine (the number might be 7-digits long) and hit the calling button, and enjoy! 

Making Call to Ukraine From USA (To Mobile Phone)

The entire process is almost the same as the landline, where you don’t need to dial any area code after the Ukraine country code. Rather, it might be required to dial the local network code for Ukraine. 

The first thing you’ll need to know is the user’s network code in Ukraine. Common mobile network codes are 39, 50, 63, 66, 67, and 68. You also search for more on google. 

Once you know the right code, follow the below section: 

  • Open your phone and dial the US exit code first and then Ukraine code
  • After the 380, dial the network code (the code can be different depending on the mobile service providers in Ukraine)
  • Don’t forget to dial “+” between Ukraine country codes and the mobile network codes
  • + symbol is required to make a successful call if you call from your cell phone instead of a landline. 
  • Press the calling button to connect, and enjoy!
How To Call Ukraine From USA
How To Call Ukraine From USA

What’re the Alternative Ways of Cell phones when making calls to Ukraine from the USA? 

As mentioned, using a cell phone or landline is not the only way to call Ukraine from the US. Rather, you have a lot of options. Follow the one that fits you.

Viber is one of the best options available at a low price. You have to have a smartphone and need to install the app and buy some Viber out credits, and their plan starts from only 18.0 ¢ per minute. 

Here’s how you can make a call from the app: 

  • Download the app and install
  • Open the app and buy some credits from their plans
  • Dial +380 and the local number of the person who lives in Ukraine
  • Then call the number

Viber Credit Plans:

Using the Viber credits, you’ll not only be able to call Ukraine, but also it will allow you to make calls internationally, meaning anywhere you want. 

They have two plans, a 30-days plan, and a monthly subscription. The 30-day plan will allow you to call worldwide to the destination of your choice for 30 days at their affordable calling rates. 

On the other hand, the monthly subscription is also a popular plan for most people because it gives enough flexibility to make calls internationally to mobile numbers and landlines at the best price. 

You may think that this method costs some money but believe us or not, it will ensure you an easy call-making process. However, you’re not limited, and you have more options left.

Now let’s show you a free option. When it comes to making a call using a free platform, most people notice the first option is an internet-based calling and messaging app like WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp also offers paid service that you can use to make a direct call to any local phone number internationally, but since you’re looking for a free method, You both need to use WhatsApp. 

Here’s how: 

  • Download WhatsApp from the google play store if you’re an android user and go to the apple store if you’re an iPhone user. The app is available for multiple platforms. 
  • Install the app and create an account by verifying your phone number. You both do the same thing. 
  • Once you are done, you can see each other’s numbers and names in the app, tap the name and start making calls free of cost. Just make sure that you both have a good internet connection. 


How much does it cost to call Ukraine from the USA?

The charge is only applicable when you call from your cell phone or landline. Using some internet-based calling apps such as WhatsApp can save you money.

How can I call Ukraine for free?

The available free method of calling Ukraine is using some internet-powered apps. Since these apps work with the internet, you can make international calls free of cost at any time.

Is Viber available in Ukraine?

Yes, this app is available in the country, but also, the app is one of the most famous calling apps because, in 2020, Viber became the most installed calling and messaging app and the installation rate was 97% of all Ukrainian smartphones. 


Knowing How To Call Ukraine From USA might be an essential thing if any of your friends or family members are living in Ukraine. 

Hopefully, our hard work on finding some of the best available methods will help you to make a successful call either for free of cost or at a low rate. 

Still, facing queries? Our comment box is always online to get questions from you. We’ll try to answer you as soon as we can.

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