How To Call Jordan From USA? Know The Cost & Method

Are you interested in knowing how to call Jordan from USA? It can be important if you have anyone in Jordan and you’re living in the USA. 

In this guide, I will be showing the right method of reaching Jordan from United States. You can call a landline or mobile after reading this. 

Note: If you don’t have balance and want to read a free guide on international calls, touch the bottom of this post to find the free method

How To Call Jordan From USA?

Here you can follow one format to reach either a landline or mobile number in Jordan from USA. 

For example, if you want to reach a landline number in Jordan, the format should look like this: 

  • First, dial the country code for the US, (011). 
  • Then the country code for Jordan (962). 
  • Now type the area code based on the city name in Jordan where your recipient is living and using the landline service. 
  • Finally, dial the landline number. 

On the other hand, if you would like to reach a mobile number in Jordan from the US, follow the example below. 

The country code for the US (011) + The country code for Jordan (962) + The mobile number. 

Tips: You might know that the shared method is known as the traditional method to call an international number, and the cost for the call can be high depending on the service provider. 

Here what you can do is use a free method or a way that can allow you to make a cheap international to your recipient. 

You can either go with a VoIP service or an app that offers free chatting and calling. 

Keep following the page to know more about the options!

How To Call Jordan From USA For Free?

Look, this isn’t going to be a normal call you do with your phone. Free international calls require some data that you don’t use when calling a local number. 

Needed information and Things:

Smartphone: The first thing that is going to be required is a smartphone, not a normal cellphone. 

Internet Connection: Since your smartphone will use the internet to run the app. Make sure your phone is connected with a good internet line to ensure a better calling with your recipient. 

A Free App: You may find a lot of free apps that may offer a complete free calling and chatting facility. 

For this, you can select apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, or Line. There is no requirement to select one from the mentioned apps because these apps offer the same features such as chatting and calling. 

After selecting the app, you have to create an account and then set up your account to get started. 

For instance, WhatsApp can be the best option because it allows users an easy-to-operate option so that anyone can use it for international and local calls. 

Once you download the app and create an account, you’ll need to save your Jordan-living recipient’s phone number. 

However, the recipient will also need to use the same app so that he/she can receive your call. 

Here’s the video you can watch if you’re a new WhatsApp user and wants to know how to use the app for international calls. 

What About The VoIP Service? 

If you’re not interested in using any of these methods, you’ve the last method that is the VoIP services. 

Using the VoIP service when calling Jordan from US can be the best option to save money. 

The main benefit is you don’t have to tell your recipient to install any app. You’ll get a random number from the VoIP service, and the service will allow you to send a direct call from your phone. 

Watch the video to know how to use a VoIP service from Skype. 

How Many Digits Is Jordan Phone Number?

The mobile number in Jordan is 11-digits. However, the number will be 11-digits including the mobile code. 

What Is The Area Code For Amman Jordan?

The area code for Amman Jordan is 6, and the country code for Jordan is 962. The area code (6) is used to make a call to a landline number in Amman Jordan.

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