How To Call Finland From US? 3 Working Methods

Calling Finland from US isn’t a complicated thing if you know how to call Finland from US with the proper international calling format. 

However, in reality, most people follow the wrong format and at the end of the day, they can’t call their recipient in Finland. 

In this guide, we’re going to offer a complete solution for the issue where you’ll see a step-by-step article to make a successful call to your Finland living receiver.

Note: There are three methods available to make a call in Finland. So depending on your needs, you can select one of these ways from the post as we have shown all the available ways.

The Methods of Call To Finland From US:

  • Traditional
  • VoIP Service
  • Internet-based calling app

The above methods are mostly and widely used to make many kind of international calls. 

Method 01: How to Call Finland From US? 

As mentioned in the above section, this is the traditional method that has been used since the telecommunication industry came to the market.

To follow the method, you’ll need to know some information such as the country code for both countries, Finland and USA, and the mobile/landline number of the person you would like to reach. 

For your convenience, the country code for the US is 011 (Also known as exit/IDD code for international calling). And the country code for Finland is 358. The mobile number in Finland is 9-digits long. 

Now follow the guide below to make the call in Finland from the USA:

How To Call Finland From The US
How To Call Finland From The US
  • First, dial the country code for the US which is 011. 
  • Then, dial the country code for Finland which is 358. 
  • After dialing the country code for Finland, dial the local phone number of the Finland-living person. 

Note: If your recipient is using a landline number service, you can follow the same procedures to make the call. But one thing to remember is that when calling the landline number, you’ll have to include the area code after the country code for Finland. 

For example, follow the guide below to make a call to a landline in Finland from the US. 

  • Open your mobile phone and go to the dial pad. 
  • Start dialing with the US exit code (011).
  • After 011, dial 358 (the country code for Finland)
  • At this step, you have to dial the area code based on your recipient’s city in Finland. (we always suggest readers ask their recipient to get the accurate area code before calling a landline number).
  • Finally, dial the rest of the landline numbers. 

Note: don’t press a call before knowing the rate of the international call. Normally, international calls are costly. know the rate from your service provider and then ask them to check any special offer for the call. 

If they offer any special plan on the international call, you can subscribe to that package and then start calling your loved one. 

Method 02: How to Call Finland From US Using VoIP Service? 

First, let’s clear the term, VoIP Service. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It’s such a method that mainly uses the internet to connect a mobile number and send the conversation via the internet. 

Since the technology uses the internet, the cost of using such a method is not so high. Anyone can afford the service either for an international call or a local phone call. 

After selecting a reliable and budget-friendly voice-over-internet protocol service provider, you’ll need to install their app or third-party website. And after buying one of their international calling packages, you’ll be able to send a call from a random number. 

Some of the well-known and cost-effective VoIP service providers are Skype, Viber, Ooma, Rebtel, etc. 

All the mentioned service providers are trusted and offer services for international and local calling solutions. Each of the service providers is available on multiple platforms and systems. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a mobile phone or computer, you can use their desktop application or mobile app for the call. 

Which One Should You Pick & Our Suggestion:

Skype and Viber will come in the first position when it comes to making a call to Finland from the US because both services have a great reputation to meet such requirements at a lower cost. 

Skype: This platform is mostly used in the business field to stay connected with the team and customers. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use the same app for a single need. 

However, we’ll highly recommend using Skype only for those who are looking for a chat-based and video calling-based international calling solution. 

Viber: This platform is a commonly popular choice for small needs. The cost is also less than Skype in terms of international calling plans and pricing. 

If you have any family member or friend who is living in Finland and you need to frequently call them, there is no better option than Viber. 

The process of using the Viber app is super easy and also hassle-free.

  • Download the Viber app on your system. 
  • Open an account by following the verification process. 
  • Decorate your account with basic information such as profile photo, email address, first & last name, location, etc.
  • Purchase an international calling plan/credit and activate your international calling feature for the account. 
  • Open the Vibers’ dial pad.
  • Dial 358 + mobile number.
  • And start calling.

Method 03: Free Conversation to Finland from US;

Everyone is now familiar with the free calling methods because we’re living in the digital age where almost everything is possible with the help of the internet. 

To enjoy the free calling opportunity from your country to another country, you’ll have to use an internet-powered app. Such apps are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, IMO, Google Duo, etc. 

Our Recommendation to Selecting a free App:

Although there are countless apps that offer almost the same features, you should not pick all of them before checking three core factors. 

  • Availability: You should only go with an app that is available for all places and locations.
  • Popularity: Look for the apps’ popularity as it will give you an idea to know more about the app
  • And Useability: the app should be easy to use so that anyone can simply install, create an account, and use it without any hassle.

If we carefully notice the mentioned three requirements when selecting an app for the call, WhatsApp can easily meet the requirements.

So our first suggestion is to use WhatsApp. Although you’re always open to picking some other options too!

Our Final Opinion: It’s 2022, so there is no need to waste money when learning how to call Finland from US. Use apps like WhatsApp and save you time and money!

However, if you have issues with your internet speed, make sure you’re going to try the traditional method!

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