How To Call Australia From USA – Know The Right and Fast Methods Here

There might be so many reasons why you’re trying to find out the quickest way to make a call to Australia from the US. Maybe you’re doing business with Australian people, or your loved one is currently living in the country. 

Whatever the reason is, knowing how to call Australia from the US is now a required job for you, right? 

Well, we have some great answers for you. After reading the entire post, you’ll know the right and fastest method of how and when to call. 

(Brief Guide) How to Call Australia from the USA? 

To call an Australian mobile number from the US: The US country code (011) + Australian country code (61) + mobile number code (4) + The mobile number.

To call an Australian landline Number from the US:  The USA country code (011) + Australian country code (61) + Area code (Search Online By Australian City Name) + The landline number.

(Detailed Guide) How to Call Australia from the USA? 

Calling Australia from the US only requires some basic information like country codes for both countries, area code only for the recipient’s country, mobile code, and a landline number or mobile number. 

See all the required information in the below section before dialing the number on your phone.

Country/Exit code: This is such a code that will be required only for international calls, meaning if you’re from US and want to call an Australian number, you’ll need to first dial the country code for your location. 

To make a call between the US and Australia, you’ll be required to know both country codes. 

  • 011 is the country code for the US. 
  • 61 is the country code Australia. 

Area Code/Mobile Code: As the second requirement of an international call, you have to know the person’s area code (For a landline number), or mobile code (For a mobile number). 

First, know the area code. You can ask your Australian-living customer or loved one to know the code or search online. For your convenience, we have shared some area codes of Australia based on some big cities. 

What Is The Area Code Of Australia?

City NameCodeCity NameCode
Canberra2Gold Coast7

Although some cities are not on the above list, we have tried to highlight the most popular cities with their codes in Australia. 

Now come to the mobile code. All the mobile numbers begin with 4 and are applicable Australia-wide. If anyone uses an Australian mobile number and you want to call that person from another country, you have to dial 4 after 61. 

Mobile/Landline Number: Every mobile number in Australia begins with 04 and an 8-digits number. On the other hand, a landline number in Australia also begins with an area code and the length of the number is 8-digits. 

What Do You Call Melbourne?

Melbourne is one of the most popular cities in Australia. If you want to call a landline number in Melbourne from your country, you have to dial your country, then dial the country code for Australia (61) + dial the area code Melbourne (3) + finally, dial the landline number. 

To call a mobile number in Melbourne, Your country code + 61 + 4 (the mobile code for Australia-wide) + the 8-digits mobile number. 

How do I call an Australian landline?

To call an Australian Landline number, you’ll need to know the area code where your Australian recipient is living. The area code can be found based on the city name. Once you know the code, follow the format: Your country code + 61 + one-digit area code + the landline number. 

What’s The Best Way to Call Australia from the US? 

First, know the meaning of this query. What do you mean by the “Best” way? If you know the “best” means quick method, you can go with the already shared method. 

However, if you would like to know the cheapest methods of calling internationally, you should avoid the already discussed method because the mentioned method will consume a lot of money during your conversation. 

Then the solution? 

The best way to save money on your international calls is by using some peer-to-peer calling app or VoIP services. 

Peer-to-peer calling services means a system that only works by connecting two objects. For example, WhatsApp, Google Duo, IMO. These are the most popular free calling apps that support international calling. 

Which App is The Best For Calling Australia from the US?

Which app should you pick for the call, and which one is the most preferable and easy to use? 

Look, you should only pick a service that is already trusted by a huge number of people. If we look at the most popular apps in the USA and also Australia, we can see that over 75 million people in the USA and 6 million in Australia use WhatsApp on a daily basis. 

So Whatsapp is the most recommended app for every US and Australian person for making an international call.

How To Call Australia From the US On Whatsapp

To use WhatsApp as an international calling method, you have to first save your recipient number with the international number saving format. 

The international number saving format for saving an Australian number: 

  • Open the dial pad on your mobile. 
  • Dial 61 + 4 + finally, dial the rest of the number (if you see a 0 in the first section of the number, don’t dial the code, directly dial 4 and the number). 

Now go to WhatsApp and then contact, and find the number you recently saved on your phone’s contact. If your recipient has already created an account with the saved number, you’ll see the profile with a name. 

Remember: This free call is required to have a WhatsApp account for both sides. So make sure your recipient is using the same application to receive the call or send a call to you. 

In addition to these, you have to use a good internet connection such as WhatsApp or any internet-based calling application that requires a good net speed to supply a good communication service. 

Cheapest Methods to call Australia From the USA: 

Cheap international calling means you want to use such a service that will allow you to make a call at a low cost. In addition to the free methods, there are so many websites and applications in the market that offer VoIP services. 

If we mention some popular providers, Skype and Viber will come first and then some other services like Rebtel, Boosrevolution, etc. 

The decision is yours because all the services are the same, and the process of using them are also the same. You just need to download their apps or go to their website to purchase an international calling plan and then dial the number you want to reach. 

Some providers offer monthly based, while some offer a pay-as-you-go pack. So pick a service provider and select the most affordable plan based on your need and start calling. 

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Summing Up: 

Not all the mentioned methods on how to call Australia from the US are perfect for everyone because some love to use internet-based free apps to make a call, while some love to directly dial the number and press a call. 

Where making a call to Australia from the US is now quite important, you should not waste time in finding more methods. Select one of these shared ways and start calling your business partner, a loved one, or a family member.

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