How To Call Vietnam From USA? Free and Cheap Methods

An international call is always a hassle because it requires a lot of information to make a successful call.

If you don’t know how to call Vietnam from USA and are looking for a guide on this topic, we’re going to cover you with a complete post!

Stay connected till the end of the post so that you can save time and money on your international call. 

How To Call Vietnam From USA?

There might be two paths to call Vietnam, either a mobile number or a landline number. To make a call to a mobile number in Vietnam: dial 011 + 84 + and finally, dial the mobile number including the mobile code based on the mobile service provider.

To call a landline number in Vietnam from USA: dial the US IDD code (011) + dial the country code of Vietnam (84) + dial an area code in Vietnam + dial the landline number. 

Information That Requires To Call Vietnam From Another Country:


As mentioned, you’re going to make an international call not a local call. A local call is only required to dial a mobile code and a mobile number, while an international call requires a country code for both sender’s country and the receiver’s country codes. 

In addition to country codes, you’ll also know the area code of your receiver’s city. To get the area code, you can either search online or directly ask your recipient via email to know the code. 

Remember, area codes are only required for a landline call, not for a mobile call in Vietnam. However, in the case of a mobile number call, you have to know the mobile code. 

For your convenience, we have shared some mobile codes based on some mobile service providers in Vietnam. 

  • MobiFone (90)
  • S-phone (95)
  • ENV-Telecom (96)
  • Vinaphone (91)
  • Viettel (98)

These are the most popular phone number service providers in Vietnam. Apart from these, your receiver might use another company’s service. So you can ask them to know the right provider and the code as well. 

Well, after knowing the information. You have to know the accurate number of your recipients. The number can be either a mobile number or a landline number. However, since calling a mobile number will cost less than a landline number, you should try to call a mobile number. 

What to Consider Before Calling Vietnam From USA?

Time and calling charge are the most considerable things to know before calling Vietnam not from USA but also anywhere from the world. 

You should not call Vietnam-living people when they’re sleeping or busy with their jobs. Find a perfect time and then send a call. 

On the other hand, the calling charge is always a pain point when it comes to making an international call because you’re going to reach a service outside of your area. You’ll be charged for two sides, from your country and the country you’re calling. 

It is always a good idea to know the rate before getting into the call. You can contact your phone service provider to know the rate or search online if any information is available on their website.

Select a service provider who offers the cheapest rate and avoid overcharged companies. 

Unlimited call to Vietnam

An unlimited call to Vietnam means you want to use such a method that will allow you to call for an endless time without any charge. 

This will only be possible if you have a strong internet connection and a smartphone because today’s market contains a lot of free and cheap messaging and calling apps that will allow you to make a free and endless call worldwide. 

Apps like WhatsApp or Skype can massively help you to enjoy an unlimited call to Vietnam from anywhere in the world. However, the mentioned apps are not the only options to go.

Without them, you’ll find unlimited apps and third-party services in the market that can be used to do the same thing. 

How do I call Vietnam from Whatsapp?

Although Zalo is the most popular multipurpose app in Vietnam. However, since you want to make a call from the USA, you’ll need to see which one is the most popular in your area. 

Zola is the most popular app in Vietnam, however, it doesn’t mean that WhatsApp is a useless service in that country. Over 4% of smartphone users in Vietnam use WhatsApp for their daily life. 

So using WhatsApp to call your Vietnam living receiver might be a good idea. To use the app for a call, the first thing you’ll need to do is save the number on your phone and tell your recipient to install and create an account by using a mobile number that you’re going to save.

How To Add Vietnam Number On WhatsApp?

  • Open your phone’s dial pad and dial the 84 (the country code for Vietnam)
  • Then dial the rest of the mobile number with the mobile code.

After that, open WhatsApp from your mobile and find the number by going to the contact section on the app. 

Click on the number to open the profile of the person you’re going to call and start an endless conversation for free of cost. 

How can I call Vietnam from USA for free?

Free calling from the USA to Vietnam means a complete solution where there is no charge applicable. Services like Google Duo and Viber can be used as a free calling service to meet your needs. 

How do I call Viber from USA to Vietnam?

You’ll need to install the Viber app on your computer or phone. Then open an account. After that, buy an international calling plan.

After buying some credits, go to the dial pad in the app and dial the country code for Vietnam and then the mobile number including the mobile call. 

Note: Viber also allows people to make a free call. For this, you and your recipient both will need to use the same app as such an app works by peer-to-peer formula.

The cheapest way to call Vietnam from USA

Making an inexpensive call in Vietnam from the USA is one of the easiest ways to do this as there are so many companies that offer the cheapest plans and subscription-based solutions for their users. 

Some of the most popular Cheapest international calling services providers are: 

  • Viber
  • Skype 
  • Rebtel
  • Bossrevolation
How To Call Vietnam From USA via Bossrevolation
How To Call Vietnam From USA via Bossrevolation

How to use Bossrevolution International Calling App?

Final Words: 

Remember, international calls are always costly if you follow the normal methods like calling via cell phone. So we recommend using either a free app or cheap calling services

You can use WhatsApp for free calls and Viber for cheap calls. However, if you have the budget and time, use the traditional methods.

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