How To Call Ukraine From UK? The Quickest Way

While countless methods are available for international calls, knowing how to call Ukraine from UK can be a little confusing. 

To overcome the confusing issue, I’ve researched the topic and shown the formats and examples to make a quick call to Ukraine from UK. 

Some tips and tricks can be found as well to save money and time when making the call to your recipient in UK. 

How To Call Ukraine From UK?

How To Call Ukraine From UK (1)
How To Call Ukraine From UK (1)

The process is simple. However, are you going to connect a landline number or mobile number? 

Both methods can be found below: 

  • To call a landline number in Ukraine from UK: Dial 00 + 380 + Area code + the landline number. 
  • To call a mobile number in Ukraine from United Kingdom: 00 + 380 + Mobile Number. 

Good to mention: the code (00) that is used at the first step is considered the international direct dialing code for UK. the same code is also known as the country or exit code for international calls. 

The code that has been used after 00 is known as the country code for Ukraine. This code is used when a person who another country wants to reach a landline or mobile number in Ukraine. 

As you’ve seen, I’ve mentioned the area code when writing the international calling format for a landline number. 

You have to know that calling a mobile number and a landline number isn’t the same. 

When you want to call a landline number, especially when it comes to dialing an international landline number, you’ll need to add an area code additionally after typing the recipient’s country code and before the landline number. 

See the area codes in Ukraine and find the right code based on your recipient’s city name. 

Area Codes in Ukraine


Area name Code  Area Name  Code
Aeroflotskyi 652 Alupka 654
Alushta 6560 Alchevsk 6442
Andriivka 6262 Amvrosiivka 6259
Andrushivka 4136 Antoniny 3855
Antonivka 5537 Antratsyt 6431
Artemivka 5347 Arkhanhelske 5535
Apostolove 5656 Askanija Nova 5538
Artsyz 4845 Auly 5617
Azovske 6564 Avdiivka 6236

There are a lot of cities in Ukraine and you have to know the exact city name where your recipient is currently living. 

After knowing the city name, match the name with the code above and use the code after 380 and before the landline number. 

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How Can I Call Ukraine From UK For Free?

If the traditional method of calling any international number isn’t going well for you, you can always look for an additional method, and the free calling method is one of the best ways for this. 

I know you’re currently using a free messaging and calling app on your phone and you may not know that the app you’re using can be used to send an international call. 

Since you’re not sending a call to a phone number, you can think that this isn’t an international call. 

What you do with a free calling app is simply create an account, decorate the profile, save your friend or family member numbers who are using the same app, and. Finally, do chat or call.

If you’re using apps like Skype, Viber, or WeChat, you can easily make connections with your recipient. 

Note: Some websites can offer you to create a free account and make a free call in Ukraine from UK or other countries. You should not go there as long as you know them well.

Having said that, you should only use apps or websites that are trusted and popular. I’ll recommend using apps not websites. 

Is It A Better Idea To Use Voip Services To Call Ukraine From Uk?

In addition to using other methods, you may want to use a cheap method to call Ukraine from UK. 

It is now possible to make international calls at a much cheaper rate than before, thanks to the development of Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. 

You can now use VoIP to call Ukraine from the UK, and the call quality is just as good as a traditional phone call.

Do you want to know the benefit of using VoIP to call Ukraine from the UK? 

Here are some strong points that can be noticed when thinking about using a VoIP service.

  • Compared to any other method except the free method, A VoIP service is much cheaper. You can save a significant amount of money on your phone bill by using VoIP.
  • When using the traditional method or a free calling app, you may notice some interrupted issues due to the lack of service quality, but when it comes to using a VoIP, you’ll notice fewer chances to face any interrupting issues because VoIP services send to your recipient phone number via the internet the.
  • Accessibility is one of the best features. Whether you’re out or in, if you’ve your recipient phone number and one VoIP service installed on your phone, you can quickly make a call with your balance on the app. 

More features of a VoIP service: apart from the mentioned advantages, a VoIP service will also let you use the service from multiple devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and smart mobile phones. 

Overall, using VoIP to call Ukraine from the UK is a great idea. It is cheaper than a regular phone call, the call quality is just as good, and it is very convenient

So which method are you going to use?

Best Methods to Call Ukraine From UK

Well, you should select a method depending on your needs. For example, if you have good internet and a smartphone, spending money on international calls will not be a logical thing. 

You can install a free application and start a free international call with your Ukraine-living recipient. 

On the other hand, if getting an internet connection is too tough in your range, you can follow the traditional method and make a direct call in Ukraine from UK. 

Apart from it, if you want to save money and also want to use the internet to enjoy better quality calling experience, VoIP services are waiting for that. 

End Note: 

How to call Ukraine from UK is one of the most common questions asked by new international call senders from UK. 

If you’re someone in Ukraine and are looking for the best solution to reach there, reading this today’s guide will help you to know all the available ways.

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