How To Call UAE From US? Updated Guide

Most people know that the UAE is the third-largest oil producer in the world. However, do you know how to call UAE from US? 

Maybe your answer will be “no” because calling UAE from the US is not easy. However, after reading this guide on how to make a call to UAE from US, the process will be easier. 

Note: There are countless ways for this, so all you need to reach your recipient is to find the best way from the multiple options. 

According to my research, you can go in the following ways:

  • Traditional Way
  • Using VoIP Service
  • Using a Free App

Using The Traditional Methods To Call UAE From US

The traditional and one of the most popular methods is calling directly from your cell phone. There is no need to stay connected to the internet and no need to use any smartphone. 

Most mobile phones are capable of this method. So if you have a cell phone or smartphone, you can go with it. Here’s how!

How To Call UAE From US?

How To Call UAE From The US
How To Call UAE From The US

To call a landline number in UAE from US: Dial 011 + 971 + Area Codes + Landline NUmber. 

To call a mobile number in UAE from US: Dial 011 + 971 + type of the mobile number. 

Note: The mentioned 011 is the IDD code for the US and 971 is the country code for the UAE. 

If your UAE-living recipient is using a landline number, you’ll be needed to know the area code with the landline number because area codes are required to call a landline. 

On the other hand, if the person is using a mobile number, you can directly type the number after typing the UAE country code (No need to type area codes).

You can find all the UAE area codes online. However, I have shown some area codes based on some cities in UAE.

Area Codes in UAE:


Area Name  Codes
Abu Dhabi 2
Ras Al Khaimah 7
Fujairah 9
Ruwais 2
Al Ain 3
Lihbab 4
Hatta 4
Sharjah 6
Dubai 4
Umm-Al Quwain 6
Madinat Zayed 6

If you didn’t find the area code based on your recipient city in UAE, you can simply write the city name and then the area code in a search engine and search for the code. 

Calling UAE From US Using VoIP Services

Listen, you’re now living in the digital age where everything is in your hand. The way of communication with each other has been changed a lot compared to the past years. 

A VoIP service is something that you can assume as an advanced version of a calling system that works locally and internationally. 

When calling UAE, using such a service would be the best decision because it will save you $$ by offering a cheap calling plan. 

Skype, 8X8, Ooma, Nextiva, and Google Voice are the leading players in this industry. They are doing well and offering high-quality service at the best price. 

Since you’re interested in calling UAE from US, you can go with either Skype or Google Voice. These services are easy to use. All you need id simply

  • Install the app
  • Create an account
  • Buy a plan
  • Dial number
  • Start call with your balance. 

Using A Free App

Both countries the US and the UAE are more advanced than other counties, so using an internet-based app can be a good option for you because the calling quality will be better. 

Now the issue is finding the best app to make a call to UAE from US. now we can simply research some apps and see which can be the best option for this case. 

According to my research, Google Voice and Skype are one of the most popular apps that work best for calling and chatting. 

Using these apps is not too hard. If you’re new, you can watch some videos on how to use them, and get started. 

The main benefit of using such apps is the charge-free user experience, meaning you don’t have to pay a single $ to use them. 

If you have a good broadband line or your mobile network is strong because a good internet connection is required for a better calling experience. 

What To Consider Before Calling UAE From USA?

It is not a good idea to make a direct call to  the United Arab Emirates before knowing some important things

The UAE is a Muslim country, and as such, there are certain customs and traditions that should be respected. 

In addition, the UAE is a very modern country, and while calling it from the United States is relatively simple, there are still a few things you should consider.

Time Difference: The UAE is eight hours ahead of the Eastern Standard Time zone in the United States. 

This can be a bit of a shock if you are used to calling friends and family back home in the evenings. 

It is important to remember that the workday in the UAE begins around 9am, so if you are calling during business hours, be prepared for an early start.

Language: While English is widely spoken in the UAE, it is not the official language. 

The official language of the UAE is Arabic, and as such, you may find it helpful to learn a few key phrases before making your call. 

However, if you’re calling a person you know well, and the recipient know your language, you can skip to learn the language.

Calling-Cost: Calls to the UAE from the United States are not typically expensive, but it is important to check with your phone service provider to see if there are any special charges or rates for international calls. 

Note: Since I have shared some alternative ways to call UAE from USA to save money, you can follow the alternatives instead of going with the traditional method.


With a little planning and preparation, calling the UAE from the United States is a relatively simple process. 

Hope, the question of how to call UAE from US solved from this page and now you all the avaliable process. 

Just be sure to keep in mind the time difference, language barrier, and cost of making the call, and you will be able to connect with your friends and family back home without any problems.

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