How To Call Turkey From UK? Best Methods

Now people are more serious when it comes to knowing how to call Turkey from UK because they might want to save money and time as well. 

With that in mind, I’ve managed this post with more than 2 useful methods to call Turkey from the UK. 

A free method has been shared to save money, a cheap method for cut down the cut of the call, and a direct method to save time.

How To Call Turkey From UK? 

How To Call Turkey From UK
How To Call Turkey From UK

To call Turkey from the UK, you have to select the method that your recipient is currently using in that country. It can be either a mobile number or a landline service. 

Depending on the method, you may follow the guide below:

To call a mobile number in Turkey from UK: Dial 00 + 90 + the mobile number of the Turkey-living recipient. (Don’t type 0 before the number and after 90). 

To call a landline number in Turkey from UK: Dial 00 + 90 + Area Code in Turkey + The landline number. 

What we’ve used in the above guide? Learn them below. 

  • 00: this code is considered the exit code for UK and it is mostly used when making an international call with another country like Turkey. 
  • 90: This is the country code for Turkey. People who will want to reach Turkey from another country, they will be asked for typing 90 after typing their own country’s exit code. 
  • Area Code: As you’ve noticed, you’ll only need to type an area code when you want to reach a landline number in Turkey. You can get the code by doing a little Google search or by asking your Turkey-living recipient. 
  • Mobile Number: Turkey isn’t exceptional in the case of mobile numbers. You’ll find that a mobile number in Turkey is 10-digits long.
  • Landline Number: A landline number in Turkey should be 7-digits long, and with the area code, the number should be 9-10 digits long. 

Note: See all the available area codes in Turkey based on the city name. Turkey Area Code.

Now let’s share some of the other methods that offer free and cheap calling opportunities. 

Free Calling In Turkey From Uk

In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, it has never been easier to call from one country to another.

One option for international calling is to download an app that offers free calls to a specific country.

However, with so many different apps, how can you find the one that offers the most features and protects your privacy?

There are many factors you should consider when selecting the best free calling apps for Turkey. Here are some of them:

  • provide free international calls
  • provide the best audio quality
  • allow you to make video calls
  • offer customer service in your native language

If you are in the UK and have friends or family in Turkey, you will find it an expensive option to call them back. 

Calling internationally is also not an easy task as there are many factors to consider, but with these free calling apps, making international calls has become quite easy for everyone.

However, which one will you select for the task?

Well, since I’m writing blog posts on international calling for more than 1 year, I can suggest to you the best free calling apps reach turkey from uk. 

Apps that will support you for free are the following

  • Skype
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Line 
  • IMO 
  • And Google Duo

The highlighted apps are the most used and popular options for international and local calls. 

You may also find more apps except for the mentioned items. However, you should be a little serious when selecting that app because some apps can waste your time. 

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Is It A Good Idea To Use VoIP Services For This Case?

According to intrado, VoIP services were created for saving money on long-distance international and local calls. 

Instead of using your phone balance, you can use that service to save money when making an international call with your Turkey-living recipient. 

VoIP services provide the convenience of calling from a PC and even offer the ability to make calls directly from your phone.

People love them because they are cheaper than traditional landlines and can be used as a Wi-Fi service or as an app on your mobile phone. 

VoIP providers do not charge you for incoming calls which means you may save money on both ends of your call.

A VoIP service on an international calling connection can increase the clarity of voice transmission. 

In comparison to other kinds of calling services, VoIP services offer free calls in some countries like UK and USA depending on the country’s current status and the company’s promotion.

It also does not matter if your recipient is using a landline number because VoIP services allow users to reach a landline number in addition to allowing them a mobile number.

Callguid Suggested VoIP Services:

  • Rebtel 
  • Skype 
  • Google Voice
  • Viber

I’m suggesting these specific service providers doesn’t mean that you’re stopped with only these options. 

You have the right to research the market and find the best options when knowing how to call Turkey from UK. 

No matter which service you choose, the process of using a VoIP service will be the same as this: 

  • Pick a service
  • Download and install the provided app
  • Buy some credits 
  • Dial the recipient’s number from the app’s dial pad
  • Start the conversation

Is It Free To Call Turkey From Uk?

Depending on your calling method, the charge for calling Turkey from UK will be fixed. If you use a free app like Viber or Google Duo, this will help you to make a free call in Turkey from UK.

How Do I Make A Phone Call To Turkey?

If you’re from the UK and want to call Turkey, you have to follow this format: 00 (The UK exit code) + 90 (Country code for Turkey) + the phone number.

Which Country Code Is 90?

The code (90) is considered and known as the country code for Turkey that is mostly used when receiving and sending international calls.

What Is The Best Way To Call Turkey?

The best way to call Turkey will depend on your needs. For instance, if you’re looking for a free way, using a free app will the best way. On the other hand, if you want to make a direct call to your recipient’s number, using the traditional method.

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