How To Call Thailand From USA? Cheap and Easy Ways!

Thailand is one of the best travel-friendly countries for food and cheap hostels. Most people prefer this country for travelling. 

But if you live in the US and want to read a detailed article on how to call Thailand from USA, read our well-researched guide here!

hold on and stay connected with us till the end because here we’re going to share some quick, cheap, and easy ways with some useful tips and tricks!

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How To Call Thailand From USA?

Call Thailand From The US
Call Thailand From USA

Having a mobile phone and knowing the US and Thailand country code with the local phone number will be enough to call Thailand from the US quickly. 

But if you don’t know the country code for the US and Thailand, you can search Google, and you’ll find a lot of websites that provide the information. 

In addition to knowing the required information, you may also need to know the proper international calling format to make a successful call!

We have made the whole process easy for you because all the required information are given below: 

International Calling Format: 

To call a Mobile Number in Thailand

( 011 + 66 + 9-10 digit mobile number )


To call a Landline Number in Thailand

( 011 + 66 + Area Code + Landline Number )


Now let’s see the whole process practically: suppose you want to call a landline number in Thailand, 

  • First, open your phone’s dial pad and dial the US country code (011).
  • Then dial the Thailand country code ( 66 ).
  • After 66, dial the area code in Thailand ( There are different area codes for each city in Thailand, so ask the person you’re going to call for his/her city code ) and dial the code in your dial pad. 
  • After that, dial the local landline number and hit the calling button.
  • Wait until the recipient receives your call!

Follow the guide below if you’re trying to call a mobile number in Thailand from the US: 

  • Dial the US exit code and then the Thailand country code.
  • After that, directly dial the local phone number. Here you don’t need to dial any city code as you’re calling a mobile number.
  • As far as you tried, your mobile dial pad should look like the following code ( 011 + 66 + mobile number ).
  • If everything goes well, press the calling button and enjoy the conversation.


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Are There Any Free Ways To Call Thailand From The USA? 

When it comes to calling Thailand from the US for free of cost, you’ll notice so many options out there because the Internet is now available all over the world. 

Due to the internet availability, you don’t even need to have a SIM card to call if you use wifi. But If you want to use your mobile data to access the Internet, you may require a SIM card on your phone. 

Come back to the main point. Calling internationally for free is now a matter of time. You need to have a smartphone and a good internet connection. 

There are so many apps available in the google play store that you can download and use for free. Some of them are 

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp

The mentioned apps are just a few of the list of free communication apps in the market. Now let’s see how you can benefit from these apps and make a call to Thailand!

Calling Thailand From The US Via Facebook Messenger: 

Facebook is the most popular free and easy-to-use social media platform, and Messenger is a part of the Facebook company that will allow you to send text messages, high-quality audio, and video calls without charging money!

Although making international calls with any internet-based app does not require a SIM card, you and your recipient must use the same app for a successful call.

Messenger is not exceptional. First, you and your recipient download the Facebook app and the Messenger app as well. Create an account on Facebook and sign in to the messenger app using the same username and password. 

Go to Facebook again and send a friend request to the person who lives in Thailand and ask him/her to accept the request. 

Now open the messenger app, and you can now be able to see all your friends in the app, and from the list, you can select the person you want to call. Send text messages, photos, and start audio and video calls. The app will not deduct any money from you.

However, you have to make sure that you’re on a good internet speed because low internet speed can reduce the quality of the calls, and your current calls may be interrupted due to extra weak Internet.

Making Call To Thailand Via WhatsApp:

Facebook now owns WhatsApp, and this app is also one of the widely used free calling and message sending apps that you can easily use on your smartphone. 

WhatsApp is not like Facebook messenger. However, they both follow the same principle to manage their users. 

Using Facebook messenger requires having an account on Facebook, and both of you need to be friends on Facebook. On the other hand, creating an account on WhatsApp using your phone number will be enough. 

Here’s how: 

  • Both of you download the WhatsApp app and install it.
  • Create an account with your phone number.
  • Save each other’s numbers on your phone so that WhatsApp can automatically detect the number and can show you the other person’s profile on your account.
  • If everything goes well, go to your contact from the Whatsapp app and click on your recipient’s name and send a test message to check if it works or not!
  • If he/she responds to your message, then try to send a video or audio call and enjoy your endless and free calling service.


The Internet made our life more peaceful and simple. The advantages of the Internet are especially noticeable in the communication industry. You can call anyone and anywhere in the world for free in a moment!

So if you’re living in the US and asking about how to call Thailand from USA, read the complete guide again and follow the steps as we shared!

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