How To Call Thailand From UK? Formats & Examples

None of us don’t know how to call Thailand from UK without reading a guide on this topic or knowing the method from other people.

This post will clear this topic by offering some examples and formats on how to reach Thailand from the UK. 

You can find more than three methods, and after reading the complete guide, you can decide which way should you find or which procedure is not. 

How To Call Thailand From UK? 

Do you want to call a landline or mobile number in Thailand? The first thing that you’ll need to finalize is the number. 

Your recipient in that country can use either a landline number or a mobile number. Ask the recipient and know the right number. 

After selecting this, now you have to select the calling method. As I’ve said that you can follow three different methods for this call, so it can be a little confusing to go with the right method depending on your current situation. 

Calling Methods To Call Thailand From UK: 

  • The traditional method (Using a cellphone or smartphone)
  • The cheap way (Using a computer or smartphone)
  • The free method (Using a computer or smartphone)

As you can see, the mentioned three methods are the most popular and most used techniques for any international calls. 

Depending on your requirements, you can pick a method and reach Thailand not only from the UK but from anywhere in the world. 

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The Traditional Method – Calling Thailand From UK

How To Call Thailand From UK
How To Call Thailand From UK

With the traditional method, you can reach a landline or mobile number from your cellphone or smartphone. 

To call a mobile number in Thailand from UK: Dial 00 + 66 + Mobile number with the mobile code. 

To call a landline number in Thailand from UK: Dial 00 + 66 + Area Code + Landline number. 

Know more about the needed information. 

As you have seen that I’ve used 00 in the first section. 00 is the international direct dial code for the UK, and the code is mostly used when people from the UK want to make an international call. 

After dialing 00, I dialed 66, which is the country code for Thailand. You must need to dial that code after 00 and before typing the mobile number of your Thailand-living recipient. 

The mobile number can be found by your recipient by a text-messaging or using any email service. 

On the other hand, when you try to reach a landline number in Thailand from your area, you’ll need to consider using an additional code like the area code 

You may know that landline work by following the area code, and that’s why you’ll also need to manage the area code in Thailand and dial it before the landline number and after Thailand’s country code (66).

Note: Don’t forget to check your phone’s balance before calling the number because an international call to Thailand from UK will charge a lot. 

The Cheapest Way To Call Thailand From UK

Have you tried to learn about how to make a cheap phone call in Thailand from UK or another country? 

Now people are more intelligent and they test a lot of options before selecting a service, method, or product. 

So if you’re one of them and are looking for an international calling method that can cut down the cost of the call, you’re welcome because I’ve got a great way to reduce the cost of the call and make the process cheaper than ever. 

Yeah, I’m talking about VoIP services. They are great for long-term calling purposes because they charge less fees and allow users to explore a lot of features to meet local or international calling requirements. 

You can start using a VoIP service from now as you’re free to select any service you like the most.

However, in case you’re new in the field, and don’t know which service provider is the best for this type of task, you can follow the suggestion below.

Cheap VoIP Services List

Note: VoIP services are useful when it comes to know about how to call Thailand from UK. But the market contains a lot of options and selecting an affordable one can be a little confusing. 

I always suggest people see all the mentioned services in this post and after researching their calling rates, and additional features, select one that will allow you to get the best output. 

How to Save Money When Calling Thailand From UK? 

When you’re thinking about saving the entire money, you may still feel confused because everyone knows that nothing is free. 

However, believe it or not, you can still think about making a free call to Thailand from UK with the help of some free mobile or computer applications. 

I know you guys are already using one of the applications, and some people still don’t know the proper use of a free app. 

For those people, here are some suggestions of the best free application that allows free calling opportunities in Thailand From UK. 

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WeChat
  • Line 
  • IMO
  • Google Hangout
  • Skype (Also offer VoIP services)
  • WhatsApp

A short guide on using a free app to make a free international call in Thailand from UK:

  • Select an app.
  • Install it from the Google Play Store or Apple Store depending on your phone.
  • Create an account.
  • Decorate the profile with an email address, photo, name, and a short description of yourself.
  • Tell your Thailand-living recipient to do the same thing that you did so far.
  • Save the recipient number on your phone with the name and right phone number.
  • Find the recipient profile from the app and start free calling, and messaging.

66 Which Country Code

66 is the country code for Thailand. You must type this code (66) if you want to make an international call to another country. And if you’re outside of Thailand and want to reach Thailand, you’ll need to dial the same code in the format.

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