How To Call Tajikistan From USA? Save Money!

You may already know that Tajikistan’s highest point is Mount Ismoil Somoni, however, do you know how to call Tajikistan from USA? 

If you do business in Tajikistan from US or have a friend or a family member in Tajikistan, knowing the international calling format to reach Tajikistan from US is an important task for you. 

In this article, I have written a complete post to teach you on this particular topic such as what are available methods, what are the data needed for the call, etc. 

How To Call Tajikistan From USA?

Before you think about reaching Tajikistan from your area, you have to know that you’re going to do an international call, not a normal local one. 

Since an international call requires a few additional information such as the country code/IDD codes for both countries, area codes, and mobile codes, manage them as soon as you can. 

Remember, the country code for Tajikistan is 992, and 011 is the country code for US. Area codes are dependable on the city name in a country. 

Note: Area code in Tajikistan is only required when you decide to reach a landline number in that country from US. 

There is no need to know the area code when you try to reach a mobile number. However, a mobile code is needed for a mobile number.

Don’t worry, all the needed data can be found from your Tajikistan-living recipient. Ask the receiver and collect the information. 

Assuming you have all the data and are ready to follow the practical guide as you have your cell phone opened.

How to Call a Mobile Number in Tajikistan From US?

Open your phone’s dial pad and dial 011 (The US IDD Code) + 992 (Country Code For Tajikistan) + a nine-digit phone number. 

Briefly: 011 + 992 + XX XXXXXXX

How to Call a Landline Number in Tajikistan From United States?

Type the US IDD code first in your dial pad 011 + 992 + Area Codes + landline number. 

Briefly: 011 + 992 + Area Code + Landline Number.

Note: Whether you call a landline number or a mobile number in Tajikistan, the charge will be huge if you follow this method. 

Then what you can do to save money? Is there any alternative? Which alternative is the best? 


The short answer is, Yes, there is no one single alternative but countless alternatives can be found in the current market. 

However, the most popular options are: 

How To Call Tajikistan From USA
How To Call Tajikistan From USA
  • VoIP Services
  • Free Apps
  • Calling Card

VoIP Service – Calling Tajikistan:

The VoIP services are something that helped the telecommunication industry by cutting the high calling charge because they work with the help of the internet. 

This means when you call via a VoIP service, your call will be transferred to the recipient number with the help of the internet. 

With your VoIP service provider, you’ll get a random number. The number will hit your recipient number and ask the receiver to pick up the call like a normal call. 

The current market is now full of VoIP services. So it is normal for a user to find out the best one, right? 


No worry because I have a long experience working on this topic as I have been writing guides on this topic for many days. 

As far as I know, Skype and Google Voice are the kings in this VoIP market. However, my words don’t mean that these are the only solution. 

In addition to these, you’ll find countless services that offer the same service. However, the quality might not be the same for all. 

Try out either the Skype or Google Voice’s VoIP service now and after finishing the conversation with your Tajikistan-living recipient, tell me the experience in the comment box. 

Free Apps – Reaching Tajikistan From US:

There are a number of free calling apps available, such as Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp. 

The process for calling Tajikistan from the US using these apps is typically to add the contact as a new contact in the app, and then to call them using the app’s calling feature.

Since you’re from the US, I’m sure that you’re already using one of the mentioned apps! 

Simply use the app and enjoy an unlimited free calling facility with your Tajikistan-living friend or family member. 

What To Consider Before Calling Tajikistan From USA?

There are a few things to consider before calling Tajikistan from the USA:


First, and most importantly, What is the time difference between the two countries? Tajikistan is 9 hours ahead of Washington, US. 

So keep this time difference in your mind and call the recipient at the best time so that the recipient can pick up your call.

Secondly, What is the best way to call Tajikistan from the USA? The best way to call Tajikistan from the USA is to use a VoIP service like Skype or Vonage.

Although some people still prefer using the traditional method. This is because they don’t have an internet facility. 

However, if you have an internet facility in your area, don’t go with the traditional method to save money. 

What is the cost of calling Tajikistan from the USA? The cost of calling Tajikistan from the USA is about $0.50 per minute.

As you can see, the traditional method can cost around $0.50 per minute, while a VoIP service will work with less cost. 

What is the best time to call Tajikistan from the USA? The best time to call Tajikistan from the USA is in the evening, as that is when the workday ends in Tajikistan.


By reading the guide on how to call Tajikistan from USA, people now reach that country easily with less effort and money. 

Before you pick up your phone to start calling, remember that 992 is the country code for Tajikistan, and 011 is for US.

Only use the traditional method if your area is out of the internet service and use either the VoIP services or the free apps if you have the internet facility and a smartphone. 

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