How To Call Spain From US? Country Code, Calling Format & More

You may think the traditional methods are the only ways to solve your question of how to call Spain from US. 

But that’s not the only way to follow when making any international calls from anywhere in the world. There are many options available due to the availability of the Internet. 

However, the traditional methods are considered the most straightforward and first international calling method over time.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive article on this particular topic, you don’t need to close this page as we have covered everything you need to know about calling a Spanish number from the US. 

End the end of the post, and you’ll see some free and cheap methods to call Spain from the US.

Information You Need to Call Spain From The US:

Call Spain From US
Call Spain From US

Not for calling to Spain, but each time you want to call any international number, you’ll need to know some essential and required information like the country code of that country you want to reach, your country’s exit code, the area code of your recipient’s city and the local phone or landline number of the person you wish to call. 

To make the Spain-calling process simple here is some information: 

  • (011) the US exit code. 
  • (34) the IDD code of Spain. 
  • To know the person’s area code, ask them or if you see the city name where your recipient is living now, search on the Internet. 
  • Finally, you have to know that person’s landline or phone number (the local phone number in Spain is 9-digits long).

How To Call A Spanish Landline Number From US?

  • Open your phone and then dial pad. 
  • Dial 011, the US international direct dial code. 
  • Dial the country code for Spain (34).
  • After 34, dial your recipient’s area code. 
  • The final step would be dialling the landline number and hitting the calling button. 

The Process of Calling A Spanish Mobile Number:

  • Dial 011. 
  • Then dial 34. 
  • Finally, dial the 9-digits mobile number and press call. 

When Should You Call A Spanish Number? 

Since Spain is six hours ahead of the US, you have to pick the right time to call your Spain-living recipient. For example, you can choose the business time in Spain, meaning the business hours. 

You can call the person between 10 am and 2 pm or 4 pm and 7 pm. In addition to following the trick, you can also search the Internet to know the current time in Spain and send the call. 

The International Calling Rate in Spain from the US: 

One of the dynamic queries is how much it costs to make a call to Spain from the US. If you’re one of them and ask the same question, the clear-cut answer would, we don’t know. 

This is because the rate will depend on your local phone or landline service provider. So the easiest way to know the rate is by asking the providers or simply going to their official website. 

Which is Cheaper Phone or Landline Call in Spain? 

When these two ways are the most popular method of calling Spain from another country, you may still ask the same question as you may have these two options on your hand.

Calling a landline number from a landline is always a money-saving option and alternative of calling via a phone to a phone number in Spain. 

However, we highly recommend people know the rate from their service provider before taking any action for an international call. 

How to Call Spain From US For Free?

Everyone loves something free. In the case of calling Spain from the US, apps like WhatsApp and Google Hangout can help you meet your all needs for free as they offer the complete communication solution for local and international calls. 

WhatsApp is a product of the Facebook corporation, while Google Hangout is a Google-powered app known as one of the most popular and lightweight apps worldwide. 

You don’t need to use both. WhatsApp is such an app that will let you send messages, photos, emojis and make lag-free audio and video calls without any cost. 

On the other hand, Google hangout can also be used for multiple needs. The decision is yours. If you were already using WhatsApp, simply add the Spain-living recipient’s number on your phone’s contact by following the international format. 

Here’s how: 

  • Open the dial pad and dial +34.
  • After that, directly dial the local phone number of the person you wish to reach and save it. 
  • Come back to WhatsApp and go to contact to find the number. 

Note: for a successful call, your recipient will be required to install and use WhatsApp and save your number. 

On the other hand, since the Google handout is a lightweight app and allows people to make high-quality video and audio calls, you can download the app and log into your account with a single Gmail address. 

Meanwhile, ask your recipient via email to install Google hangout or use any web browser to log into the account to receive the call. 

Type the recipient’s email address or phone number from your account to send an invitation. The recipient will receive the invitation, and once it’s accepted, you’ll be able to start a call. 

How to Make a Cheap Call To Spain From Uniate State? 

Our all-time recommended the cheapest method for starting any international call as Skype or Viber. These two apps are qualified players in the internet-based and affordable calling industry. 

Once you install one of the mentioned apps, you can use it as your phone’s dial pad to dial the recipient’s number. 

Free Vs Paid Calling in Spain:

Paid methods have been used since the beginning. However, with the advent of the Internet, calling systems have started to be free. 

Since no one wants to waste money on anything unexpected, you may wish to exact it. The paid methods will cost a lot for every call you make internationally, while the free plans will save money. 

However, free is not always free. You’ll need to use the internet connection or wifi service, which will cost a little money.

Tips For Making Calls in Spain

Before dialling and hitting the number, make sure you have enough balance on your phone. If not, try to recharge and try again. 

International calling consumes a lot of the phone’s charge, so if your phone’s battery is not in good condition, try to plug the phone with your charger while calling the person you wish to reach. 

  • Notice the time difference between your country and the country you want to call. 
  • Don’t dial the other country’s IDD code in the dial pad. First, dial your country code. 
  • Know your recipient’s number accurately before getting into the calling action because calling a wrong number can waste your time and money as well. 
  • You can tell your recipient to manage a landline number because calling a landline number will be a lower cost compared to a phone number.


We have tried to highlight the paid and traditional method of calling Spain from the US. The shared ways can also call one country code another country. 

You need to make sure you’re following the proper format and number. 

In addition to the paid method, people often love using the free options as everyone has a smartphone and a good internet connection. 

So you can be also one of them and try to check out the free options. We hope the question of how to call Spain from US is now straightforward, and you got the point of calling a Spanish number from your country.

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