How To Call South Africa From USA? Deeply Discussed

Calling South Africa from the United States is a relatively easy process if you know How To Call South Africa From USA and the right format of calling the number. 

In this post: 

  • You’ll learn 3 methods of calling a South African number from the US including free, paid, and cheap rates. 
  • A brief about the approximate calling rate.
  • Tips to follow when calling.

How To Call South Africa From USA

Since international calls are not like local calls, you’ll need to know some information before you open your phones’ dial pad and enter the number of your recipient directly. 

The following information: 

  • The US country exit code: 011.
  • Country code for South Africa: 27.
  • Area codes in South Africa: See in the table below.
  • Landline/mobile number: Ask your recipient.

After having all the mentioned information in your hand, you have to finalize your decision whether you’ll call a mobile number or landline number. 

Assuming your recipient is using a mobile service in their area, follow the guide below to that number on your phone.

How to Call A South African Phone Number From USA? 

  • Type the exit code for US which is 011. 
  • Dial the country code for South Africa 27.
  • After 27, dial your recipient’s 10-digits number. 
  • And hit enter!

How to Call A South African Landline Number From USA? 

  • Dial 011. 
  • Type the country code for South Africa 27.
  • Dial the area code.
  • And then dial the rest of the landline numbers and start calling.

If you’re not sure what is the area code your recipient is using with the landline number, see the area code table below:

South Africa Dial Code


Area Names Area Codes
Benoni 11
Vereeniging 16
Pietermaritzburg 33
Bloemfontein 51
Cape Town 21
Durban 31
Johannesburg 11
Soweto 51
Pretoria 12
Port Elizabeth 41

Cheap Method: Calling A South African Mobile Number From USA

How To Call South Africa From the USA
How To Call South Africa From the USA

In the case of an international call, a cheap call means a method that can be used as an alternative to the traditional method of international calls. 

So if you prefer using the already shared way (Traditional), you’ll need to pay a smart amount of $$ for the call, while using the cheap method will save money. 

VoIP services are the only way to go cheaply, and since a lot of voice-over-internet protocol service providers can be found on the market, you can compare with each other and select one that offers the most affordable service. 

I personally prefer Skype and Viber for such calls. You can also look at them and compare their pricing, features, and facilities before paying your money. 

It doesn’t matter which one will you choose for the call, you’ll notice the process of using VoIP services is the same.

  • Skype: offer both free and cheap international calling features. You can use their service for international and local calls after buying one of their packages. 

Once you download and install their app, you’ll be able to purchase a plan and dial your recipient number with the help of their built-in dial pad. 

  • Viber: This app is almost the same as Skype, offering both free and paid plans. Simply install their app, subscribe to a plan, and dial the number!

Free Method: How to Call South Africa From US

How To Call South Africa From the US for free
How To Call South Africa From the US for free

Do you know about free calling methods? Have you ever used the method before? I think you’re currently using the method that I’m going to tell you. 

Yes, I’m talking about social media or internet-based apps. Although social media platforms can vary in terms of what features they offer. However, some social media platforms do allow users to make voice and video calls. 

For example, Facebook Messenger and Skype both offer this capability. In addition to these apps, you can also use Google Duo, WeChat, FaceTime (iPhone users), WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. 

There is no need to make a dedicated guide on how to use an app to call South Africa from US for free of charge as you can get a lot of ideas from Youtube or your previous experience.

Telecommunication System In Usa

Telecommunications in the United States include telephone, television, radio, internet, and wireless communication. The U.S. is a leading country in the development of the latest telecommunications technology.

Mostly, the service in the US is controlled by private sector companies, such as AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon, as well as by the federal government’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). 

The country’s telephone procedure is the most considerable in the world, with over 250 million subscribers. 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the government agency accountable for regulating the U.S. telecommunications industry. 

The FCC sets national policies and develops regulations that govern the telecommunications sector.

The U.S. television market is the largest in the world, with over 235 million television households. The three largest television networks in the country are ABC, CBS, and NBC.

The U.S. radio market is the second-largest in the world, with over 245 million radio listeners. The three largest radio networks in the country are iHeartMedia, Cumulus Media, and CBS Radio.

The U.S. internet demand is the largest in the world, with over 295 million internet users. The country has the highest number of internet users in the world.

The U.S. wireless market is the largest in the world, with over 330 million wireless subscribers. The country has the highest number of wireless subscribers in the world.

What Is The Telecommunication In South Africa?

South Africa has a well-developed telecommunications system. There are several service providers, including Telkom, Cell C, MTN, and Vodacom. The country has both a fixed-line and a mobile telephone network. 

The fixed-line telephone network is relatively well-developed, with about 9 million subscribers. Most of the fixed-line network is digital, and there is a growing fiber-optic network. 

The mobile telephone network is also well-developed, with over 50 million subscribers. There are also a number of Internet service providers, including Telkom, MWEB, Afrihost, and Axxess. 

How Much Does It Cost To Call South Africa From Us?

The cost of calling South Africa from the US depends on a number of factors, including the carrier you use, the time of day, and the length of the call. Generally, you can expect to pay around $0.50 per minute to call South Africa.

Final Guidance For You: 

Why you’ll pay money while free and cheap methods are within your reach. Free internet-based apps and VoIP services are widely available to go with to make an international call. 

I’ll suggest you pick the free method after learning How To Call South Africa From USA to save money and time as well.

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