How To Call Saudi Arabia From USA? Know The Right Methods!

Calling Saudi Arabia not only from the US but also anywhere from the world might be a complicated job if you don’t know how to call Saudi Arabia from USA properly. 

This is where our guide comes in to help you. All the information and international calling format have been shared in this post. In addition to these, you’ll also get some valuable tips that can save money and time while making an international call. 

Since there are some variables in the international calling system, such as free, paid, and cheap, the decision is yours to select the most comfortable option based on your needs.

How To Call Saudi Arabia From USA?

To call a landline number in Saudi Arabia from US: Dial the IDD code for the US (011) + enter the country code for Saudi Arabia (966) + dial the area code of your recipient’s city + enter the landline number. 

To call a mobile number in Saudi Arabia From USA: Dial 011 + Enter 966 after the US country code + dial 5 (the mobile code in Saudi Arabia) + finally, enter the mobile number of the person you’re calling.

How do I make an international call to Saudi Arabia?

Remember, making an international call and a local call is not the same. International calls are always a costly job to complete, and making an international call to Saudi Arabia is not exceptional. 

To make a successful call, you have to know some basic codes such as the country code for your country and Saudi Arabia, an area code based on your Saudi Arabia-living receiver’s city, and either a mobile number or landline number. 

In addition to knowing an area code, you’ll also need to know the mobile code in Saudi Arabia (5). Remember, an area code is only required to make a call to a landline number, while making a call to a mobile number will require you to enter a mobile code. 

When you have all the information and a cell phone, you can open the dial pad and dial the international calling format for Saudi Arabia.

  • Dial 011. 
  • Enter 966 after 011. 
  • Now enter the area code if you’re going to reach a landline number, and if your receiver is using a mobile number, dial the mobile code (5). 
  • After that, finish the process by entering either a mobile number or a landline number. 

Free Ways To Make a Call To Saudi Arabia From US:

How To Call Saudi Arabia From The USA
How To Call Saudi Arabia From The USA

Everyone loves free things, and we do too. However, when it comes to saving money on an international call, especially when calling Saudi Arabia, you might wonder what these options offer the free calling opportunities. 

What calling apps work in Saudi?

Since Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country and it is quite hard to secure their privacy, they do not allow any illegal apps in their country. However, most popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype are available to use. 

You can select any of them and create an account after downloading the apps on your phone. The mentioned apps are free to use, and you don’t need to know rocket science to learn how to use them. 

As far as our research, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will do their best to help you connect with your receiver in Saudi Arabia from the US. 

According to global media insight, Over 80.50% of people use WhatsApp in their daily life in Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, Backlinko says that over 75.1 Million people use the same app in the USA. 

So using WhatsApp for an international call to Saudi Arabia from the USA will be a good idea to save money and time. Since WhatsApp is already a massively used app in both countries, we’re assuming that you and your receiver are using the app. 

Now, you need to connect to ask the receiver to tell the mobile number. As soon as you receive the number, save it on your phone by following the international number saving format. 

  • Open your phone’s dial pad and enter the country code for Saudi Arabia (966). 
  • Now dial the rest of the number, including the mobile code. 

Come back to the app and navigate to the contact section to find the saved number and open the number to access your receiver profile. 

Once you access the profile, you can call the receiver. There will be two calling methods, video and audio. The whole process will be endless and free no matter which method you use. 

Can I Use VOIP Services For An International Call in Saudi Arabia? 

Voice over internet protocol service is one of the cheapest calling methods for local or international calls. You can use the same service to call outside of your homeland and your location. 

Skype is the boss of this industry. They offer the best deal on their international calling package. All you need to do is install the app and buy some credits to get started. 

Watch the video to learn more about using Skype for an international call.

How to Make Calls & More in Skype! (Step by Step Tutorial)

What to Remember Before Calling Saudi Arabia From USA?

You’re trying to make a connection outside of your country, so there are so many things you need to consider, such as the time zone, international calling rate, calling method, and so on. 

Remember the time in Saudi Arabia when you called. Saudi Arabia is eight hours ahead of Washington. So make sure you check the time difference and call at the right time so that your receiver can pick up the call. 

Another noticeable thing is to check the calling rate before hitting the calling button. Calling rates depend on the company you’re using. We always recommend checking the rate from your provider. 


Our first shared method will consume a lot of money while you try it as the method works based on your SIM service provider. And the provider will charge the Tax and other service fees from you. 

This is why we suggest you use a free app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Although installing and using these types of apps requires a little bit of time, in the end, you’ll be able to save money. 

We hope you enjoyed our in-depth guide on how to call Saudi Arabia from USA, and now you have a clear knowledge of this topic! 

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