How to Call Russia from Uk? Should You Use the Free Way?

So you’re thinking about how to call Russia from UK trying to find the best methods to make the call, aren’t you? 

Well, you may follow multiple methods for this but before you go for the action, there are a few things you’ll need to know. 

You’ll need to use the correct country code – 7, the area code for the city you’re trying to reach, followed by the local phone or landline number.

How to Call Russia From Uk?

To call a landline number in Russia from UK: 00 + 7 + Area Code + and finally, the landline number. 

To call a mobile number in Russia from UK: 00 + 7 + Finally, dial the 10-digit mobile number. 

Notice: You should already know that calling an international number is always a costly job. So since you’re going to call a Russian number from UK, you must recharge a good amount of balance on your phone. 

Another thing to notice is the calling method. You may already be noticed that I have only mentioned the traditional method for the call. 

However, that’s not the end, you’ll have a lot of options. You may want to use a free method or a cheap way. 

How Can I Call Russia from Uk for Free?

How to Call Russia from Uk (1)
How to Call Russia from Uk (1)

The free methods of calling a Russian number from the UK are relatively easy. You don’t need to have any balance on your phone.

All you need to have is an internet connection, a smartphone, the correct phone number of the person you’re going to connect with, and a little bit of knowledge of using an app that will allow you to make the call.

For instance, you may go either with WhatsApp or Skype because these apps are currently doing well on the market.

How Do I Dial a Russian Phone Number?

To dial a Russian phone number from another country, you would first dial the exit code for your country (usually 011), then the Russian country code (+7), followed by the local area code (omitting the initial 0), and finally the local phone number.

Let’s tell you more about this. For instance, if you were trying to reach a phone in Moscow with the number 495 123 4567, you would dial 011-7-495 123 4567.

When calling within Russia, however, you would omit the exit code and simply dial 8 (the trunk prefix), followed by 10 digits: 8 495 123 4567.

Can I Call Russia on My Cell Phone?

Yes, If you’re from another country and would like to call in Russia, you’ll need to know the right format and the correct phone number as well. 

For example, you’ll dial the country code for your country first. If you’re from the UK, then you should dial 00 at the beginning. After that, dial the country code for Russia, which is 7, and then the mobile number. 


As mentioned in the article on how to call Russia from UK, you should know the process of making a proper call.

All you need to know is the international calling access for UK, which is 00, and the country code for Russia. 

After that, you must know the area code in Russia if you make a call to a landline number. 

On the other hand, when making a call to a Russian mobile number from UK, you’ll only need to know the mobile number, UK international access code, and the Russian country code. 

Be sure your phone has enough balance before making the call to Russia from the UK because international calls consume a lot of balance.

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