How To Call Poland From USA? Free and Paid Ways!

We know you live in the US and most likely your loved one is living in Poland and that’s why you’re searching for a solution about how to call Poland from USA.

Take a long breath because here you’re going to see some of the free and paid ways to call Poland from US. 

Although finding the right ways for you can be a frustrating task since a lot of methods can be found in this digital age, however, we’d like to help you solve the issue. 

For your convenience, we have shared the top three ways of calling Poland from the US including free and paid services. 

How To Call Poland From USA?

If you waste at least 1 minute with us, you will be able to make a call to Poland not only from the US but anywhere in the world. 

But you will need some necessary information for a successful call such as the phone number of the person who lives in Poland, the Poland country code, the US exit code, and finally, knowing the right international calling format would be enough. 

Which Method We’re Going to Share? 

For the first guide, the method we’ll share would be a charge applicable, guess what? Yes, via a cell phone or landline. Before calling from your cell phone, you can contact your mobile service provider to ask about their international calling rates. 

For free calling, you’ll see some mobile applications that are based on the internet. You can use them for free of cost but they will charge your mobile data or wifi, so not free.  

Calling Poland From The US
Calling Poland From The US

Calling Via Your Cell Phone To Poland From US:

  • Dial the US exit code first which is 011. 
  • After 011, dial the country of Poland which is 48. 
  • Then dial the area code of the person’s city who lives in Poland if you’re going to call a landline number. 
  • If you’re going to call a mobile number, then you don’t need to dial the area code, rather, directly dial the mobile number 48. But for a landline number, you must dial the area code after 48 and finally, dial the landline number and hit call. 

The total digit of a Poland mobile number is 7 digits. Before calling, make sure you have your recipient’s right landline or mobile number. 

In addition to this, also make sure that you’re following the right international calling format for Poland. 

International Calling Format For Poland

Call To A Mobile Number Your country code + Poland Country Code (48) + Mobile Number (7 digits)
Call To A Landline Number Your country code + Poland Country Code (48) +  Area Code (2 digits) + Landline Number (9-digits)

How Can I Call Poland From USA For Free?

When it comes to making a free call to Poland from the US, the power of the internet can help you because of the free available apps that you can use for making a call work only with the internet connection. 

Some of the widely used free apps are WhatsApp, Skype, Google Duo, and so on. Their working processes are the same, so you can use one of them on your preferred device as they are available on multiple platforms. 

In this free guide on how to call Poland from the US, we’ll only share the process of using two apps, WhatsApp and Google Deo.


Years ago, WhatsApp was sold out to the world’s giant company Facebook. WhatsApp is a free and user-friendly app that allows you to make both audio and video calls. 

Apart from these, you can create a group to chat or call each other, send photos or almost all types of files and emojis. 

All of these features are free of cost, meaning you don’t have to pay anything but the app will consume your internet and as we know, the internet is cheap, so don’t worry.

Note: To use WhatsApp as an international calling app, you and your recipient will need to install the app and create an account with a mobile number. 

Now follow the steps: 

  • Install WhatsApp from the Google Play Store. 
  • Open the app and in the input box, dial your phone number to create an account. 
  • Once you dial the number and hit the next button, WhatsApp will send you a verification code to your phone number. If your SIM card is in your phone, WhatsApp will automatically fulfil the code in the box. 
  • Click next and set up your profile by adding your profile picture and name. 
  • Come back to your phone’s contact and save your recipient’s number with his name. 

If your recipient is already using WhatsApp, you will receive a notification as soon as you save his number on your phone and in that case, you don’t need to tell your recipient to follow this guide. 

But if your recipient does not have a WhatsApp account, tell him to follow the guide and save your number on his phone too. 

After that, go to the app and click on the calling icon, you’ll be redirected to your phone’s contact list, where you can see all the list of your saved number and also know who is already using the app.

You just need to click on your recipient’s number and start either an audio or video call. 

Google Deo: 

Not only Deo but Google has a lot of free communication platforms. If you’re searching for a free platform for making high-quality video calls to not only Poland from the US but anywhere in the world, try Google Deo once. 

Google Deo is the best option only for video calling as it only supports video calling. You can use their web-based system, mobile app, desktop application. 

For this guide, we’ll use their website. 


Google Deo 2
  • Sign with your Gmail address. 
  • There you can now be able to add your phone number but it’s optional. 
  • Click on the “Start A Call” button


Calling Poland From US
Calling Poland From US
  • Type your recipient’s Gmail address or phone number and hit the calling start call button to start a video call. 

Note: your recipient must have to use the Google Deo to receive the call. So before you use the service, tell him to follow our shared guide. 


How to call Poland from US is a common question among those people who live in the US and some of their friends or family members live in Poland. 

By reading our detailed guide, you’ll find the quickest and cheapest ways to reach your loved ones with a little effort. The first method is a charge applicable while the last methods are free, so pick one way that can meet your needs.

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