How To Call Peru From US – Guide With Tips

Peru is 5,577 km away from the US, but this distance may seem too close with the advent of the internet and mobile. 

Do you have any relatives or close friends in Peru? If so, you may want to read a post on how to call Peru from US that can show you an easy and inexpensive method.

Although some methods still cost a lot, there are a lot of alternatives that you can use without paying any money, and these methods also offer easy and quick solutions!

Here, we will give you some guidance on how you can rapidly make a call to Peru from your country. 

How to call Peru From The US? 

Making a call to Peru from the US is not a complicated job. Some basic things are required to complete the task. 

You need to know the USA country code, Peru country code, the international call format, an area code in Peru, and a mobile or landline device. 

For your convenience, we have collected the required pieces of information for you. Take a look at the below section: 

  • US exit code (001)
  • Peru exit code (51)
  • Area Code (This code is only required when you want to call any landline in Peru, for calling to any mobile number, no exit code is needed)

International Format For Calling to Peru From The US:

format for mobile number: Format For landline Number
( 001 + 51 + mobile number ) ( 001 + 51 + Area Code + mobile number )


Well, hopefully, you have now enough information to start making calls. Now follow the below guide!

How To Call Peru From The US
How To Call Peru From US

Calling to Peru From The US (Landline Number)

We can follow 4 simple steps to complete the process. You can use your cell phone or smartphone, it doesn’t matter because you’re not going to use the internet. 

Step #1: Go to your phone’s dial pad and dial the US exit code first (001), this is the first and required step. 

Step #2: Dial the Peru country code (51) to move forward.

Step #3: If you’re going to call any landline number, in this case, you have to find out the area code of the city you’re calling in Peru. 

You can ask the person you’re going to call for the area code of his area, here we have listed some area codes based on some of the most popular cities in Peru: 

City in Peru Area Code
Ancash 43
Apurímac 83
Lima and Callao 1
Cusco 84
Huánuco 62
La Libertad 44

Step #4: Assuming you have the area code and dial 001 + 51 + Area Code, next you have to dial the local landline number of the person in Peru. 

This is the last step, now you can press the calling button and wait until the call gets connected to the person’s landline. 

Calling To Peru From The USA (Mobile Number)

Making a call to any mobile number in Peru is almost the same as the shared process, but some changes can be needed. 

  • Dial the US exit code
  • After the US code, dial the Peru exit code
  • In this step, you don’t need to dial any area code since you’re directly calling a mobile number
  • Now dial the mobile number ( Usually eight or nine digits long ) after the Peru exit code
  • Wait for your recipient response

The charge of calling Peru from the US will depend on the mobile service provider in your area, but in most cases, they charge an international calling rate.

Free and Cheap Methods of Calling Peru From USA: 

Using a cell phone or landline is a traditional way of making any international calls, and since we’re living in an age of digitalization, the traditional methods are getting useless day by day. 

Loot in the digital age, everyone has a smartphone and unlimited internet access, and all of these things make it easier to make an international call more convenient and free!

You can download different types of free calling apps with no time from the google play store or apple store and use them for your needs. 

For this guide, you’re going to see an app named IMO. We have researched the app and shared a simple guide on how you can use the app for international call-making purposes. 

Using IMO For Calling Peru From US: 

IMO is a worldwide popular audio and video calling app that lets users keep in touch with friends and family all the time. It allows users to send endless messages and high-quality audio and video calls for free of cost. 

In addition to these, people can also use the app as a group calling application because it offers a group calling feature where users can create a private or public group and share unlimited pictures and messages. 

Here’s how you can use the app: 

Step #1: if you’re an Android user, download the app from the Google Play Store and go to Apple Store For IOS Users.

Step #2: Install the app and open it

Step #3: Enable all the access to use the application with a better experience. First, it will ask for you to enable the media access from your phone, then your microphone access for a sound in audio and video recording and calls, also enable the notification and contact access. 

Step #4: Create an account by entering your number and verifying it.

Note: Ask your recipient to do the same job on his/her phone

Step #5: Come back to your phone and save your recipient’s number on your phone and invite him/her by sending a message. 

Step #6: Once your recipient accepts your invitation, you’ll be able to see his profile on your IMO friend list and can start sending messages and unlimited calls free of cost!


If you’re living in the US and any of your loved ones live in Peru, you may ask the same question, how to call Peru from US, and that’s why we have managed such a guide. 

You have your personal opinion to choose your preferred methods, and you can use a paid method instead of a free service. But we’ll suggest you use the IMO app because it’s fully free and known as a quick service!

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