How To Call Panama From US?

Panama is one of the safest countries in Central America, and the US is 3511km far from the US. This huge distance can seem too close if you know the proper way of calling a video or audio call. 

So if you live in the US and want to make a call to someone who lives in Panama, this post can work as a detailed guide on how to call Panama from US

Let’s get started!

Calling Panama From USA:

Calling Panama from the USA is super easy. You’ll need to have the US exit code, the Panama country code, an area code in Panama, and the local number. 

There are so many options to follow, so it can be a little challenging job for you to select the right options. However, we have researched a lot and found some of the quick and useful ways!

As a first step, we’ll show you a guide on how you can call via your mobile phone ( Charge is applicable ), and then we’ll show you some alternative methods, and all of these methods are free of use. 

how to call panama from us
how to call Panama from us

Calling To A Mobile Number

Step #1: to call Panama from the US, the first thing is to dial the US exit code (011). This code is required for any international calls from the US. So dial the number.

Step #2: After the US exit code, you must dial the country code for Panama, which is 507. This code is also required for any international call.  

Step #3: Now dial the local phone number of the person who lives in Panama. As far as you dialled, the codes should look like [ 011 + 507 + 8 digits mobile number ]. If everything goes well, hit the calling icon and wait a few moments to connect to the call!

Calling To A Landline Number:

The process is almost the same, and some changes can be required. You can call a landline number from either your mobile phone or landline. 

  • First, dial the US exit code. 
  • Then dial the Panama country code.
  • Dial one of the area codes in Panama. Area code is required when you want to call any landline number, and you can search Google to find the area code for any specific city.
  • After the area code, dial the landline number of the person who lives in Panama.
  • Enter the calling button and enjoy!

The shared two methods are charge applicable, so you have to pay the international calling rates to your service provider. But if you don’t like to spend money, you can always follow some alternative ways. 

What are Some alternative and Cheapest Ways?

Apart from using the paid services, you may also like to see some of the widely used ways of making international calls for free of cost, and you need to have a smartphone and a good internet connection. 

We have picked some internet-based free calling apps such as BIP, KakaoTalk, and WhatsApp. These apps are most popular for making free international calls and support high-quality HD video and audio calls!

BIP: This is a landing messaging app used by a huge amount of people worldwide. BIP allows you to share live photos, videos, text messages, documents, and so on for free of cost! 

You can use either their free plan or paid subscription, the second plan will allow you to make international calls to any mobile number, and their free plan also gives you the ability to make international calls, but both you and your recipient need to have an account.

Here’s how you can call: 

  • First, save your recipient’s mobile number on your phone, and at the same, tell your recipient to save your number too.
  • Download the BIP app for your android phone from the Google Play Store, download it for your iOS devices from Apple Store, and install it.
  • Open the BIP app and create an account by providing and verifying your phone number ( Tell your receiver to do the same thing ).
  • Once both of you have successfully created the account, you and your recipient will be able to see each other’s profiles.
  • So click on the profile from the app, and you can then make HD video and audio calls without any charge. 

Point to notice when using the BIP app: 

  • Both of you need to have installed the app and created an account.
  • Make sure you and your recipient have a good internet connection.

Calling To Panama With KakaoTalk: 

KakaoTalk is another popular free app that brings a lot of features and benefits. Most people are not familiar with this app. A massive number of people are already using the app. 

By completing a few steps, you can start using the app and make a lag-free call to Panama from the USA for free. In the below section, we have shared a guide on this: 

  • Since this app is also available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store, download the app based on your mobile operating system. 
  • Install and open it.
  • Register with your mobile number, email address, and a strong password, and go ahead. 
  • Set your profile photo and some basic information. 
  • If everything goes well, invite the person who lives in Panama using his phone number.
  • If he/she accepts the request, you will be able to make a call.


We’re almost at the end of providing you with a guide on calling Panama from US, and we’re confident that you’re now clear about the topic.

Remember, making an international call in this digital age is not a hard job. You can use your cell phone or landline to call internationally that may charge a bit.

But if you have a smartphone and a good internet connection, you’ll have so many options for free of cost. So choose a method according to your needs!

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