How To Call Pakistan From USA – The Right Way!

Looking for the cheapest or free way to make calls to Pakistan from the US because someone you know well lives in that country? 

Don’t worry, and you’re visiting the right page to get a complete answer to the question of how to call Pakistan from USA!

You’ll know the country code of Pakistan, the US exit code, the proper international calling format, and so many things that are required to make a call to Pakistan not only from the US but from all over the world. 

So let’s jump into the main article!

How To Call Pakistan From The USA
How To Call Pakistan From The USA

How to call Pakistan From USA:

You may want to call either a landline number or mobile number in Pakistan from the USA. We’ll show you both ways. 

How to call a landline number in Pakistan from the US? 

  • Go to your mobile’s dial pad. 
  • First, dial the US exit code (011) since you’re from the US. (if you’re calling from another country, you need to dial your country code).
  • Dial the country code of Pakistan (92).
  • After 92, dial the area code in Pakistan, where your recipient currently lives. (before calling, ask the recipient to give you the area code via email or other methods).
  • Finally, dial the landline phone number and press the calling button. 

How to call a Mobile Number in Pakistan From the US

As we shared the landline calling method, calling a mobile number is the same. Follow the below section: 

  • Dial 011 (the US exit code).
  • Dial 92 as a Pakistan country code.
  • Before dialing the phone number, dial 10 (the first 2-digit of every phone number in Pakistan)

Are There Any Free or Cheap Ways To Make a Call To Pakistan From USA?

At this age, there are so many options available that you can use to make an instant call internationally for free of cost. All you need for the service is a good internet connection. 

Some free options are using internet-based social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype. 

Since WhatsApp is one of the most popular free chattings and calling apps in the US and Pakistan, we’ll show you the easy way to use the app and make a call without investing!

According to the statista, over 68.1 million users in the US use WhatsApp to communicate. According to the conversocial, over 46.2 million users are already using WhatsApp in Pakistan, and the number is increasing day by day.

Note: if you want to make a free call, you and the person you want to call will use the same app. 

Making Call To Pakistan From The US Via WhatsApp: 

Whatsapp is available for multiple devices so that you can download the app on your preferred device and operating system. 

Note: Before calling, make sure you save your recipient number on your phone’s contact.

  • Once you download the WhatsApp app, you’ll need to open an account by providing your phone number. 
  • They will send you a verification code to confirm your mobile number. So follow the introduction and complete the registration process.
  • Set your profile photo and fill up the other necessary information. 
  • Click on the contact button on your WhatsApp account to see your recipient number. 

Note: Remember that your recipient must have a WhatsApp account. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to access their WhatsApp profile. 

  • If the other person has a WhatsApp account, you’ll be able to see the profile. Click the name from your contact list. There you can see the online and off status. 
  • If the recipient is online, send a text message or emoji. If the other person responds to your message, try to make a video or audio call for free!

Using Google Duo To Call Pakistan From The USA: 

Google Duo is only a video and audio-call-supported platform where everything is free to use. The most practical benefit of using such a platform is you don’t even need to install an app to use it.

The web version of Google Duo will allow you to make high-quality video calls. But of course, you can install their app on multiple platforms and devices. 

In this guide, you’ll see how to use the web version and make a free and straightforward call to Pakistan from the USA. 

Step #1: Visit the official google Duo website from here. Log into your account by providing your Gmail address. Google will ask you to add a phone number for the first time.

Although it’s optional, we’ll recommend you to add a number so that other people can dial your number from their Google Duo profile to connect with you. 

Note: Tell your recipient to visit the Google Guo website or install the app and log into the account by sharing their Gmail address. 

Step #2: from the home page of Google Guo, you can see a “Start A Call” Button. Click on it to dial your recipient phone number or Gmail. 

Calling Pakistan From US
Calling Pakistan From US

Dial either their phone number or Gmail address and click on the Video call option. Google Duo will generate a link. You have to copy the link and share the same link with your recipient. 

How To Call Pakistan From USA
How To Call Pakistan From USA

Step #3: Email them the link and tell them to click on the link to join the video call. Once the other person does that, you’ll be able to join the call. 


The next time you want to call, the person will not require you to send an invitation or link to join the call. Google will automatically save the number on your profile. 

How can I call Pakistan from the USA for free?

Calling Via cell phone will be charged applicable, so the only free option of calling Pakistan from the USA is to use some free communication apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc. 

What does +92 mean in a phone number?

+92 is the Pakistani country code primarily used when people from other countries want to call a Pakistani landline or mobile number.

Final Words: 

If you are still asking the same question: How To Call Pakistan From USA, then reread the complete guide from the beginning. 

The shared guide will not only help you to find out the most straightforward ways, but also you can notice the free and cheapest methods.

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