How To Call New Zealand From UK? The Idea Ways

In our previous article, we have shown how to call New Zealand from the US, but this guide will show you how to call New Zealand from UK with all the needed data. 

Whether you have a cellphone or smartphone, it will not affect your calling process because you can use both devices to make a call to New Zealand From UK. 

Stay connected to get a free method of reaching that country from your UK area and some tips on making the process easier. 

How To Call New Zealand From UK?

From your cellphone or smartphone, open the dial pad and follow the guide below: 

  • To a Mobile Number: 00 + 64 + 9-10 digit mobile number. 
  • To a Landline Number: 00 + 64 + Area Code + landline number.

If you’re new to learning this topic, it might be a little confusing thing to you to cough the format. 

However, don’t lose hope and go ahead with the mentioned format and example. 

Note: 00 is the international exit code for the UK, 64 is the country code for New Zealand, and the rest of the information can be found in your New Zealand-living recipient. 

For instance, you should ask for the area code, and landline/mobile number from your recipient because these data are out of your control while the country code for New Zealand and the IDD code for the UK is within your reach. 

Assuming you’re going to make a call to a mobile number, then you should follow the tips below:

  • Check all the codes before making the call such as the IDD code, country code, and mobile number. 
  • International calls consume a lot of change, so don’t forget to load a good amount of money into your phone. 
  • If there are some mobile before the mobile number, don’t forget to dial them. In this case, ask the recipient for help.
  • Calling from one country to another country consumes a lot of battery power. So it would be an ideal task if you fully charge the phone before going into action. 

On the other hand, if you’re going to reach New Zealand from UK via a landline call, follow the tips below:

  • You must collect the right landline number from your recipient. 
  • Area code is required when it comes to reaching any landline. However, since the area code can be different depending on the area name, and location, you have to Google with your recipient’s city name in New Zealand and type it before the landline number and after 64.
  • Ask the Landline service provider to know the current rate of international calls in New Zealand. 

How to Call New Zealand From UK Cheap? 

Many people ask for the cheapest way to make an international to New Zealand from UK. for those, VoIP services made it possible to call internationally at the best price.

VoIP service is a great way to call New Zealand from the United Kingdom. You can save money on international calls using VoIP services. 

These services offer many features to their customers. These features include: 

  • Free incoming calls, 
  • Unlimited calling time, 
  • Low rates, and many others. 

One of the biggest advantages of using VoIP services is that you don’t need any special equipment to use them. 

All you need is a smartphone/computer and an internet connection. And VoIP service providers provide the rest of the things that are needed to make the call. 

Another benefit of using VoIP service to call New Zealand from UK is that you don‘t have to worry about your phone bill. 

Because VoIP service providers charge per minute basis, they won’t increase your phone bill. However, you’ll need to buy one of their ongoing international calling plans using your credit card or other accepted payment methods.

You can also enjoy free incoming calls if you sign up for VoIP service. Incoming calls are free for all users. 

But you can only receive calls from people who have signed up for VoIP service before.

Now the question is which is the best VoIP service for your case, right? 

Well, since I’m helping people on international calls for a long time, and I have got a good knowledge of VoIP services, you can follow some recommended providers below: 

  • Skype – The most accessible and cheapest VoIP service with free calling features. 
  • Rebtel – Make an easy international call at the best price. 
  • Google Voice – Go with the most trusted online player for international calling.
  • Viber – Viber helps people stay connected with less effort.

Once you select one of the mentioned providers, you’ll be guided by them for further steps. 

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How To Call New Zealand From UK
How To Call New Zealand From UK

Is it even possible to make the full process of reaching New Zealand from UK? The answer is Yes. 

Because in this today’s world, a lot of free applications are available to grab and use for free. 

Some of them are the following:

  • Skype: They are the world’s leading Internet calling service. You can make calls to any Skype users worldwide at no extra cost.
  • Viber: Viber is a popular messaging and calling application for smartphones. It lets you message and calls friends, family members, and business contacts. 
  • Whatsapp; It should be the easiest and fastest-growing free messaging and calling app for a lot of reasons. WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption to protect your communications. Your phone number and personal information remain private
  • FaceTime: Apple users shouldn’t think about using any additional apps to make the thing free because FaceTime is a video chat feature included in Apple devices. However, to receive and send calls, both of you have to use the Facetime app at the same time.
  • Google Hangouts: like other mentioned apps, Google Hangouts is also a free instant messaging and VoIP (Voice Over IP) service provided by Google. It supports text, audio, and video chats between two or more people.


None of the mentioned methods will be suitable for you if you don’t know your requirements. 

You came here to learn about how to call New Zealand from UK, and I’ve shared all the available methods in this post. 

Now depending on the needs, select one. If you don’t have an internet connection, select the traditional method. 

For free international calls, select an app that will let you make the full process free. And for a cheap call, go with a VoIP service.

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