How To Call Mexico From USA – Fastest Ways

Due to the last update in 2020 from the Federal Communications Commission, people from the USA can easily call Mexico without facing errors. 

With the advantages of the latest update, we’re going to give a guide on how to call Mexico from the USA. All the required information has been shared in this single article. 

So make sure you’re staying with us till the end to get a good idea of how to make a successful conversation with a Mexico-living person from the United States.

What to Know Before Calling Mexico from the US?

How To Call Mexico From USA For Free

As an international call from the USA to Mexico, Three basic yet required data are needed for the call. 

  • The USA exit code: The USA has an international exit code that is mainly used when a person from the country wants to make an international call to another country. The code is 011.
  • The Country Code For Mexico: Like the US exit code, Mexico also has a unique country code that you’ll need to dial after the US exit code. The code is 52.
  • The Number You Call: You have to know the number of the Mexico-living person. The number should be 10-11 digits long, including the area code. 

We’re assuming you know all the mentioned information. But you may face issues getting the number from your recipient. In this case, you can email the person and ask for the number with the area code. 

All the information is only applicable for making a traditional international call from your phone.


Traditional Method of Calling Mexico from the US:

  • Go to your phone’s dial pad.
  • First, dial the US exit code (011).
  • Then, dial the country code for Mexico (52). 
  • Dial the 10-11 digits phone number, including the 2-3 digits area codes, to finish the call. 

Note: As you might already know, Mexican numbers begin with 1-3 digits truck codes. Due to the update, you don’t need to enter them as they are only required to make a call within the country. 

Area Codes in Mexico:


City NameCodeCity NameCode
La Paz612Mexicali686
Villahermosa993Veracruz City229

If you do not find the area name and code in the list, you can search online using a term like “City name + Area code in Mexico”. The term will help you to find the area code based on the city name.

Our Suggestion on Such a Call:

The main drawback of such a calling method is the high price tag. You’ll need to have a good amount of balance on your phone before your call. 

According to our research, you’ll also need to have a minimum balance on your phone to miss calling a number. So make sure you have enough balance before pressing the call. 

Would you like to save money for such a call? 


We’ll highly recommend you to go with an affordable method. A cheap method on an international call means you have to use a voice-over internet-protocol service. 

Cheap Method: How to Call Mexico from the US (VoIP Service)? 


Such services will allow you to dial your recipient number from any location in the world. A little bit of cost and an internet connection is required for the call. 

One more thing that you’ll need to do is install the app of the service provider you’ll use for the job. 

There are countless VoIP services in the market. All the VoIP services follow the same procedures to deliver a good quality conversation for the caller and receiver. 

Our recommendations for selecting the best VoIP services are the following:

  • Skype (The First Recommendation To Call Mexico from the USA)
  • Viber
  • Rebtel
  • Ooma

In addition to these services, you might find more options. However, these are the most popular in the current market. 

Assuming you have selected Skype for the call. Now you need to install the app. You can go with the desktop or mobile app, as the service is available for multiple platforms. 

Whether you use the mobile app or desktop app, you can easily make a cheap call from the US to Mexico. 

Follow the short guide on how to use Skype’s VoIP service:

  • After downloading the app, create a new account, or if you already have one, log into the account using the right password and username. 
  • Buy one of their international plans and activate the international calling feature on your account. 
  • Open the dial pad. 
  • Dial 52 (The country code for Mexico)
  • Finally, dial the local phone number, including the area code of the person you want to reach in Mexico.
  • Hit the calling icon. 

Our Suggestion on Using VoIP Services

Since many services are available, it is always a good idea to check each service’s rate before you pick such services. 

Check their service charges:

Although all VoIP services offer almost the same features, there might be some variation for each provider. 

Can I Make a Free Call to Mexico from the United States? 


Would you like to use a completely free method and save money on your international call? 

Using free calling and messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger can be a good solution. Since you’re from the US, you may already know the method. 

There is no limitation to reaching a person when you use such apps. No matter where you are from and where you would send a message or call. The call can be audio or video. 

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the most popular options in the US and Mexico. If you’re already using one of the apps, you know how easy the apps are to use.

We’re not going to provide a dedicated guide on how to use them as they are super easy to manage and use. 

If you want to use Facebook messenger, the first thing you will need to do is send a friend request to the person you want to reach. 

As soon as the person accepts your request, you’ll be able to see that person’s profile on your messenger. Now, you can send messages audio, and video call free of charge.

On the other hand, using WhatsApp can be another great option. You need to: 

  • Install the app and open an account. 
  • Save the recipient number on your phone.
  • Go to the message section and find the number and start a conversation. 

Note: your recipient will need to use WhatsApp too to receive the call.

Our Suggestion for Using Free Apps

A good internet connection and installing an app on your phone are required to use such services. So only consider using a free app when you have a good internet connection and a smartphone. 

Which Method Is The Best? 

It will depend on your needs. For example, if you have a good budget, using the traditional method will help you to save time but not money. 

On the other hand, if you have a good internet connection and a smartphone, you should try either the free methods or the VoIP services. 

While VoIP services can be used to reduce the cost of the call, the free apps will require you to invest a little time but will save you money. 


International calls become easier since the latest update by the Federal Communications Commission in 2020. To make a traditional international call, you need to dial the US exit code, the Mexican country code, and the 10-11 digit phone number of the recipient.

However, this method can be expensive. Alternatively, using a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) service such as Skype can save you money, and you only need to purchase one of their international plans and activate the international calling feature. Remember to check the rates of different services before choosing one.

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