How To Call Maldives From US? See All The Methods

Whether you have a cell phone or smartphone, you can always learn about how to call Maldives from USA because you can follow two countless methods to reach there. 

In this article, you’re going to know how to call that country from your country using four methods. 

After knowing these, you can go with any of them and enjoy a long-term communication with your Maldives-living recipient. 

How To Call Maldives From US?

How To Call Maldives From US
How To Call Maldives From US

Before making an international call to Maldives from USA, you will need to following data first: 

  • The exit/IDD/country code for the USA. 
  • The country code for Maldives
  • If you want to reach a landline number in Maldives, you’ll need the landline number and the area code where your recipient is currently living. 
  • For mobile number calling, you’ll just need the mobile number. 

After knowing and having the mentioned information, you should pick either your cell phone or smartphone to call the person. 

For your help, 011 is the country code for USA, 960 is the country code for Maldives, you have to find the landline number or mobile number from your recipient. 

However, if you want to reach a landline number, and since the area code is required, you can get the code either from your recipient or search online by the country’s city name and pick the code online. 

Calling a Landline Number in Maldives From USA

Dial the country code for the US (011) + type the country code for Maldives (960) + dial the area code + and finally, dial the landline number in Maldives. 

Example: 011 + 960 + XX + XXXXXXXX

Calling a Mobile Number in Maldives From USA

Dial the country code for the United States (011) + type the country code for Maldives (960) + dial the mobile number. 

Example: 011 + 960 + XXXXXXX

Available Methods to Reach Maldives From USA

The options that are available to reach international numbers aren’t countable as we’re using the internet and the internet provides us the unlimited power to do anything. 

You’re already using one or more than two methods that you can use to send a call to your Maldives-living recipient right now without consuming your mobile balance. 

I agree with you that you can still use the traditional method to call an international number, whatever the number is, it can be a landline or mobile number. 

You can simply use your phone and directly dial the number by following the right format. 

However, do you know that this will cost a lot from your phone’s balance? 

To avoid the over-charging issue, you’ve more than one solution to follow. For instance, are you using Whatsapp or any app that allows free messaging or calling? 

If you have, then you can connect your recipient with your account and start a completely free communication with the help of the apps that you’re currently using on your phone. 

Let’s go deeper to know it better. 

Using WhatsApp: 

Look, it’s not a hidden thing that WhatsApp is one of the most popular free and user-friendly messaging and calling apps out there. 

If your recipient and you are using the app and still thinking about using the traditional calling method, you’re doing wrong. 

WhatsApp is a totally free method for calling and chatting, while the traditional method is now considered a money-wasting tool when it comes to making international communication. 

Save your Maldives-living recipient’s number on your WhatsApp installed phone and tell the recipient to use WhatsApp and save your number on the recipient’s phone too. 

After that, you can click on the calling icon that appears in WhatsApp, and find the saved number for a call or message. 

Using VoIP Services

Listen, don’t mix the VoIP services and Free apps like WhatsApp in the same path. Although both systems work by relaying on the internet, there is a major difference. 

Free apps will only allow you to make a call once both of you are connected in the same app, while the VoIP services will allow you to call any local or international number. 

This means you can get a number from your VoIP service provider, and you can use the number to send a call to your recipient. 

But VoIP services will charge from you for their services. Don’t panic as their service charges will be cheaper. 

You can select services like Rebtel, Google Voice, Ooma, Skype. These would be the best options when knowing how to call Maldives from US. 

Using Calling: 

Purchasing calling cards when knowing how to call Maldives from your state can be helpful and can save your time. 

Look at your local shop or search calling cards online. After buying the cards, recharge the cards and follow the information calling format from the top of the article and call the recipient. 

You can assume the process is like recharging your mobile. However, you can only use the balance from your calling cards when calling a specific country or number.

What To Consider Before Calling Maldives From Usa?

There are a few things to consider before calling Maldives from the USA.

The time difference between the two countries. Maldives is +5 hours ahead of the USA.

Keep the time table in your mind and then start the calling process because if the person you’re calling is sleeping when you are calling, who would pick up the call?

The cost of the call. Generally, International calls can be expensive depending on the country you’re trying  to reach, so it is important to check with your phone company or service provider for rates.

The language barrier. English is not widely spoken in Maldives, so it is important to have a basic grasp of the local language, Dhivehi, before making a call.

The cultural differences. However, if the recipient is your local friend and or family member who just lives in Maldives for business or any other purposes, you can skip learning the culture. 

However, if you’re going to call a person who is belong in Maldives, you should keep in mind that Maldives is a Muslim country and has different customs and traditions than the USA. It is important to be respectful of these differences when making a call.


Is calling Maldives an international call?

Since Maldives is considered a country located in the north-central Indian Ocean, when you call Maldives from another country, that call would be considered an international call. 


What country code is 960?

960 is the country code for Maldives, and the code is mainly used for receiving and sending calls to other countries. 


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