How To Call Lebanon From USA – The Right Method

Of 6.825 million people in Lebanon, you might have friends or family members, and that’s why you might want to know how to call Lebanon from USA. 

In this comprehensive article, you’re going to see the full process of calling either a landline or mobile number in Lebanon from your country. 

So stay tuned till the end of the article. 

How to call Lebanon from USA?

How To Call Lebanon From US
How To Call Lebanon From US

To call Lebanon from USA, you have to know some additional information because you’re going to call an international number instead of making a local call. 

The requirements for making the call are the following: 

  • A Cellphone or smartphone
  • Mobile balance
  • An internet connection (If you want to follow a free calling method)
  • The country code for the USA (011)
  • The country code Lebanon (961)
  • The mobile/landline number of your Lebanon-living friend or family member. 
  • Area codes (If calling a landing phone)


Now assuming you’ve all the needed things on your hand and are ready to start the conversation.

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How to Call Lebanon From USA – Traditional Way

To call a landline number in Lebanon From USA: Dial 011 + dial the country code for Lebanon, which is 961 + Type the area code + Finally, dial the landline number in Lebanon. 

Example: 011 + 961 + XX + XXXXXXX

Calling a mobile number in Lebanon from USA: dial the country code for the USA 011 + Country code for Lebanon 961 + Type Lebanon-living recipient’s mobile number. 

Example: 011 + 961 + XXXXXX

Area Codes in Lebanon

Area Name Codes
Aintoura 4
Bekaa 8
Aley 5
Saida 7
Keserwan 9


These are the area codes in Lebanon that you can use when thinking about calling a landline number in this country from USA. 

What To Consider Before Calling Lebanon From USA?

You shouldn’t call your Lebanon-living recipient before knowing some key points. Knowing the points will help you to avoid unnecessary things and save time. 

The first thing to consider is the time difference between the two countries. Since Lebanon is +2 hours ahead of the USA, you can track the time difference and make a call when you think it’s a better moment for both of you.

The second thing is to know the best available method to follow when knowing how to call Lebanon from USA. 

You may see countless methods online and offline, and you can go with any of them without knowing the method properly. 

There are four most popular methods available right now to call internationally, and the methods are the following: 

  • Classic/common way using a cellphone or smartphone
  • Free calling apps
  • Calling Cards 
  • VoIP Services

The classic or common method is always popular among those people who don’t know the proper use of the internet and always rely on offline things. 

The major benefit of using that method is to save time and directly reach the recipient number internationally. 

However, the main and most common drawback of this method is the calling cost. You wouldn’t be able to make a call with less money, meaning they will charge a smart amount of money for the call.

On the other hand, free callings apps can be a great option to follow because they are free to use and only consume your internet balance instead of charging your mobile balance. 

You can use Skype or WhatsApp if you’re searching for something cool and easy-to-use. Both apps are free to use and offer countless features for easy communication. 

Now let’s talk about using the calling cards. As you know, calling cards mean a rechargeable thing where you’ll get a certain amount of balance to call a specific country. 

When you buy a card, you’ve to make sure that the calling card offers a calling facility to call Lebanon from USA. 

After that, recharge the card in your cellphone or smartphone, and follow the same process that I’ve already shared in the classic calling section.

What about using VoIP services? 


VoIP services are like the middle method between the classic method and free calling apps. While free calling apps don’t offer any number, VoIP services offer a random phone number to send and receive calls internationally and locally.

However, VoIP services require an internet connection and money as well. Once you select a VoIP service provider, you have to install their app and buy any of their currently available international calling plans based on your calling requirements. 

Since you’re going to make a call to Lebanon from the USA, you can search for a plan for that country in the app and make a purchase. Then use the app’s dial pad and dial the number to reach there at the best price.

How Do I Make An International Call To Lebanon?

First, you have to tell your country name to know the process of calling Lebanon. For instance, if you’re from the USA, you can follow a format like this: 011 (US country code) + 961 (Lebanon country code) + mobile number.

How Much Does It Cost To Call Lebanon?

Cost is not a fixed subject when it comes to making an international call. The cost of calling Lebanon from your country will depend on the service you’re using for the call. A better idea is to ask your service provider and know the exact rate.

Does Viber work in Lebanon?

Viber is an international free and paid service provider with a lot of calling and messaging options. Viber works perfectly in Lebanon without creating issues. 

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