How To Call Kosovo From US? Is It Free?

When it comes to knowing how to call Kosovo from US, most people think it’s going to be an expensive job! 

However, that’s not true. Though you have paid options, why do you follow that while free options are widely available? 

Hello guys, today I’m going to cover the paid, cheap, and free methods of calling Kosovo from US. 

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Methods – How To Call Kosovo From the US?

There are mainly 3 methods within our reach. One of them is free to use, and the rest of the methods will cost you some money. 

Let’s jump into a deep conversation!

Method – 01 – Traditional

How To Call Kosovo From US(1)
How To Call Kosovo From US(1)

Do you have a cellphone or a smartphone or a landline service? Using any of these devices, you can call your Kosovo-living recipient but it will charge a handsome amount of money.

Here’s the process: 

Shortly: 011 + 383 + XXXXXXX

  • First, type the US exit code in your selected device, again, you can use your cellphone, smartphone, or landline as the method works on most devices.
  • Second, dial the country code for Kosovo, the country code for this country is 383.
  • After that, dial the number that you’ve got from your Kosovo-living recipient. The mobile number in Kosovo should be 6-7 digits.

Well, now you have the idea of making an international call to Kosovo from the USA using a mobile number. 

However, if your recipient is using a landline number, what will you do then? 

Don’t worry because there is a solution. You can follow almost the same process that you’ve followed to send a call to a mobile number in Kosovo. 

Here’s the trick:

  • Dial the US exit code 011. 
  • Dial the country code for Kosovo 383.
  • Manage the area code based on your recipient city name in Kosovo, and type the code after typing the Kosovo country code. 
  • Finally, dial the landline number.

Note: Are you wondering how much you will need to pay for the call per minute? Well, the cost isn’t fixed as it relies on your service provider. Ask them to know the exact rate. 

Method – 2 – Free 

Due to the availability of the internet, no matter where your friends or family members live, you can always find them within a second. 

I’m sure that you’re already using such an app that allows instant messaging and calling for free. 

Yes, I’m talking about apps like Skype, Viber, Google Duo, IMO, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger. 

To be honest, I’ll never and ever suggest you follow the traditional method if both of you have an internet connection. 

Download the same app (It can be Google Duo or WeChat or WhatsApp), create an account, get connected with each other by saving the number, and start the free conversation without paying a single dollar. 

Method – 3 – Voice Over Internet Protocol Services

Have you ever tried any virtual number to call an international number yet? If not, it’s time to get one and try something new with international calls!

This is where VoIP services come! When you use a VoIP service, you’ll get a virtual phone number that can be used to send or receive calls from another person. 

Do you have any service names in your mind already? Then go with your mind. However, I will suggest the services that are currently doing good in this market. 

Best VoIP Service For International Calls in Kosovo

Assuming you’ve got the right VoIP service but don’t know how to use the service! Now you can simply follow the guides that you’ve got from your service provider. 

Remember the concept is the same. If you know how to use a free calling application on your phone, knowing how to use a VoIP service isn’t anything to you!

You’ll need to download an app either on your laptop or mobile depending on the service and create an account to load the balance from your MasterCard. 

Once you’ve loaded the balance, the service will give you a random virtual number. Firstly, you have nothing to do with the number. 

You can open the dial pad from the app, and type your Kosovo-living recipient number by following the traditional method that I’ve already shared in this post. 

Again, 011 + 383 + XXXXXXX

Why Call Kosovo From US? 

There are many reasons to call Kosovo from the United States. For one, Kosovo is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history. 

Additionally, the people of Kosovo are friendly and welcoming, and the country has a lot to offer visitors.

You might have friends or family members there, and this can be the main reason why you should call Kosovo from the US by following my tips.

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Things Need To Remember Before The Call

If you are planning on making a phone call to Kosovo from the United States, there are a few things you need to remember in order to ensure a smooth and successful call. 

Here are 5 things to keep in mind:

  1. Time: Since you’re not from the same location, and the time can be different, Check the time difference between the US and Kosovo. 

Kosovo is 6 hours ahead of the US, so you will need to account for that when making your call.


  1. Country codes: Make sure you have the correct country code for Kosovo and the USA as well. The country code for Kosovo is 383, and 011 is for the USA.


  1. Know the area code for the city you are trying to reach in Kosovo. Kosovo has a few different area codes. You can ask the person for the code or Google for it by the city name in Kosovo.

Area Codes in Kosovo

Area Name Codes  Area Name Codes
Deçan 390 Pristina 38
Gjakova 390 Ferizaj 290
Skenderaj 28 Lipljan 38
Štrpce 290 Orahovac 29


  1. Have the phone number ready. This includes the area code and the actual 7-digit phone number or landline number.
  2. If you are using a cell phone, be aware of any potential roaming charges. When knowing how to call Kosovo from US, it’s important because Calling Kosovo from the US can result in roaming charges.

Which Country Code Is +383?

383 is the country code for Kosovo. This code isn’t a phone number. This is the code that is used to receive and send international calls from outside of Kosovo.

What Is The 3 Letter Country Code For Kosovo?

3, 8, 3, meaning 383 is a 3 letter country code for Kosovo. When you want to call Kosovo from another country using the traditional method or a VoIP service, you have to use these three letters.

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