How To Call Ireland From USA? Free & Cheap Methods!

If you don’t know the right way to call Ireland from US, the call might be a lengthy process and costly as well. 

So knowing how to call Ireland from USA with a proper format is essential for those people who have their loved one, business partner or customer in Ireland. 

In this post, we’re going to cover the international calling method of calling any number in Ireland not only from the US but also if you’re from another country, you’ll also be able to make a successful call after following the guide below. 

How to Call Ireland From USA? 

If you want to use your cell phone to call a phone number directly in Ireland, you’ll need to collect some required information such as area code, country code, mobile code, and the number of your Ireland-living recipient. 

TIme-Saving Tips: if you don’t have enough time and money at this time, you can use some VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services. 

Such a service is quite easy to use and it can save a lot of money and time as well when it comes to making an international call. 

However, since we’re trying to make the post a complete guide on how to make a call to Ireland from the US, we’re committed to sharing almost all the working methods with our readers. 

In the first section of the guide, you’ll see how to call a phone number in Ireland from US and at at end of the post, we will show some free and cheap voice over internet protocol services for your convenience. 

How to Call Ireland From The USA
How to Call Ireland From The USA

The Information you need to call Ireland from US: 

Remember, you’re on the way to making an international call, not a local call. So there is some information that you must have used while calling., 

Country Code: A country code is the first requirement when a person wants to make a call outside of their country. As you’re from US, the country code would be 011 (Note the number). 

Area Code/Mobile Code: almost every country is divided into multiple areas or cities, and every city has an area code that is primarily used in receiving calls from outside of its area. 

Remember, area code is only essential for landline numbers, meaning if you want to call a landline number in Ireland from your country, you have to dial the area code after the country code. 

On the other hand, a mobile code is not the entire number of your recipient. A mobile code might be 2-3 digits long. For Ireland, the number can be 2-digits long.

Remember, a mobile call is only needed if you want to call a mobile number in Ireland from your location. 

Mobile or Landline Number: at the last step, you’ll need to dial either a mobile or landline number to finish the dialling process. You must notice that your mobile number should not begin with zero. If you have, delete the Zero and dial the rest of the number after the mobile code. 

How Do I Call Ireland From My Cell Phone?

  • 011 (US country code).
  • 353 (the country code for Ireland).
  • Dial the mobile number including the mobile code. 

Calling a Landline Number in Ireland From USA:

  • Dial the US exit code (011). 
  • Then dial the Ireland country code (353). 
  • Find the area code and dial the number after 353. 
  • Finally, dial the 7-9 digits landline number.

The Free Method of Calling Ireland From USA: 

We’re using a lot of apps on our smartphones and we may already know that how easy it is to send a call to someone within a moment with the help of some free apps. 

These apps are not limited to offering their free services only locally, you can use them locally and internationally. So when it comes to making global communication, some free applications can support us. 

Some of the well-known and popular apps for making a free call to Ireland are WhatsApp, Google Hangout, Skype, Viber, and ETC. 

The mentioned services are just an example. Apart from these, there are many other applications that you can find by searching.

To call Ireland from US, we’ll suggest you use either WhatsApp or Google hangout. According to, over 75.1 million people already using WhatsApp. So using the same app to reach Ireland would be an ideal job for you. 

How Do I Call Ireland From Whatsapp?

Since the app is work by following the peer-to-peer method, you and your Ireland-living recipient will not need to install and use the same app to receive and send calls without any charge. 

After downloading WhatsApp, both of you will need to use your phone number to open an account. Do it and after that, save your recipient number on your phone with the international number saving method keeping in mind.

Here’s how:

  • Go to your phone dial pad and dial 353. 
  • After that, dial the phone number including the mobile code.
  • And save the number with your recipient name. 

Now open WhatsApp again and go to contact. Find the number you saved on your phone a few moments ago. Click on it to open your recipient’s profile as the number is already registered on WhatsApp. 

If you notice the recipient is online, you can directly call them by hitting the audio or video icon. (no worry about calling time as the app is completely free)

Cheap (VoIP) Method to Call Ireland From USA:

There is no better way of calling Ireland from US than Skype when it comes to using a VoIP service. The reason for saying this word is Skype is a fast and much cheaper rated service compared to others. 

Although you may find some alternatives to Skype, however, their service quality and heavy app size can waste your time and money as well. 

So it’s better to stay satisfied with Skype as they are one of the oldest free and VoIP service providers in the market powered by Mircosoft corporation. 

Here’s how you can use the service in a brief guide:

Install the app and simply provide some basic information to register your account. After that, buy some credit for an international call. 

When you have enough credits on your account, you can then open the Skype’s dial pad to dial your recipient number in Ireland.

You can search Ireland from the search box on the dial pad instead of dialling the country code. After selecting Ireland as a targeted calling country, dial the local phone number with the mobile code after 353. 

If everything goes well, hit the calling button and wait until the call gets connected with your recipient phone. The call will be sent from a random number managed by Skype. 

Final Words: Look, you’re a smart person who has the internet and a smartphone, right? So why will you use the traditional method of calling an international number while a lot of free and cheap services are available on your hand? 

The traditional method of calling Ireland from the US is also a costly and time-consuming thing. So follow the share free methods on how to call Ireland from USA.

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