How To Call Greece From US? Calling Process and Tips

The distance from Greece to the US is almost 10,000 kilometres, but technology makes the entire distance shorter. 

So if you want to communicate with someone living in Greece from the USA and looking for a detailed guide on how to call Greece from US, we suggest you read the guide. 

Because here, you can learn how to call via a cell phone and some of the other alternative ways that you can use for free of cost. 

So let’s drive into the content!

How To Call Greece From US?

Making a call to Greece from the US is just a matter of time. You need to know the international calling format, Greece and the US country code, the local mobile number of the person who lives in Greece, and a cell phone or smartphone. 

Since you can follow different ways, here we’ve tried to show almost the most popular and cost-effective methods, so you can follow one way that suits you.

Good to mention that all of our shared methods are not free to use. Some are free, where some are paid, especially when you try to call with your cell phone, you’ll need to pay the international call rates per minute. 

On the other hand, calling via some free mobile apps like WhatsApp can save your time and money, but you have to use the internet. Without internet access, direct call via a cell phone or landline is the only way. 

The short international calling format for calling Greece from the US:

011 – 30 – (Area Code) – Landline Number

011 – 30 – Direct Mobile Number


How to Call Greece From The USA With My Phone?

Before going to your phone’s dial pad, some information is required to collect, such as the exit codes of the US and Greece, an area code of Greece city where you want to call. 

For your convenience, we have collected the needed information:

  • US Exit code (001)
  • Greece exit code (30)
  • Find the area code with a little help from Google by searching the city name of Greece, for example, and we have collected Kavala. The area of this city is 251 

Now the main part:

  • Open your phone’s calling app. 
  • First, dial your US country code (001)
  • After the US code, dial Greece country code (30)
  • Now dial any of the area codes in Greece (the code can be 2-4 digits)
  • After the area code, dial the ten-digit local mobile number of the person you want to call.
  • If you want to call a landline in Greece, dial the landline number.
  • And finally, tap the call now button on your phone.

Once the call gets connected, your SIM card provider will start charging from the call. Most probably, your phone number provider follows the international calling rates or their plan.

This process is a traditional way of calling internationally, but we’re live in a digital age. There are so many options available to us for free. 

So let’s show some apps that will allow making direct calls to anyone in the world in a moment!

How to Call Greece From US Via Telegram For Free?

How To Call Greece From USA
How To Call Greece From USA

Telegram is one of the fastest-growing calling and messaging applications available in the Google Play Store for free. The app is super fast and lightweight at the same time.

It’s also secure, so if you’re looking for a safe internet-based free calling app, Telegram can be the perfect one. 

It comes with many options such as video calling, clear audio calling, text message sending, and so on! 

Since Telegram is an additional application but a built-in app for any specific phone, both you and the person you’re calling need to be created an account for each app to connect. 

  • First, download the app and install it. 
  • Save each other’s numbers on the phone
  • Create an account by verifying your phone number
  • Ask the other person to do the same thing
  • Once you and your recipient have created the account, you will see each other’s names in your account
  • Any of you click on the name and start to make a call for free. 

Note: make sure you both have a good internet connection. If any of you use wifi, make sure that the wifi speed is at least 1MBps, and if mobile data, check the validity. 

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Calling Greece From The USA With The Help of Google Duo: 

It’s a Google-powered secure app that allows users to make international calls without paying any dollar. Most people use the app for HD quality video calling features. 

Apart from it, the app also offers you the ability to make audio calls without noise, so if you live in the US and miss someone who lives in Greece, try Google Duo to watch your loved person’s face and their live activities.

To make a call, You both need to have a Gmail account on your phone. So first, install the app and sign into it with your Gmail. 

The next step is sending an invitation message to the recipient’s Gmail address, so collect the person’s Gmail address at any cost. Once you send the invitation, you’ll get a notification that will tell you that the recipient accepted your request. 

Now you can directly send a message, audio, and video calls. The most remarkable benefit of using the app is that you don’t have to worry about your poor internet connection because the app can run with less internet speed.


Although there are so many options you can follow to make an international call, not all of them are secure or perfect for you. 

So if you’re asking how to call Greece from US, our well-researched guide can give you the one-stop solution. 

We have shared different types of methods, including free and paid as well. So select your preferred method and start making calls today!

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