How To Call Greece From UK – Know The Rapid Methods

Whether you’re a new international call maker or a local one, if you want to know how to call Greece from UK if you have someone in that country. 

Although you should know the methods already since you’re living in the digital age and everything is in your control with the help of the internet. 

However, if you don’t know the methods of calling Greece from UK, you may continue reading this article and explore more than 2 free, cheap, and paid methods. 

How To Call Greece From UK?

If your eyes are not closed, you might have already seen that multiple methods can be followed to make a successful international call. 

The most common and popular methods are the following: 

  • Direct dialing from cell or smartphone. 
  • Using some free mobile or computer application (Peer-to-peer)
  • Using some cheap and reliable Voice-over-internet-protocol services

Direct Dialing Method: 

How To Call Greece From UK (1)
How To Call Greece From UK (1)

This is the most common and widely used international calling method. Although this isn’t so popular right now because of the high cost. 

This method has multiple names. Some people say is the traditional method, while some people say the direct dialing method. 

Example of a direct dialing call to a mobile number in Greece from UK: 

  • You have to first dial the exit code of the UK (00).
  • Then the country code for Greece (30).
  • After that, dial the 8-10 digit mobile number.

Example of a direct dialing call to a landline number in Greece from UK: 

Note: the process of calling a landline number in Greece from the UK is almost the same as calling a mobile number in that country. 

However, calling a landline number in Greece from UK will require dialing an additional code called area code. 

As you’ve seen, first 00 + 30 + here you’ve input the area code that you can get from your Greece-living recipient + now fishing the process by typing the landline number. 

Tips: The mentioned method always charges a good amount of money when your call gets connected with the recipient. So think about the time you’re going to communicate with your loved one. 

The more time you spent with the recipient, the more you’ll be charged for the call. Try to finish the conversation as soon as you can to save money and time. 

Apart from it, check the mobile balance and also see how much you have in your phone because when your phone offers an international calling moment, the phone’s battery can be drained out fast.

Last Tips: people make mistakes when dialing an international number. So don’t be like that people by making sure that you’ve typed the right code and phone number before hitting on the calling button. 

How Can I Call Greece From UK For Free?

As I’ve mentioned in the method above, free calling will only be possible if you use any mobile or computer-supported applications that offer a charge-free calling facility. 

You may feel a little bit confused when selecting the best free applications for calling Greece from UK because you don’t have a single option but countless applications. 

However, if you follow (Callguid) as your international calling guide website, you can rely on us and follow the applications that we will suggest to you. 

The Free Apps That Will Let You Make A Charge-free Call To Greece From UK:

  • Skype 
  • Viber
  • Google Hangout
  • Telegram
  • WeChat 
  • WhatsApp

Not all people are the same since everyone has their own interests. So depending on your current status and device, try to grab one of the highlighted apps from the list and get started to make a free call. 

More Suggestions 

  • If you’re a Google lover and want to keep using a product made by Google, make sure you’ve tried the Google Hangout option. You can use Google Hangout from multiple devices. 
  • Having some issues with your internet connection? Try to use Skype or WhatsApp because they run on a low internet speed and offer a good video and audio calling experience for free. 

So, why are you stopping? Don’t look into another method because a free international call-making method can help you from multiple sides, from saving time to saving money. 

A problem with this method: If your recipient is not used to a free calling or messaging app that we’ve mentioned today, you will not be able to reach there unless the recipient starts using the same app. 

Because the highlighted apps work by following the peer-to-peer connection formula, meaning your recipient and you will need to use the same application at the same time.

Free apps to call Greece from UK
Free apps to call Greece from UK

While this can make an unexpected issue, using a VoIP service can solve the issue by allowing you to get a random phone number. 

Here’s how!

Cheap Call to Greece From UK:

A VoIP service can be used as an alternative way to a free app. When you have a VoIP service installed on your phone or computer, you’ll be able to buy some credits or minutes for the purpose of calling Greece from UK.

After that, you can simply ask your Greece-living recipient to give you the landline or mobile number. 

From then, you can dial the number by following the international number dialing format and enjoy a lag-free calling moment with your loved one in Greece.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using a VoIP service to call Greece from the UK:

  • Know the history of the VoIP service provider you’re going to pick from the market. 
  • If possible, look at the company’s website or app to see if there are any special rates or bundles for calling Greece.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection; VoIP calls can be disrupted by poor internet quality.
  • If possible, use a headset to avoid any background noise from your surroundings.
  • Try to find a VoIP service that offers call forwarding, so you can receive calls even if you’re not at your computer.

Some of the well-known options are:

When knowing about how to call Greece from UK, you should also check talkhome website to see their promotional offers and plans on international calls to Greece from UK because they offer the best deals as well.

What Is The Dialling Code For Greece From UK?

30 is the country code for Greece and 00 is the exit code for the UK that is used when making an international to Greece from UK. you have to type 00 first, and then 30, and then the mobile number.

End Note: 

Calling Greece from the UK is not a difficult process. By following the steps outlined above, you should be able to complete the call without facing any issues.

However, it is always a good idea to double-check the international calling codes and rates before making any calls, and also the method you’re going to use for the call. 

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